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Found 11 results

  1. I have the following items for sale. Please see pictures for condition. I will be adding more items in the near future, so check back! Shipping: Currently I can only ship to USA. You are responsibly for Shipping fees, and Insurance if you choose to have the package insured. If you don't get insurance, I take no responsibility. Some items are marked as untested, I have not tested these items. Either because I don’t have the equipment, time or expertise. I believe my prices are within a reasonable range. I’m always open to offer, especially if you have proof of lower prices. Payment - PayPal Please PM to purchase. thanks for looking. Click on pictures to see bigger images. Amiga - UNTESTED GVP DSS 8 Digital Sound Studio - $40.00 (ebay sold prices are $52) $30.00 Apple – UNTESTED Apple IIE 80Col/64K memory expansion 1986 – $15.00 $10.00 Disk II Interface Card 650-x104 1978 – $20.00 $15.00 Microsoft Softcard 1981 - $60.00 $40.00 MacRecorder Farallon Computing - $10.00 Software Dimensions Inc Firmware ID Card SerNO SD-12595 - $15.00 $10.00(I believe it’s a Hardware Protection device for a General Accounting System made by Software Dimensions Inc.) Atari Lynx Lexus complete - $40.00 Atari ST Navarone battery backed clock Untested - $60.00 $50.00 Video Digitizer untested - $50.00 Monitor Master Serial # C7417 - $40.00 Monitor Master Serial # 10547 - $40.00 Game.com Centipede complete - $6.00 Game.com Internet - $50.00 (ebay sold prices are $45 loose) Monopoly Complete - $6.00 Scrabble Complete - $5.00 Tiger Web Link NIP - $80.00 (ebay sold prices are $105 - $115 new) Vectrex Continuum CIB - $80.00 Cube Quest CIB - $45.00 Hexed CIB - $90.00 SeanKelly Multicart 1999 – $30.00 Space Frenzy CIB - $25.00 Spike’s Water Balloons Analog CIB $25.00 Thrust CIB - $25.00 Tour De France CGE - $25.00 V-Frogger CIB - $50.00 Vaboom! Vectrace CIB - $30.00 Vec Sports Boxing CIB - $45.00 Vector 21 CIB - $75.00 $65.00 War of the Robots CIB - $70.00 $60.00 Zantis CIB - $80.00 $70.00 Dreamcast Alienfront Online CIB with mic- $45.00 Armada - $13.00 Conflict Zone - $13.00 Dead or Alive 2 - $20.00 Draconus - $13.00 Dragon Riders - $17.00 Dynamic Cop - $45.00 gunbird 2 - $75.00 Headhunter pal - $36.00 king of fighters evolution - $35.00 King of fighters dream match 99 - $20.00 Mars Matrix - $105.00 Phantasy Star Online - $25.00 Seaman CIB CD sealed with mic - $85.00 Sonic the Hedgehog Birthday Pack 10th Anniversary CD sealed, but case cracked. $60.00 time stalkers - $20.00 urban chaos - 45.00 Sega Saturn Saturn Controller Gray - untested, I don't have a Saturn. HSS0101 $15.00 Nintendo Nintendo DSi Complete - $40.00 SNES Buster Busts Loose: Tiny Toon Adventures cart only - $6.00 Jack Nicklaus Golf box, cart, instructions (cart tray missing) - $6.00 Mario’s Time Machine cart only - $7.00 P.T.O. Pacific theater: Theater of Operations box, cart, instructions box wear - $20.00 PIKO Super 4 in 1 multi-cart CIB - $30.00 Pork Pig’s Haunted Holiday cart only - $7.00 Radical Rex Box and Cart NO Instructions - $27.00 Super Battletank war in the gulf box, cart, instructions box wear - $7.00 T2: Judgement Day CIB Box wear - $22.00 The Incredible Crash Dummies cart only - $6.00 Astrocade Crazy Climber #22/50 $175.00 WAR from the 1st run of 20 - $85.00 Virtual Boy Headphones new in box - $30.00 Intellivision Beauty & the Beast CIB – $10.00 World Championship Baseball CIB - $18.00 Tele-Games Bowling 4 x overlays CIB – $15.00 Star Strike CIB – $10.00 Tennis CIB box rough - $18.00 RCA Studio II System #1 light turns on, beeps games play, screen waves. Maybe be adjustable, I’ve included a composite mod you can install. System, switchbox, OEM power supply, mod kit. - $60.00 System #2 light turns on, no beep no video. Repair/Parts. System and switchbox. - $40.00 Baseball game, box, instructions – $9.00 Blackjack game, box, instructions – $9.00 Fun with Numbers game, box, instructions – $15.00 Math Fun, TV School House II loose - $7.00 Tennis/Squash #1 game, box, instructions – $9.00 Tennis/Squash #2 game, box, no instructions – $7.00 Tennis/Squash #3 game, box, instructions – $9.00
  2. First I read something somewhere about a virtual boy mod that's made that I'll let you connect a virtual Boy 2 some modern TV. Anyone know where that is? I got a couple other questions. one cannot be hooked up natively to a CRT TV in component video or RGB via SCART? Also if hooked up my HDMI is there some way to get it in 3D just like the virtual boy originally was? My TV accepts side-by-side half as a 2d compatible 3D. Also in terms of the processor are the graphics considered white monochrome and red is just the theme filter? Also I see people wondering how you stream portable video games on Twitch and mixer. This would be an answer for virtual Boy, a Nintendo has official answers for Gameboy on both Super NES and GameCube. someone was talking about a Game Gear player on the 32x cartridge where you insert the Game Gear cartridge inside the 32x cartridge. The reason why 32x is because Genesis doesn't have enough colors to accurately display game gear. and since this website is called atariage why not a Lynx player for the Jaguar? insert a lynx cartridge inside a Jaguar cartridge shell?
