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Found 9 results

  1. Hello, Found this in the basement of my parents. Do you know if it worth something ? edit : sorry for the weird behaviour of photos and link ... I am on mobile... [url=https://postimg.cc/xczhjLNG][/url] [url=https://postimg.cc/9DSBDk3r][/url] [url=https://postimg.cc/svjmqS9D][/url] [url=https://postimg.cc/RWqRVBDk][/url]
  2. I'm looking for an NTSC Atari 2600, preferably the black one (called Darth Vader, right?). I only need the actual console, got everything else. It doesn't need to be an exhibit object, I'm going to use it for gaming. Dust, dirt, poor RF cable or other minor faults is not a problem (even if a perfect one is nice). If you have one to spare, let me know.
  3. OK, Here's how I'm going to do this. I need to sell my Vader 2600. I don't want to, but I'm not using it and I need the money for more important things. I'm going to list it without pictures, until I see that someone is actually interested, at which point I'll add photos of everything, along with a better description of all the included accessories. I just figure, if there's no interest right off the bat, I don't feel like getting everything unpacked and taking photos while I'm dealing with these kidney stones. I'll only be able to ship to the continental US, due to shipping costs and and all the other problems that happen when shipping to another country. Now, on to the description of what I'm selling and the prices. I have a Vader that's been fully refurbished, new caps, power regulator, etc. The shell is in really nice shape, It's AV modded and has a RGB color changing power LED installed. It will come with an original power supply, AV cable, 2 refurbished Flashback joysticks, and 20 random 2600 games (no duplicates). $100 with free shipping. I also have a Wico Bat joystick, in nice condition in the original box. A set of Epyx 500xj joysticks, nice condition A rebuilt set of Paddles that work flawlessly A recently cleaned and refurbished quickshot 1 in the original box. A sealed boxed copy of Warlords for the 2600, box is mashed, but still looks decent. I also have rebuilt original CX40 joysticks or a few different aftermarket ones. I can add or substitute any of these items to the above set for an added fee. I'll be 100% honest, I'm not sure how much this stuff is worth right now, so I just guessed at prices based on the amount of money I need and how much shipping will cost for items this large. I can be flexible on the prices as long as I don't feel like I'm taking a loss. Now, if you are REALLY interested in this stuff, let me know and I'll get the pictures on here. I want to avoid ebay if at all possible, but that's my next step if I can't find a buyer here. I'd much rather deal with friends and skip paying eBay and Paypal fees. One more thing, if anyone is interested, I have a boxed Atari Flashback 4 with wireless joysticks. I'd be willing to sell or trade it. $30 with free shipping or I'll trade for repairable 2600 paddles..
  4. For sale in great condition is an Atari 2600 Vader with direct RF hookup, Power Supply (spliced together), Controller and the following games: Pac-Man Vanguard Midnight Magic Moon Patrol Donkey Kong Cosmic Ark Kool-Aid Man Will ship within the U.S. with tracking confirmation for $60 shipped.
  5. Atari 2600 $99 12 games, two joysticks, high quality s-video and RCA cables. games. $99 Games that are included with the system are Donkey Kong Jr Midnight Magic Mouse Trap Solaris Moon Patrol Ms. Pacman Centipede Galaxian Frogger Q*bert The Empire Strikes Back Popeye Games ($8 min) Games arranged by rarity (feel free to make any offers )
  6. Hey guys I came across this a couple days back and I need some input on it and I know you guys are the right ones to ask. This one is outside of my field of expertise so any info to be contributed would be greatly appreciated and I'm apologizing ahead of time if this is a dumb question.. I'm trying to figure out if this Atari is NEW in Box or just CIB??.The AC adapter definitely seems new as its in its original box that seems to have never been opened. Were these atari 2600 vader systems " factory sealed" when they were produced or did they just come enclosed in this box? Looking at the box there is no sign of where it would have been sealed with sticker, No signs of glue, etc. I was told this was brand new and "never used" but i wanted to run it by you guys and see what your opinions were on it. Like i said this isn't my cup of tea. I've tried doing my research but couldn't find too much on this one. I saw a vader system bundled with 2 controllers, pac man, and combat on EBAY and it said sealed in the listing, however this particular console didn't come bundled with that stuff so I didn't know if that listing was relevant to my current situation. Let me know what you guys think? Thanks again!
  7. Hi! I'm new, but for a long time I browse this forum. Now decided to set up an account here. I have common problem with RF signal from my Atari 2600. I just removed RF Modulator box, because i want to do an composite signal modification. On some pages describing that mod i should get +5V from PIN 3 of the RF box pinouts. I have nothing there, even with box installed it gaves me maximum +0,4V and was slowly decreasing... On PIN 4 i have constant +1V (with and without RF box installed), but if i switch off and on rapidly, that value sometimes changes from 0,7 to 1,5V and is constant as long as i don't turn power switch off. If i turn on normally, then here is always +1V. On PIN 5 theres +5V when "channel" switch is set to 3, and 0V when channel 2 Can u tell me why is there so weird voltages on pin 3 and 4?
  8. Hi All, I recently got a Atari 2600 Vader (4 switch). The problem I have is with the video. The bottom of the screen has a verical bar on each side below the main picture. Also, the left side of the screen I see tearing. Anyone know what can cause this? Thank You.
  9. I'll get right to it - there's a problem with my 2600. After it's been running for a while, the colors begin to change. The only big one I've noticed is the transition of blue to green, though there may be more. I've attached a picture of what it looks like. It's not an actual screenshot from the system, it's an approximation made from a screenshot in Stella that I doctored up in MS Paint. Any ideas? Suggestions? Should I just throw it out? I have a theory though - I'm using a stock power supply that is damaged - I have to have the cord in just the right position to get it to work. I read a post a few years ago that said these power supplies are made of bad components and over time lose resistance, thus letting in more voltage than the system can take. This can lead to an Atari Barbecue, which I fear is happening in this case. If it helps at all, I'm also using a first-run Harmony cart from 2011. Any and all info is greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.
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