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Found 11 results

  1. I am not sure if anyone was doing it before... on ST there are the so called VT-52 demos, which in fact are text mode animations, and the "executable file" is a text file containing a stream of the VT-52 terminal emulator commands. On the ST you just "view" such a file to replay the animation. I have found four such animations on the net, and wrote a program for SpartaDOS X to replay them. Here is the archive containing the four animations and the player: vt52play.arc To run the player you will need SpartaDOS X 4.47 or newer, and an amount of memory in your Atari allowing to load the data files. The longest of them is ~180k so probably nothing less than 192k will allow to replay it. The player (VT52.COM) is a crude VT52 emulator, which translates VT-52 Escape sequences into the commands of the Atari 8-bit system console (the E: and K: devices). Like everyone else I of course realize that this task can be made a better way, so that the animation goes faster, smoother etc. but the point was that the originals use the system's console only feeding it with control codes. So the VT52.COM player does not touch any hardware I/O or such things, it makes the system console calls (sending ASCII data and control codes) only to accomplish the task. To run the player you basically type VT52 filename at the DOS prompt. There are some things to know about the particular animation files, though: 1) SCHNAH.TXT This is a B/W animation for the ST low resolution (40x24 text resolution, 16 colors). It can be replayed on the standard 40-column GR.0 console, because, as said above, it is originally black-and-white only. Having QUICKED.SYS loaded speeds the animation up. It requires about 95k of free RAM to get replayed. 2) SYNERGY.TXT This is a color animation for the ST low resolution. Therefore this one requires colors (6 colors, to be specific), but it still can be replayed on the standard 40-column GR.0 console, because the VT52.COM program, when it is running on the standard GR.0 display, maps different background colors onto different ASCII characters. As above, it is good to have QUICKED.SYS loaded. But if you have VBXE, better load S_VBXE and the CON driver attached here: Since it is a 40-column animation, before running the VT52.COM program do SET VT52COL=40 at the DOS prompt to tell the VT52.COM program that it has to take only 40 columns of the screen into account (this step matters in the 80-column mode only). The animation requires about 180k of free RAM to run. 3) FUJIBOIN.TXT This animation is done for the ST medium resolution (80x24, 4 colors), so no replay without VBXE and its drivers, sorry. Before running it, make sure that you have done SET VT52COL=80 (alternatively you can delete the variable). 60k free RAM required. 4) COMMANDO.TXT As above, this is for the ST medium resolution, so VBXE+drivers+SET VT52COL=80. Out of all four, this is the only one where having an accelerated Atari does not help: quite contrary, the stock speed helps to follow the, uhm, storyline. 100k free RAM to go. Have fun
  2. Fellows who have VBXE and use SDX + S_VBXE driver + 80-column CON: driver (CON.SYS), please enable the 80-column mode (CON 80 at the DOS prompt), then enter a BASIC interpreter (BASIC, TB, UBI), and run this program: 5 ? CHR$(125):A=PEEK(711) 10 FOR X=0 TO 15 15 FOR Y=0 TO 15 20 POKE 711,X*16+Y:POSITION Y,X:? CHR$(32+128); 25 NEXT Y 30 NEXT X 35 POKE 711,A If the display looks like this: and not like this: you have the CON.SYS driver to replace. Please try this one: vcon.zip (of course backing up the old one just in case).
  3. How many mods has someone actually squeezed into a 600XL? I love the small size, but realistically I know there is limited real estate inside. It would be great to have everything: U1MB, VBXE, stereo pokey board, u-switch, TK-II or AKI, Rapidus, and I'd have to do the 64k and a/v mods. Is it doable or do I need to play it safe with a larger model?
  4. At SillyVenture 2k12 Lamers group presented simple intro called OldSchool in 16kB Intro Competition. Now we're proud to present remastered version for VBXE card It's just the beginning but we think it can be a good start to bring some life to the Scene in that area as a lot of people have that extension already. Let's support it! People that have no that luck to have it, can use Altirra emulator that emulates VBXE fully, or see it on . Pouet: http://pouet.net/prod.php?which=61078 Direct download: http://lamers.art.pl...school_vbxe.zip YT:
  5. This is very preliminary, and not everything works as it should, but it does do something... board is connected through standard vbxe breakout board for atari xe series that was soldered in as low as it was possible on CPU board, and then ribbon cable with male and female connectors was fed through the cutout in expansion bay plastic cover just under aluminium casting as for clock, you need to remove Q103 and connec a wire from VBXE 3.5mhz clock out signal to pin D of CPU board connector D6xx signal is present on pin P of SLOT3 expansion connector and all the other signal are provided by Incognito PBI connector for CSYNC, output from LUMA signal (R189) was used and this concludes current state of the installation do not treat this as a definitive guide, as just some things do work, but maybe some of you would like to try to install it anyways
  6. Hi everyone, is anyone aware of an VBXE compatibility issue with the legendary "Great American Cross-Country Road Race" ? I usually don't experience any issues with my setup (130XE with VBXE) but I can't get it to work on my hardware. The games seems to start normal but after the introduction sequence with the credits, the screen turns into black and the game seem to crash. I know that a very very small set of atari games have indeed VBXE issues (for instance Gyruss). I don't recall the technical reason for it, but would be interesting to know though. greetings, twh
  7. Atari Moria v55 beta2: - added joystick control (joystick is only read if at least two vblanks have passed, which seems to provide the right feel.) Joystick button can be used for most any key prompts. Joystick button and direction digs a tunnel. - fixed a few bugs, many are probably still there (report them if you see any!) - added a pause at startup to get better randomization. - added creating items to wizard mode (you'll need the source, or some of the information on Moria websites to do this properly.) - added a player structure display to wizard mode (Ctrl-C), to aid in debugging. - added the rest '*' command to rest until healed and mana restored The game is playable and should even be able to be completed in the state it's in. It seems to work well with CPU accelerators (in Altirra anyway!) Game Requirements: - VBXE - AtariMax 8mb flashcart (currently old style banking, bank 127 active at boot.) - 64k (uses RAM under the OS) AtariMoria_55beta2.bin
  8. I am hooking up an Atari 130XE to a DLP video projector. Because of the large size of the projection screen, I need the highest quality video possible, which is the RGB output of the VBXE. However, I want to occasionally play games that use artifacting. Instead of using the noisy composite out, can I use the RGB through an RGB to composite converter to get artifacting? I know I could just use the composite out, but I would suspect RGB --> Composite will give a better result.
  9. I am looking at installing a vbxe unit into a 600xl. should i do the video mod on the 600xl prior to installation of vbxe? Douglas
  10. Hi all, Two questions I've been speculating about - as someone not very deeply knowledgable (yet) on the hardware side of things... 1. Does a standard light-gun still work on a VBXE modified machine - on a CRT screen of course? Does VBXE modify the Atari's timing/syncing abilities, if the RF modulator is no longer present for instance? 2. A wider question... since especially with VBXE, LCD/projectors are commonly in use for us, I wondered whether it is at all conceivable/possible to interface to something like a Nintendo Wii controller with an Atari - hence light gun use on modern/very large projected screens - and without having to flash to a white screen to get enough contrast. It would be fun, but some way beyond my current skill to see whether or not there's any scope... Thanks, Wes
  11. I'm slowly working through my VBXE install in an 800XL. I have it installed I think, and when I turn it on, the machine works and I have a picture (just composite for now). Unfortunately, it's in black and white. Where do I start troubleshooting? Here's a pic of the install (large picture!):
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