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Found 8 results

  1. Guest

    Warlords Status Update

    I'm down to 8 RAM variables to decipher and have 108 labels renamed1 with 214 to go. A couple interesting finds: each player's paddle is only read every 4th frame. There's a couple subroutines, that I named SmoothXmotion and SmoothYmotion, that are used to smooth out the motion over the 4 frames between paddle readings. As a test I changed subroutine to NOP the smoothing and the motion was very jerky. Paddle usage had me confused for a little bit: Paddle 2(INPT1) controls either the purple shield or the blue shield depending on the number of players. The Green Player uses Paddle 3(INPT2) - but is only human controlled during a 4 player game. Instead, paddle 4(INPT3) becomes active during a 3 player game. 1 labels generated by distella are of the format LMMMM where MMMM is the memory location of the ROM. Renamed labels are more human understandable - such as StartOfFrame instead of LF047. Warlords_Source.zip
  2. Guest

    Updating 2600 Warlords

    I'm working on enhancing Warlords for the 2600. I plan to convert it to 8K then start hacking away. I'm currently on step 1 and have attached the source with my first weeks worth of commenting in case anybody would like to review it. 1) Document Source 2) Convert to 8K 3) find RAM for new routines (rewrite of wall routines should free up 32 bytes) 4) Hack away - changes in no specific order: The Launch Dragon More angles on the fireball Game Variation - Multiple Fireballs Options to implement:1 - flicker ball (least likely to be viable - but very easy to try out)2 - flicker player graphics as shield/king, use missiles for fireballs3 - use playfield to draw king, use missiles for fireballs - may have issues with "king color" Game Variation - Masochistic ModeCause damage your own Wall if you hold the fireball for too long Game Variation - Builder ModeAbility to repair your Wall, but only when others are holding a fireball. Warlords_Source.zip
  3. I discovered the art of Kilian Eng a few years ago. One of the first artworks of his I encountered is a piece called "The Table." Among my first thoughts was that it looked to me like a modern conception of the Atari game Warlords. The characters standing behind the chairs could be the game players, and the seated figures are the kings or warlords in the game, waiting to be animated. Or the seated figures could be defeated and deceased, and the standing figures are the "ghosts" you can see in Atari 2600 Warlords after kings have been killed. Certainly not what the artist intended, and naturally the illustration can have many other stories spun from it, but I like seeing one of my favorite old Atari games when I look at it. Does anyone else see what I see? Or something else, even more interesting?
  4. A box recently arrived at my house. In it was a handful of 2600 homebrews, including Medieval Mayhem, Gunfight, and Warring Worms. Now beforehand I considered myself a "pro" at games like PONG and Warlords. I was good enough at PONG aka "Video Olympics" that I was about an even match for my buddy using the difficulty switches to handicap myself, with me using the small paddle and him using the larger one. And I could whup him in Warlords, too. I remembered the AI being really easy to beat on the original Warlords, but when I popped in the Medieval Mayhem cart, I got my @ss handed to me on a silver platter. At first, I played a round with the default "fast" setting on 3 balls, then "slow", then "Medieval," getting beat every time, and after reading the manual, I set it to "Kids" with 1 ball, disabled holding on all but my own paddle, and set myself up as the Blue Castle, which seemed to be the strongest CPU player. I still kept getting whupped, and I couldn't win a single round, ever... My score (Medieval Mayhem, "kids", 1 ball): 0-1-4-5. It seemed like the "speed" setting only slows down the rate of the balls, but not the reaction of the AI players. Instead, the CPU players hit the ball every time with ninja reflexes, and the rounds drag on forever, sometimes with me (blue) eliminated before the red and green even had a single hit on their castles. I thought to myself, "I know I don't suck this bad," and their doesn't seem to be any option to actually "dumb down" the CPU opponents. It's like I'm playing the same "expert" opponents regardless of what speed I set the balls at. "kids" mode with 1 ball just made the gameplay painfully slow. I didn't recall sucking that bad, so I popped in the original Warlords and started a 1 player game. Like