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Found 36 results

  1. For families, groups of gamers of varying interests and skill levels, nights out with friends (drinking/party games), and maybe even just because AirConsole is surprisingly good. Much better than I expected heading into the review, I figured it'd be mobile gaming on the VCS with all the baggage associated with it. Nope! Surprisingly dug it, and have to say this one might be the thing the relatively-not-a-gamer in your house might actually ask to play with you. Topic for elsewhere, but the whole time I was using this I kept thinking about the upcoming Intellivision Amico, its current positioning, and what its competition might be. Pretty interesting to think about, actually. I'd think if you have a couple of nights where you could get a group together for Cards Against Humanity style hanging out you'd easily justify the $23.99 year cost, or just drop a five for a month for the weekend. Price of a beer.
  2. Released in February on numerous platforms, this is another in the Aery series of games, the first of which was released earlier this year on the VCS. by EpiXR Games, $9.99. The first was a flying meditative game in the style of your Flowers and Journeys of the world. VCS Release Date: 8/27/21
  3. Boulder Dash was a great game back in the day, and one of the most enduring franchises. Now, there is a gorgeous looking modern update released on the new VCS, as exclusive. The developer web-site is here: https://www.boulder-dash.com/ It's surely one of the big name titles we all wanted to see on the new VCS console.
  4. Here is an updated list of all of the Apps available in the new Atari VCS Store. Note that some of these Apps, specifically the cloud gaming apps, are listed in the Games section of the VCS Store, but I am including them in Apps as that is more what they are like, and very much more like how they operate in the AtariOS. The spreadsheet can be found as a Google Sheet here: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/17eDHt30RC2uG6KD85ouChcwf9BkRohJJAWQPRz9CASg/edit?usp=sharing Name Release Date Availability: US Availability: EU Airconsole 12/11/21 X X Amazon Luna 9/1/21 X X (beta in EU, no signups) Antstream Arcade 12/11/21 X X AppleTV+ 6/11/21 X X Chrome 12/11/21 X X Discord 12/11/21 X X Disney+ 12/11/21 X X ESPN+ 5/5/21 X fuboTV 5/5/21 X GeForce Now 9/10/21 X Google Stadia 9/1/21 X Hulu 12/11/21 X HBO Max 12/11/21 X Netflix 12/11/21 X X PC Mode 12/11/21 X X Peacock 5/5/21 X Plex 12/11/21 X X PlutoTV 5/5/21 X X (but currently doesn't function) Prime Video 12/11/21 X X Showtime 5/5/21 X Test Game Pad 12/11/21 X X Twitch 12/11/21 X X VCS Companion 12/11/21 X X Xbox Cloud Gaming 9/1/21 X X YouTube 12/11/21 X X
  5. XCloud and Amazon Luna apparently in the Atari OS now after the new update.
  6. First noticed with the new Aery - Broken Memories, besides Buy Now there is a tab for Redeem instead of Rate. This should allow for both discount codes and perhaps free games in addition to press redemption and such.
  7. It seemed valuable to have a full list of the games that could be updated fairly quickly over time. I've also tried to include a link to the developer to learn about the game if possible, or a similar link if not. I also put it in Google Sheets if you feel like grabbing it yourself: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1eFH448ndv6RSYbGXKGNHxm6zDH8HZLkWHFzGBEMOJ1I/edit?usp=sharing Game Name Release Date Launch Price URL LINK: Aery - A Journey Beyond Time 8/27/21 9.99 https://www.epixrgames.com/aery-beyond-time Aery - Broken Memories 9/10/21 9.99 epixrgames.com Aery - Little Bird Adventure 3/23/21 6.99 https://www.epixrgames.com/ Atari VCS Vault 12/11/20 Free Atari VCS Vault 2 12/11/20 4.99 Ato 2/3/21 14.99 https://tinywarriorgames.com/portfolio/ato/ Boulder Dash Deluxe 12/24/20 14.99 https://www.boulder-dash.com/deluxe/ Darkside Detective, The 8/10/21 12.99 http://darksidedetective.com/ Darkside Detective: A Fumble in the Dark, The 8/10/21 12.99 http://darksidedetective.com/ D/Generation 4/30/21 12.99 https://www.west-coast.wales/ Danger Scavenger 1/19/21 9.99 https://stardrifters.com/danger-scavenger Frog Hop 12/24/20 4.99 https://tinywarriorgames.com/portfolio/frog-hop/ Guntech 12/11/20 24.99 https://www.utoposgames.com/guntech Jetboard Joust 5/18/21 9.99 http://jetboardjoust.bitbull.com/ Mad Age & This Guy 12/11/20 3.99 https://store.steampowered.com/developer/AtomicWolf Missile Command: Recharged 12/11/20 Free for launch period until ___ https://www.atari.com/games/missile-command-recharged/ Mutazione 12/11/20 19.99 https://mutazionegame.com/ Pixel Cup Soccer 6/11/21 9.99 http://batovi.com/games/pixelcupsoccer/ Sigi - A Fart for Melusina 12/11/20 4.99 https://pixel.lu/ Sir Lovelot 12/24/20 9.99 https://store.steampowered.com/app/1055170/Sir_Lovelot/ Something Ate My Alien 1/8/21 16.99 https://atarivcs.medium.com/something-ate-my-alien-invites-you-to-flex-all-of-your-gaming-skills-9e307fbc1793 Spear Master 12/11/20 9.99 http://www.osarion.com/ SuperMash 1/8/21 19.99 https://atarivcs.medium.com/something-ate-my-alien-invites-you-to-flex-all-of-your-gaming-skills-9e307fbc1793 Tailgunner 2/11/21 4.99 https://www.grizzly-machine.com/tailgunner Thrustlander 12/24/20 14.99 https://www.thrustlander.com/ Unsung Warriors – Prologue 12/11/20 Free http://www.osarion.com/ Utopos 4/7/21 9.99 https://www.utoposgames.com/
  8. Gunpoint 2.0 has been released to the VCS Store. This UPDATES the original Guntech release on VCS. So, if you already have Guntech, it is a free update. 2.0 has replaced the original Guntech in the VCS Store as well, so anyone who buys the game will be getting 2.0. Additionally, it looks like the core price got a cut and the price is now $19.99 vs. the original $24.99 release. Well worth it. Utopos is good, too, and will also be getting a re-work, but suffers from the core issue of all online multiplayer games which is unless you are a big dog or lucky it can be hard to get things going and even harder to keep it going. This is a top to bottom rework of the game, and is pretty extensive. Additionally, the game calls out that the game (including the original VCS release, actually) has up to 4-player co-op. https://atarivcs.medium.com/an-interview-with-guntech-2-0-developer-jani-penttinen-4765f62c0a9b
  9. I noticed that my first purchase through the Atari VCS Store in December 20th, 2020 was listed as order number 623 on the receipt, and after purchasing The Darkside Detective: A Fumble in the Dark just now the receipt lists it as order number 7792. Does that mean roughly 7800 sales in total through the Store? I notice the free apps don't give you a receipt.
  10. https://atarivcs.medium.com/we-are-excited-to-announce-darkside-detective-is-coming-to-the-atari-vcs-97e0213bfd77
  11. The new VCS comes with support for streaming 4K video. At the time of shipping Collector Editions, it supports several services via Chrome web-apps. It is possible to install Chrome applications also for other purposes. e.g. Discord is included. - YouTube - Twitch - Netflix - Disney Plus - Prime Video (Amazon) - Plex TV - Apple TV Plus - ESPN+ (depending on region) - fuboTV (depending on region) - Peacock (depending on region) - Showtime (depending on region) - Hulu (depending on region) - HBO Max (depending on region) - VRV (depending on region) - Pluto TV (depending on region) Atari also announced back in August 2020, that the new VCS would feature Plex, following other services. Free live streaming TV, and https://atarivcs.medium.com/what-plex-means-to-the-atari-vcs-and-to-atari-vcs-owners-4fc9d36d3984 It looks pretty cool, and to my surprise, it works A-OK in Europe, as well as the USA. https://www.plex.tv/ They have a very cool video explaining this. It's definitely a useful thing for me.
  12. Atari announced that they had partnered with Antstream Arcade. https://atarivcs.medium.com/here-come-the-games-7f50f5a17b85 Linking with them for e-sports activities is an interesting idea, although for me, I'm too old-school for e-sports activity. https://gaminglyfe.com/atari-and-antstream-arcade-invite-fans-to-participate-in-a-week-long-online-asteroids-challenge/ This was demo'd months ago, but now there are lots of videos on YouTube. Other videos, found by a search for "Atari VCS Antstream Arcade" on YouTube. e.g. * I am not connected to the Atari company, Antstream, or any related developer.
  13. Although AtariVault is available on other platforms, only the Atari VCS one uses the Atari VCS custom controllers. I think most people know that the new VCS comes with volume#1 (100 games), and volume#2 (50) is in the store. This is the teaser video for the Atari Vault. There is a nice video of the VCS being used to run Atari Vault at a public event a few months ago. * I am not connected to the Atari company.
  14. From Medium AtariVCS feed also... https://atarivcs.medium.com/retro-throwback-supermash-coming-to-the-atari-vcs-862b9ffbe6c3 I guess this should be a good use of the unique Atari VCS retro style controller too. Their web-site is here. It's cross-patform, and they are apparently based in New York. https://www.digitalcontinue.com/super_mash/ * I have no connection with the Atari company, this project, or the developer.
