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Found 23 results

  1. Today I met... Yorgle Grundle Rhindle ... and they kicked my BUTT! but I did win once!
  2. The Computer Spiele Museum visit. The Computerspielemuseum Berlin (Computer Games Museum Berlin) was founded in 1997. From 1997 to 2000, it had a permanent exhibition in Berlin. Afterwards, it became an online only museum. In 2011, it reopened its permanent exhibition in Berlin’s neighborhood of Friedrichshain. During the first month of its permanent exhibition, it had 12,000 visitors. Some pictures of this great museum : http://gameplayerspecial.com/2012/08/23/computer-spiele-museum-computer-game-museum/ Thanks.
  3. Good morning! And a very good morning it is if I do say so myself. Nice and sunny about the grounds today, I am indeed enjoying this early spring weather. I thought I'd pop in just to let you all know that in my latest adventure, I've come to be a distinguished owner of a dusty, old Colecovision console with two malfunctioning controllers, a damaged but, now repaired (thanks to my efforts), A/C adapter, Atari 2600 expansion module and Donkey Kong cartridge. I managed to land this and some other fine bits of retro-gaming goodness in battered old box at a local flea market and I simply must say that inspite of the two faulty controllers and a few other minor short comings it is simply smashing! Allow me to present you with a few photos of this wonderous find.
  4. I am selling my Atari 400 computer and Atari 410 Cassette Writer. They can be seen here: http://www.ebay.com/itm/Atari-400-Vintage-Computer-and-410-Cassette-Read-Writer-/221955724720?hash=item33ad9795b0:g:ITMAAOSwNphWXLvH -ArdsleyTank
  5. I've been playing around with some older laptops as PC gaming systems and I settled on a different system, so I have a Toshiba Tecra 720CDT available for sale. Here are the specs: - Pentium 120mhz - 144mb RAM (maxed out) - 1.2GB HDD - 12.1" LCD (Active Matrix; no passive matrix ghosting!) - 6x CD-ROM The battery actually holds a reasonable charge, though the CMOS battery will need to be replaced at some point (loses it's mind if it's unplugged for too long). The hard drive will need to be wiped; it has a failed installation of Win 98SE that proves the system boots, but won't be, um, usable. I was using this successfully with a CF->IDE converter and the computer was very snappy for it's intended use. Also will include AC Adapter and a PS/2 mouse. Cosmetically it's in extremely good shape; a little yellowing from age and a couple of scratches and nicks, but nothing you'd want to hide. Asking $50 + shipping from 94583. Save this wonderful brick from the e-cycler and give it a good home
  6. For sale: 12 Atari Lynx official power supplies NIB. Asking price: $200 shipping included for the whole lot, or $25 (shipping included) per unit. If you're in the US, include $10 extra for insurance. PM me if you're interested. Payment via PayPal only. Fast shipping as soon as payment is received. Prices are in Canadian dollars for buyers in Canada, and in US dollars for American buyers. Reasonable offers will also be accepted. Here's a link to our eBay profiles: http://www.ebay.ca/usr/ladyjaye75 and http://www.ebay.ca/usr/ericdestcyr
  7. i am selling my NOS mint condition Atari 2600. Box is worn,but everything else is untouched. please dont hesitate to contact me if you have any queries! http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=171412043520&ssPageName=STRK:MESE:IT
  8. Hello everyone, I am new to posting a blog here so I decided to give it a try, please leave a comment. I have done an experiment with friends during the whole month of December 2016. We gradually made a list of memorable movies released before 1985. Memorable movies are famous for good and bad reasons such as iconic scenes, innovations. The list grew up to over 130 movies and surprisingly none of us, as individuals, saw at least half of these movies. Do I really know my cinema classics? Is it possible to see all these movies? I have made a second list (see below) limited to titles with less than 15 characters (including spaces and symbols if any). With this restriction, the list sure is incomplete and still some titles seem not really memorable in my humble opinion. What do you think? Which ones surely are famous memorable movies? Which ones are missing respecting the restrictions (less than 15 characters and before 1985)? Please leave a comment. ^_^ LIST of MEMORABLE MOVIES released BEFORE 1985 with LESS THAN 15 CHARACTERS (SPACES AND SYMBOLS INCLUDED) 1921 The Kid 1922 Nosferatu 1927 Metropolis 1931 City Lights 1931 Frankenstein 1933 King Kong 1936 Modern Times 1940 Pinocchio 1941 Dumbo 1941 Citizen Kane 1942 Casablanca 1942 Bambi 1953 The Wild One 1959 Ben-Hur 1960 Psycho 1961 Yojimbo 1962 Lolita 1964 Goldfinger 1964 Mary Poppins 1964 Fantomas 1967 Cool Hand Luke 1968 The love bug 1970 M*A*S*H 1971 The Big Boss 1971 Daisy Town 1971 Dirty Harry 1972 The God Father 1973 Magnum Force 1973 The Exorcist 1974 Female Trouble 1975 Jaws 1975 Rollerball 1976 The Enforcer 1976 Rocky 1976 Taxi Driver 1976 King Kong 1977 Crime Busters 1977 Star Wars 1978 Halloween 1978 Grease 1979 Alien 1979 Mad Max 1979 Apocalypse Now 1980 Super Fuzz 1980 Fame 1980 Airplane! 1980 The Shining 1980 Xanadu 1980 Brubaker 1981 Excalibur 1981 Mad Max 2 1982 The Thing 1982 Blade Runner 1982 Tron 1982 Annie 1983 Octopussy 1983 Videodrome 1983 Scarface 1983 Flashdance 1983 WarGames 1983 James Bond 007 1984 Don Camillo 1984 Amadeus 1984 Ghostbusters 1984 Footloose 1984 Starman 1984 Gremlins 1984 Dune 1984 The Terminator 1984 Police Academy Total: 70 titles
  9. I have an Atari 2600 for sale. It is tested, cleaned and working properly. With the exception that the Color/ black white switch is no attached. It plays in color but will not be able to switch it back to black and white unless you fix the issue. Not something I feel like tackling. Comes complete with all items shown in the photos provided. I will ship anywhere in the United states and will calculate shipping costs with the USPS Priority mail with tracking. I only charge what it costs me to ship it. feel free to contact me through atari age. Not sure if I can put my links to my website, ebay or other links on here so I will not for now. Thanks for looking. Oh, and price is $150. Thanks again. have a good day.