I expected, it was a total shutout within a few very short minutes. My score (Warlords, single player, variation #4): 5-0-0-0 While I must admit, the graphics and audio are absolutely superb, it's just not any fun unless I can get some kind of balanced difficulty. Next time my buddy comes over to my house, I'll give it a whirl, but it seems like there's no real way to dumb down the AI, short of playing a 2 player game in 4 player mode against "dead" opponents, which is boring and lame. I don't even own a second set of paddles. My friend is slightly less skilled than I am at Warlords (although he could whup my butt in Combat), and I imaging when we finally play each other on Medieval Mayhem, the CPU will probably annihilate us, unless we play doubles mode. Honestly, the dumb AI in the original Warlords made for a great multiplayer experience. In opposite corners, we would often play co-op until the enemies were annihilated, then it would be all out war between the two of us, winner take all. I don't know when I'll be able to invite him over again with his work schedule, and my mom and fiance are complete non-gamers. Anyone else run into problems trying to play Medieval Mayhem, or do I just really suck that bad? If I could somehow get the CPU opponents to be somewhere harder than Warlords, but easier than it is now, then maybe it would be a more well-rounded experience. I really want to be able to set the CPU so that I win some and lose some, but as it stands, Warlords is a pushover and Medieval Mayhem just seems unfair. Don't get me wrong, I want to enjoy this game, but it's hard to play against a CPU that constantly wins or constantly loses. I read the reviews and they said the AI was a lot smarter in Medieval Mayhem, but this is insane. I know Atari fixed the CPU difficulty in single player variations of PONG by setting a maximum velocity for the paddle to travel, ensuring that the human opponent would have a fair chance to win. I really want to love this game. Hopefully, the AI in "Gunfight" and "Warring Worms" will be a little more balanced...
  5. A while back Tempest shared a great idea of adding a menu screen for Atari games which had their options laid out in a matrix at the back of the manual. I really loved that idea because it breathes some new life into these old games. Menu screens are great because they take away the awfulness of having to use the select switch to cycle through all 112 options of Space Invaders, and lets you know what game you are selecting in Video Olympics. You can also choose valid game types for the amount of players that you have. Example: Games: Video Olympics - Video Olympics Menu.zip Space Invaders - Space Invaders Menu.zip Super Breakout - Super Breakout Menu.zip Asteroids - Asteroids Menu Combat - Combat Menu Indy 500 - Indy 500 Menu Warlords - Warlords Menu Hangman - Hangman Menu Championship Soccer - Championship Soccer Menu Outlaw - Outlaw Menu - START -
  6. Guest

    Found a bug that can kill you

    During the Vertical Blank the program converts the paddle reading to x-y sprite coordinates as well as setting the X sprite position of the top players and calculating the X positioning values for the bottom players. However, the sequence isn't in the correct order. It's not a major deal, unless you have captured a fireball. If you're holding a fireball then you run the risk of killing yourself even if you've not lost a single brick!The program does the following: 1) Positions the X position of the top players 2) Precalculates the X position of the bottom players 3) Converts all paddle readings to X-Y values 4) starts drawing the visible portion of the screen, where the Y values are used. The problem occurs when you(as the yellow player) are all the way to the left And you're trying to move all the way to the right to attack the opposite player The problem is the paddle readings are converted before the Y value is used, but after the X value is used. By doing this the X value of a paddle reading displayed with the Y value of the next paddle reading and your shield can end up within the wall or worse, by the king. If you are holding the fireball and end up by your king then you just killed him. This problem happens to all players. The fix is to move step 3 to step 1, and move step 1 and 2 down to steps 2 and 3.
  7. Guest

    Warlords Status Update 3

    Didn't get as far as I'd like due to being laid up with a sinus infection; but, I'm down to 2 RAM variables to decipher and have 125 labels renamed with 197 to go. Warlords_Source.zip
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