  15. https://www.facebook.com/atariVCS/photos/pcb.1202920706812510/1202920556812525
  16. Atari announced it here, but not everybody reads Medium. https://atarivcs.medium.com/thrustlander-is-a-luxurious-modern-take-on-the-classic-cave-flyer-and-it-is-coming-to-the-atari-56923e4205fc Later in this thread, the developer gives additional information and a game hints. The video looks great, but you need to see the video close-up to appreciate it's beauty. 🙂 * I have no connection with the Atari company, the game, or the developer.
  17. At some point the VCS web site got updated, wasn't there last time I looked, which has been a while:
  18. https://fullsync.co.uk/jetboard-joust-rockets-onto-nintendo-switch/ For the Atari VCS, too Later in this thread, the developer gives additional information and a game hints.
  19. A surprise new release today - TailGunner game. - $4.99, 108 MB, and I already bought this one! I love the art-style on this... great. It's not anime, as such, but it's very cool. Lots of speech. There is a nice tutorial on using the classic joystick! Thankfully one can also inverse the Y-axis. 🙂 It is also, so far, quite difficult to get used to, but it also supports a mouse/trackball, and more. The classic joystick twist is used to change the direction, to steer the plan - that's super cool! Atari announcement on Facebook says... "Embrace your fight AND flight in #Tailergunner, now available on the #AtariVCS Store! Inspired by the iconic arcade classic of the same name, Tailgunner tests your aerial combat skills, featuring 10 modes! Do you have what it takes to avoid the watery grave?! Rack up high scores to become the most notorious gunner of all-time! Fully optimized for use with the Atari VCS Wireless Classic Joystick." The official developer web-site is here. https://www.grizzly-machine.com/tailgunner I think some historical reading-up makes this game even more interesting. https://www.usni.org/magazines/naval-history-magazine/2013/may/rear-seat-gunners-midway
  20. Atari VCS Vault Volume #2 seems to include Atari 5200 Treasures, or part of that expansion. Atari Vault 2 for reference. 1. Atari Baseball 2. Atari Basketball 3. Atari Football 4. Atari Soccer 5. Avalanche 6. Canyon Bomber 7. Destroyer 8. Dominos 9. Fire Truck/Smokey Joe 10. Maze Invaders 11. Monte Carlo 12. Pool Shark 13. Sky Diver 14. Super Bug 15. Adventure II 16. Aquaventure 17. Frog Pond 18. Holey Moley 19. MotoRodeo 20. Saboteur 21. Wizard 22. Yars' Return 23. Air Raiders 24. Armor Ambush 25. Astroblast 26. Dark Cavern 27. Frogs and Flies 28. International Soccer 29. Sea Battle 30. Space Attack 31. Star Strike 32. Super Challenge Baseball 33. Super Challenge Football 34. Swordfight 35. Asteroids 36. Centipede 37. Countermeasure 38. Final Legacy 39. Micro-gammon 40. Millipede 41. Miniature Golf 42. Missile Command 43. Realsports Baseball 44. Realsports Basketball 45. Realsports Football 46. Realsports Soccer 47. Realsports Tennis 48. Star Raiders 49. Super Breakout 50. Xari Arena I certainly have never been able to play Atari 5200, as it was never released in Europe!
  21. From Medium feed https://atarivcs.medium.com/danger-scavenger-coming-to-the-vcs-994fbbb12425 Again, a nice video on YouTube for this. * I have no connection with the Atari company, this project, or the developers.
  22. Guntech should be mentioned here. It was a launch title in the Atari VCS store. This project was the first to show the Atari VCS developer kit and the game was in development until soon before launch. He also posted some extremely cool videos, as he added some unique features for 2nd players, and tested it with his kids. The web-site is here. https://www.utoposgames.com/ * I have no connection with the Atari company, this project, or the developer.
  23. On Discord, @West Coast Software just announced he plans to bring a game to the VCS. It's a retro version of an even more retro original, which was a classic game, apparently. It was released for the Switch previously, but it was created first for the Apple II! D/Generation : The Original for Nintendo Switch - Nintendo Game Details Obviously this game is not about the graphics, it's about the gameplay, and puzzles. The developer web-site is here. The first VCS game from Wales, anyway. Home | West Coast Software (west-coast.wales)
  24. The game was announced by Atari on Medium. https://atarivcs.medium.com/get-ready-to-swing-your-axe-unsung-warriors-is-coming-to-the-atari-vcs-8ec308142a52 This their web-site. https://www.unsungwarriors.nl/ They have videos the Prologue part of the game, and others, on YouTube. * I am not connected to the Atari company, the project, or the developer.
  25. This project Indie project also looks really good fun, too. https://atarivcs.medium.com/something-ate-my-alien-invites-you-to-flex-all-of-your-gaming-skills-9e307fbc1793 For me, seeing a cross-platform game made in a new Atari VCS version, and the custom features, is great news. The video trailer looks a lot of fun! There's a new video trailer for it. The web-site is here. http://www.somethingatemyalien.com/ * I have no connection with the Atari company, this project, or the developer.
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