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Found 29 results

  1. Atari dropped a new game trailer for Black Widow: Recharged. To be released on Halloween! This one has me excited as I've been playing a lot of the original on Vault.
  2. The first information from the producer, via a Tweet.
  3. Now that it's know there's an Atari "Recharged" series coming, what do you hope for? Atari has now started a new series of vlog interviews about the Atari Recharged series. Atari Recharged - website just for Centipede Recharged so far. 1. Missile Command Recharged 2. Centipede Recharged 3. TBA... (this autumn) 🙂 3. Asteroids Recharged 4. Black Widow Recharged 5. Breakout Recharged The music for the first series is here. https://meganmcduffee.bandcamp.com/album/atari-recharged-original-video-game-soundtrack
  4. A nice, simple and old school game possibly on the AtariVCS 😁 JustClaws added confirmation:
  5. If you go to the VCS store at the moment, and select Missile Command, the background image is still showing "Atari Combat Tank Fury" which must be a forthcoming game for the VCS, too. Oops. The previous mobile version is described here. https://www.atari.com/games/atari-combat-tank-fury/ The VCS version, and the release-date for this is unknown, but it ties with the Atari statement that they intend to bring other Atari games from other platforms to the VCS too. (e.g. Pong RPG)
  6. Announced today! Available from 29th September 2021, and it rocks! Centipede is BACK! A BRAND NEW entry in the Recharged Series! Centipede: Recharged is a reimagining of the hit Atari classic and features Atari VCS EXCLUSIVE levels and content! Check it out on September 29th for the Atari VCS! I'm so glad to see this new Recharged series starting to hit the VCS now. 🙂 Press release here: https://www.gamespress.com/Centipede-Recharged-Fuses-Neon-Nostalgia-September-29
  7. Announced on Twitter. Here's a preview trailer for it.
  8. Atari has now started a new series of interviews about the Atari Recharged series. Getting to know Centipede Recharged - first vlog.
  9. Atari announced a collaboration with Mega Cat Studios to bring a remake of Food Fight out in '22. It will be on multiple consoles, but first out on the VCS. More of this please. https://screenrant.com/atari-food-fight-game-remake-online-multiplayer/
  10. This sounds interesting, for what the games will be. https://www.atari.com/atari-announces-acclaimed-artist-and-composer-megan-mcduffee-will-score-an-upcoming-series-of-pc-and-console-games/ (The first in the series, for Centipede Recharged, now released.)
  11. (Now confirmed by the developer.) According to this article, "Bite The Bullet" is coming to the VCS soon. https://screenrant.com/atari-vcs-september-games-joust-guntech/ Graffiti Games is a publisher, for Indie titles, and was mentioned by Atari earlier. https://www.graffitigames.com/
  12. The game was announced by Atari on Medium. https://atarivcs.medium.com/get-ready-to-swing-your-axe-unsung-warriors-is-coming-to-the-atari-vcs-8ec308142a52 This their web-site. https://www.unsungwarriors.nl/ They have videos the Prologue part of the game, and others, on YouTube. * I am not connected to the Atari company, the project, or the developer.
  13. Coming Soon - new games announced (by Atari / developer) There may be other times when the game is announced, and needs a link but not a thread, so... Games which have now been released will be REMOVED from this list, so this is just for pending. List Will Be Updated (Ongoing) Announced by Atari Bite The Bullet - Mega Cats Studios / Graffiti Games Donut Dodo - Pixel Games (1st December) Black Widow: Recharged (A1G2) - Atari Asteroids: Recharged (A1G3) - Atari Breakout: Recharged (A1G4) - Atari Food Fight Recharged - Atari Tempest 4000 - Atari / Llamasoft Rollercoaster Tycoon - Atari Reggie - Degoma Games Neko Ghost, Jump - Burgos Games Rift World - Paladino Games Native Emulation Announced Atari 7800 Emulation - ongoing (Flashback Fridays) DOS Games Support - ongoing (Flashback Fridays) Other Atari platforms - TBA Announced by Atari (crowd-funded) Unsung Warriors - Unsung Warriors! (in-development) The Spirit of the Samurai - Digital Mind (in-development) Red Rust - Artsource Digital (in-development) Announced Partners (pending results) Megan McDuffee - music for Atari game series GameJolt - indie titles Chain Games - eSports (e.g. Krypto Carts) Ultra Platform - NFT integration The Sandbox - online platform Slipstream - streaming WonderOS - (aquisition, mobile game support) VCS Homebrew Initiative Announced by Developer D/Generation (HD version) - South-West Games Plutonium Pirates - Pixel Games (in-development) Bobby Bombastic - Pixel Games (in-development) Dynablaster - BBG Entertainment (in-development) Chaos Chassis - TBA (in-development) Apolune2 - LostAstronaut (out on Steam) Rumoured; Unconfirmed Nib - Privateers / Kurt A Taylor Cymatically Muffed - Kelsam Known, but secret so far. Puzzle game - ported from Switch Racing game - ported from Xbox One Now Released by Atari D/Generation (The Original) - South-West Games (released) Jetpack Joust - Freedom Games / Bitbull (released) Centipede: Recharged (S1G1) - Atari Stadia, GeForce Now, Luna and Xbox (clients)
  14. Copied from Jeff Minters' Twitter. I hope the latter means he has finished whatever game he was working on and is ready for tea now.