  10. HI my name is Carlos and i have found an OVERKAL console in a family deposit, i dont know if it works i havent tested it, it seems that is incomplete, it doesnt have the chips or the money, all the 14 transparencies are there, the board too. i want to sell it i have no use for it, even though i´m a gamer i know someone would really like this one for their collection if anyone is interested, fell free to contact me
  11. From the album: My Game Collection

    I picked this up a while back, for $54.99 at my local V-stock. The box had some issues, and none of the packing foam, but the game console works well .
  12. I made a slideshow... Thanks
  13. Hi all, Just wanted to let any interested parties know that I've decided to sell my working ColecoVision ADAM computer system. If you want to take a look at the auction, you can see it here: eBay Auction -- Item Number: 150878786379 Thanks, and take it easy... Lou
  14. here's a little bit of my collection.
  15. This video demonstrates a 1982 era setup of an Atari 800 with 256K of Axlon memory being attached to a Corvus 6 megabyte hard drive, and going through workflows of developing software with the Atari Macro Assembler (AMAC), and its associated text editor (MEDIT). Other housekeeping functions are also shown, and the Atari Amoeba debugging tool makes a short visit. Enjoy, -Thom
  16. Here are pictures (and some video) from the VCF Midwest 2021 show. Amis, Paradroyd, and myself were fortunate enough to get to attend this year. Amis was kind enough to setup a message thread at his website (you don't have to create an account to view them): https://southernamis.wixsite.com/website/forum/general-discussions/on-the-ground-at-vcf-mid-west It was a great show and I personally had a wonderful time!
  17. Hi all, I just listed my original, vintage, New Old Stock (never set-up or used) ATARI Phoenix Mobile store display on eBay: https://www.ebay.com/itm/Atari-PHOENIX-Store-Display-Mobile-NEW-Sealed-Original-RARE-Vintage-NOS/193902899445?hash=item2d258370f5:g:x3IAAOSwXQJgL62- Shipping to most countries available (North America, UK, New Zealand, etc) but please check auction listing or just ask me here if you reside anywhere else but are interested. I was hoping to have a dedicated Atari games room set up but unfortunately it did not eventuate due to space constraints. As such, I'm just now starting to let go of not just my Atari games and systems (large Lynx collection going up shortly with lots or rarities), but many Atari collectibles and memorabilia that I am starting to list as well. Good luck to anyone who is going to bid - I truly hope Phoenix gets to rise up in a good new home
  18. Hello from an Atari fan and collector of old stuff, About 20 years ago I came across, and bought at a yard sale, a cool Atari pac-man tournament t-shirt in Texas. It says it is from the first Atari 400 pac man competition in Texas. I am looking to sell it and am contacting various Atari associated groups to see if there is any interest. also, I would love to learn more about the tournament if anyone knows. I cannot find anything online about it. Thanks
  19. Insert Coins and let the one-two punch of arcade nostalgia hit you right in your wardrobe. ARKADO RETURNS is a follow up to my first Kickstarter campaign, ARKADO, that was sucessfully funded and delivered in 2014. Like it's former, ARKADO RETURNS is a celebration of 26 vintage arcade titles that range from the beloved to the obscure. Can you name them all? This time ARKADO RETURNS with two designs presented in both Horizontal Mode and Vertical Mode, like the arcade screen orientation of the past. Like my previous campaigns, the goal is to fund a limited edition run of this artwork on apparel and print. If successfully funded, this limited edition apparel will be made to order for the backers along side a small batch run to be sold at conventions and shows. Like ARKADO, EFEMERECO, and WINNERS DON'T DRINK DRUGS, once all these shirts have been sold, no more will be made. The tees will be silk screened with Pantone 375 C and Reflex Blue C ink onto super soft, Bella Canvas 100% Cotton Baby Blue Unisex Tees. These tees are available in size EXTRA SMALL through 4XL. $15.00 for 1 or $27.00 for 2, Free Shipping in U.S.A. Claim yours at OneRadTee.com
  20. lots of goodies up for sale right now on ebay. have lots of everything. check it out. http://www.ebay.com/sch/vanhalen909/m.html?item=252045534392&ssPageName=STRK%3AMESELX%3AIT&rt=nc&_trksid=p2047675.l2562
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