  3. I was going to buy two virtual taps one for the left eye one for the right eye. Since both can be any main color plus black, I was going to make the left black and red, make the right black and cyan, and twitch in Anaglyph. There are demos of emulated virtual boys being shown in Anaglyph. Now I just got to find the easiest way to do it with real hardware. There are two choices one is called RGB the other is called VGA. 1. Should I assume that RGB is compatible with ypbpr on a standard ntsc CRT TV when you use an RGB to ypbpr color space converter? 2. Should I assume that the RGB hookup is 3 RCA and designed for an RGB to ypbpr color space converter? 3. If I find a way to physically convert scart into 3 RCA RGB, then I could use the same converter for my SCARTSega and SNES games just physically convert scars to three RCA RGB and then use that converter. 4. Can I just use the red of the left eye and the green and the blue of the right eye and they should combine the make a red and cyan anaglyph? Just wondering if that's the best and easiest route to do Sega RGB and VB RGB R/C 3D
  4. gzsfrk


    Great guy to deal with! Bought a Jack Bros cartridge for Virtual Boy from him to complete my US VB collection. He shipped super fast and the game arrived in 3 days, well-packaged and as described. Looking forward to our next transaction!
  5. Flashboy for virtual boy and Amstrad GX4000 flash cart wanted. Any condition. Just as long as they work. Based in UK. Would be really grateful. I need to get some more play time from these consoles.
  6. [#006] in 2013, i've programmed three PC games (via Qbasic) that i'm proud of and it's only the middle of May! check them out: Blitz (Jan '13) port of the classic Vic-20 game http://atariage.com/forums/topic/207093-blitz-vic-20-game-port/ TapKey RPG (Apr '13 - May '13) loosely based on the game mechanics of 'Theatrythm: Final Fantasy' http://atariage.com/forums/blog/495/entry-10174-tapkey-rpg/ and coming very soon: Chameleon (May '13) a space shooter that nods to the Virtual Boy, Adventure Vision, and a handful of classic shmups! http://youtu.be/88C-DU89DmU i will also be returning to my 2011 epic, MicroDungeon. http://atariage.com/forums/topic/185908-microdungeon/
  7. Just in case you have not seen already the 3D homebrew game Hyper Fighting for the Nintendo Virtual Boy: http://youtu.be/nW8lPCNEFGc
  8. I would like to buy a virtual boy servo board as I have a faulty one on which the mirrors do not sync. If anyone has one they could spare I'd like to buy it
  9. Planetvb is hosting a Virtual Boy coding competition. The compo will run from Sept 1st until Dec 31st 2013. The winner will get their project released on 20 physical cartridges, complete-in-box. The VB has been extremely well documented. You can find everything you want to know about the hardware over at planetvb. There also exists code examples, tutorials, documentation, a coding environment, and more. Developers can use emulation to work on their projects. I am sure planetvb members would be happy to test on actual hardware using their Flash Boy linkers. The Virtual Boy is a really fun system to use and has a lot of potential. All it needs are some creative coders to release some new games and applications for the system. For more info: http://www.planetvb.com/modules/news/article.php?storyid=373 *News borrowed from the Neo Flash off-topic forum and posted here by permission.
  10. Now I had some time to make a video showing my Nintedo Virtual Boy collection. The Virtual Boy is my 2nd favorite gaming system after the Vectrex. I uploaded also a version of the video in 3D. Video in standard 2D: http://youtu.be/-YQkbhGBh98 Video in 3D (3D glasses required): http://youtu.be/SaJHv0TsvuQ
  11. He got two questions about the Virtual Boy. I see castlemania games has virtual tap. It cost around $70 and has the name of three Western hemisphere modders who do they recommend will mod it for you for a price. I tried writing castlemania games but it wouldn't let me in to their letter page. They don't usually let non-customers join. First of all I've seen anaglyph videos of Virtual Boy. Most are red and blue but I don't have the red and blue glasses. I do have the red and cyan glasses. From what I know in science, blue light plus green light equals cyan light. I heard you could play either left eye or right eye. Could you play both? I assume if either VGA or RGB is a simple pin connection to have the left I have the red and the right I have the Green in the blue connected. It says it could swap between 8 colors. I assume it's the seven main colors scientifically defined that isn't black, and the eighth color can you be a custom color or by default is inverse White.(black spots on white backgrounds) Is there a color switch on both sides? If so it would be easy to have independent color shifts. If you are not independent controls for left and right eye could there be a 3D mode where whatever the left eye is the right eye is the opposite. So red and Cyan are together, green and magenta are together, blue and yellow are together, pick the opposite side to flip sides. most of the video show red and blue and I've seen a cyan video before so I know the combination is possible. I know to buy it from castlemania have it sent directly to a modder along with my working Virtual Boy and pay the labor and extra parts fee. The best thing you could do is play it on a TV screen. I assume it works for VGA and RGB scart because all those have separate pins for red green and blue, adding a composite or S-Video chip would have really thrown It off. so now it's the console and pretty much anything that is not specifically analog I prefer my fightstick for, without tearing apart a virtual boy joystick, could someone add a method of getting a brook retro fight stick board working with Virtual Boy? I know it has very weird controllers. It's partly robotron control, partly NES control. what would be the ideal arrangement for most schemes using a fightstick with a virtual boy?
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