  15. Months ago, BBG Entertainment confirmed Dynablaster confirmed the game is coming for the Atari VCS, and almost all other platforms, including the delayed Intellivision Amico (in another "exclusive" version). https://dynablaster.com/ I'm wondering if the game is delayed pending the release of that console, but that seems unlikely, as it's coming out for so many platforms. The ability to play cross-platform online would be very good. There's been a lot of interest in the game for the Amico. How do you feel about this game for the VCS?
  16. A while back, Atari announced that the developer of this game planned to bring it to the Atari VCS. As usual, it was announced on their blog. https://atarivcs.medium.com/the-spirit-of-the-samurai-b7c8704a4d29 It looks very interesting, and despite a failed Kickstarter, the project seems to be going ahead. It has not yet been shown on the new Atari VCS, but they're only a newly signed-up developer. Their Facebook page is here. https://www.facebook.com/KittyQuestgame * I am not connected to the Atari company, this project, or the developer.
  17. Updated 8/3/21 based on updated information. Did a little digging through the archives and social media with an eye toward what games are in some stage of coming to the VCS, and here's what I've got. More info and links below the list: Chaos Chassis Food Fight Neko Ghost, Jump! Red Rust Reggie Spirit of the Samurai Unsung Warriors Unknown Series w/music by Megan McDuffee ### Chaos Chassis Being made by RetroNinja, a Prototype has been shown on Facebook and the forums here, and Tony Barnes the developer has stated on the VCS Forums here that it would be coming to the VCS. ### Food Fight Early 2022 release planned for VCS as timed exclusive: https://atarivcs.medium.com/charley-chuck-is-coming-to-the-atari-vcs-in-a-remake-of-the-classic-arcade-and7800-title-food-fight-7f4e42053cf4 ### Neko Ghost, Jump! Demo available on Steam, release "Coming Soon!" Listed as coming to VCS on game web site: https://store.steampowered.com/app/1194750/Neko_Ghost_Jump/ Platforms Targeting: PC (Windows/Linux), Xbox One, Xbox Series X, PS4, PS5, Nintendo Switch, Android, iiRcade, Atari VCS Website: nekoghostjump.com ### Red Rust - UNCONFIRMED Received space on the Medium blog along with promotion during its unsuccessful IndieGoGo campaign. Game is still in development, but currently only listed as coming to PC. https://www.redrustgame.com/ ### Reggie: https://atarivcs.medium.com/reggie-his-cousin-two-scientists-and-most-likely-the-end-of-the-world-23f098575148 https://www.reggiegame.com/ ("Coming 2022") ### Spirit of the Samurai Unsuccesful Kickstarter, but developer(s) working on release anyway: https://twitter.com/samuraisgame Originally listed as 2021 release for VCS. Game Twitter account confirmed in a reply this week that the game is still coming to VCS. ### Unsung Warriors Funded on Kickstarter https://www.unsungwarriors.nl/ Kickstarter Pledge states: Pledge €15 or more 15 tributes - Get The Game INCLUDES: Digital copy of the game (Win/Mac/Linux/Atari VCS) Get honored in the prologue's Cavern of Names (optional) ESTIMATED DELIVERY Dec 2022 ### Unknown Series w/music by Megan McDuffee Not much known other than alleged release in September 21: https://www.atari.com/atari-announces-acclaimed-artist-and-composer-megan-mcduffee-will-score-an-upcoming-series-of-pc-and-console-games/ ###
  18. Interesting status update and info from a quarterly financial filing by Atari: https://finance.yahoo.com/news/atari-annual-results-2020-2021-170000106.html?guccounter=1 Here in particular are things that seemed worth breaking out into their own discussions: 1. Sounds like we are finally getting Tempest 4000 and Rollercoaster Tycoon. 2. "Native" retro emulation is very interesting, mentioned on their web site as well. Could be super sweet. 3. The "homebrew initiative" sounds ambitious. Also sounds like a project that could easily fail and be tough to do right. But maybe? 4. Cloud game streaming with "direct" access along with "direct" access to the G-Suite. Does this mean more than just front end links in AtariOS? Maybe, maybe not? 5. "Streamlined" access to PC Mode with easy to use USB thumb drive accessories. I'm - guessing - this means you can buy an Atari/PowerA or something branded Windows 10 USB on a stick?
  19. Some months back this announcement was made by Ultra, and it just seemed to drop into a hole, with nothing apparently happening so far. Also, it wasn't exactly clear what Ultra was, or what it might be useful for, but recently there has been more information, and it seems very interesting. Ultra have an amazing range of partners, of whom Atari is only one, but it's coming to the VCS. https://medium.com/ultra-io/atari-partners-with-ultra-to-add-games-communities-and-services-to-its-atari-vcs-home-f48d3c970cca From the announcement made last autumn... Ultra is creating an entertainment platform that enables gamers to play, discover, buy, trade, earn, stream, compete, and socialize with zero friction. Having already partnered with software and hardware giants such as Ubisoft and AMD, Ultra now teams up with Atari to make their platform accessible through the new Atari VCS “PC/console hybrid” games and entertainment system, which launches this fall. Atari, known globally for some of the most beloved video games in history, will likewise be part of the Ultra experience. Ultra users will have the ability to join an Atari dedicated community and play classic Atari games including Asteroids®, Centipede®, Missile Command®, Pong®, and RollerCoaster Tycoon®. Hot Property The eagerly-anticipated Atari VCS video computer system will launch later this year, and also be available to purchase on Ultra using UOS or Atari Tokens — giving crypto and gaming enthusiasts the perfect platform to purchase the new hardware. Atari is also exploring the use of Ultra’s technology including its NFT framework as a way to update many of its most-popular titles with new technologies. The Ultra platform will directly integrate within the Atari VCS, allowing users to purchase, download and play PC games from Ultra on the system, and give gamers instant access to a huge array of titles from triple-A games to lovingly-crafted indie gems.
  20. https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/red-rust-the-arcade-game/x/17392401#/ Let's support this marvellous game for the VCS
  21. At some point the VCS web site got updated, wasn't there last time I looked, which has been a while:
  22. I am excited that Indie developers are quickly jumping on the Atari VCS. The very experienced developer just posted a link on Facebook about his new game. https://www.facebook.com/groups/atarivcsfans/ If you don't use Facebook, here is the link to the most recent video of (pre-Alpha) game, only in development for a couple of weeks, here is the teaser video he added for the game. There are many links under the video, to follow his project. https://www.retroninja.com/ * I have no connection with the Atari company, this project, or with the developer.
  23. I guess most people here have heard about the PiePacker project. If not, see below. https://www.piepacker.com/ PiePacker on the new Atari VCS - under AtariOS Just to confirm, PiePacker works really well, in Google Chrome, running under AtariOS. I was playing with a friend for a few hours tonight, but only dipped my toe in the water of the service so far. There are so many games already - I played one new, and one old via the emulation - that was Worms. (I do feel for sure, the Atari Jaguar version was better!) The modern controller was immediately recognised, although in some games there were some unexpected controller mappings - it different from the Xbox controller layout using Bluetooth, but I also used a wireless (USB dongle) Bluetooth controller with the VCS test. It's still in BETA so I'll report the differences in behaviour to them - but it's all cloud based. (I did not try either Atari VCS controllers via USB, where they also support the Xbox mode.) The VCS Classic controller was immediately recognised, but only up/down worked, and not the left/right, so the mapping for that to the PiePacker app needs to be adjusted - it's BETA. Although the Kickstarter has now closed, here is the link to that, just for historical details. They recently ran a Kickstarter, and I was a backer, and today got my "backer BETA-access". Prior to the Kickstarter, they had 100K (yes, 100,000) play-testers using it for some months! PiePacker Background If you don't have any idea what it is - it's a cloud service - to legally run multi-player retro and modern (or reimagined) classic games over the Internet - games which are not written for the Internet, of course, but playable in real-time over the Internet with friends on other platforms, just using Chrome, and with video and voice chat, where people want to do that. It ideal for pandemic times - playing together, even when we're apart - no special hardware to buy, or software to install. The "owner" just sends an invite to friends, and they can join, anytime, and join in the fun. My friends and family are not local, to come and sit on the sofa next to me - they're scattered across this country, Europe, and the USA, as for many people. There is OPTIONAL hardware called the PieReader (shown below) which takes a range of adapters (more will follow) to plug physical cartridges into, but no support for Atari yet. (Even an adapter for a CD unit could follow, but the hardware is not necessary to play.) I was in communication with the CEO, who's a very friendly guy with a great track-record. He said they are very keen to support the Atari VCS. Perhaps we'll see an Atari partnership! It's quite different to Antstream, but certainly complements it. I'd love to see it as an "app".
  24. Again from Medium, but lots of people don't follow this, so here's the link. Atari announced this one, which looks great too, and uses a trending art style. https://atarivcs.medium.com/journey-to-rift-world-7304373c308c The video looks great, and he's posted updates since. * I have no connection with the Atari company, this project, or the developer.
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