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Found 13 results

  1. Hello, All! I've published ColEm 4.4, the ColecoVision emulator for Windows and Linux, as well as the source code for porting ColEm to other platforms: http://fms.komkon.org/ColEm/-- homepage http://fms.komkon.org/ColEm/ColEm44-Windows-bin.zip-- free Windows version http://fms.komkon.org/ColEm/ColEm44-Ubuntu-x86-bin.tgz -- free Linux version http://fms.komkon.org/ColEm/ColEm44-Source.zip -- sources This release adds support for more modern MegaCart cartridges, such as Buckrogers, Subroc, Zaxxon, and Dragon's Lair. The SGM emulation state is now saved to .STA files. I have also added support for 24c08 and 24c256 EEPROM chips, so both Black Onyx and Boxxle fully work now, saving EEPROM contents to .SAV files. ColEm will determine the need for EEPROM automatically, by ROM's CRC, or you can force EEPROM emulation with -24c08 and -24c256 options in Linux. The Windows version offers menu items for switching EEPROM type, as well as links to AtariAge ColecoVision forum, Coleco software publishers, and other sites. Finally, I have fixed a bug restoring background screen color from .STA files. See below for all the changes. ALL CHANGES: * Added ROM page switch specific for carts with EEPROM. * Added 24c08 EEPROM support (Black Onyx saves now). * Added 24c256 EEPROM support (Boxxle works). * Now saving EEPROM state into .SAV files. * Now saving SGM state into .STA files. * Now accepting both AA55h and 55AAh MegaCarts. * SGM games Buckrogers, Subroc, Zaxxon, Dragon's Lair work. * Fixed restoring background screen color from .STA files. * Added EEPROM menu selections to ColEm-Windows. * Added links to CV Addict and AtariAge forums to ColEm-Windows. * Added -24c08, -24c256, and -noeeprom command line options. * Compiled ColEm-Unix with -Wall and eliminated warnings. * Replaced -DNO_WAVE_INTERPOLATION with -DWAVE_INTERPOLATION, off by default. * Removed old LoadSTA() and SaveSTA() code. * Finally deprecated -DNEW_STATES. Have fun! PS: I will use this thread to post ColEm release news and answer questions about ColEm. If you have a question or suggestion, please, feel free to ask it here.
  2. Windows 3.1 is an utter bastard! And I love it! More specifically I use Windows 3.11 for Workgroups as a customizable frontend to launch MS-DOS and early Windows games, it works well but it tends to misbehave. I have had my fair share of freezes and crashes (of the virtual machine, not my actual computer) which has lead to some strange behavior that is usually sorted out with a hard reset. My two personal favorite glitches are when the color scheme alters to something wild like magenta and black with black text that makes navigating impossible, a soft reset will fix this, and the keyboard driver just up and giving up when trying to run certain programs which means I have to turn the bastard on and off again. There has been one problem though that has really been bothering me, and thankfully I found a suitably convoluted workaround for it. No matter how hard I tried I simply couldn’t get windows to allocate any EMS/Expanded Memory, which is used for more resource intensive applications. Simple things like trying to enter Windows Setup or play Canyon.mid would give me an insufficient memory error and simply refuse to run. When looking at EMM386.EXE which is the expanded memory service application for Windows it said that I had none. All I was getting was the 1MB that was allocated for DOS on startup. Most applications are able to tap into available memory automatically, and oddly enough some games will run better under windows with zero EMS even though there is more memory available in DOS. Games like The Incredible Machine 2 and Nova 9 run at a notably smoother framerate when running under Windows versus from straight DOS. Everything was running fairly smoothly until yesterday, I had still been getting the memory errors but it wasn’t on anything that I couldn’t live without, mainly certain system and driver settings and the MIDI player, but never on any games. Championship Pool for Windows by Wizardworks was the first game to give me a memory error and this was unacceptable, I paid 15 dollars for a crappy pool game and I was going to play it dammit! For some reason this game that runs in small window on the desktop requires 4MB of Expanded Memory and nothing I tried to expand the memory worked. I tried creating and editing a .pif/Program Information File (Basically a prefabricated batch file) to allocate more memory but I simply got a small DOS window that said ‘this application requires windows to run’ and there seems to be no option to enable Windows with .pif files it will always boot the game in DOS. This strategy had worked with some games like Thunderscape the also needed 4MB of EMS but that game was meant to run in DOS so a .pif file worked perfectly. The solution to my memory issues presented itself in the most unlikely place though… Jack’s Attic Jack’s Attic is an obscure kid’s game from the mid 90’s that I played a bunch as a kid, alongside Reader Rabbit and the I Spy computer games. Out of a sick sense of nostalgia I tried to get the game to run in 16 bit mode in windows 3.11. The game would install fine but I would get a General Protection Fault whenever I tried to run the game. I decided to try to launch the game with a .pif since it seemed like my only option, and of course it didn’t work, go figure it requires Windows to run. As I clicked around the desktop in defeat I decided to click on an application that never worked for me, Windows Setup, it promptly worked. This is confusing. I immediately go to Championship Pool and click the icon, boom there it is! Initially I thought the .pif I created for Jack’s Attic somehow allocated enough memory to run CPool, so I stuck it in the Windows Startup menu so it would play every time I booted up Windows, that didn’t work. It wasn’t the .pif I created; it was the Jack’s Attic executable that allocated more EMS to Windows. Frankly this makes no sense, and I have no idea how it works, but I’ll take what I can get and now every time I boot up Windows I have to click through a few error messages, but it’s worth it for the benefits it brings. As you can probably guess, I don’t actually own a physical copy of Windows 3.11fW, mainly because copies are 60-100 bucks on Ebay and I’m not going to spend that much on Windows. I’m using a premade version of windows that I found online (your guarantee for quality) that had all of the proper drivers preinstalled. I’m considering trying to install Windows 95 but I haven’t had any luck on my own and it frankly seems like more work that it’s worth, even though I do have some games that are Windows 95 ONLY, but I’m not going to lose any sleep over them. For now this is my solution, and I’ll keep using it until something better presents itself or I finally figure out how to properly allocate more EMS from DOSBox, which seems like an oddly difficult task.
  3. Introduction Atari Jam is a Windows tool for developing Atari 8-bit computer software. The theoretical concept is that it is a PBI device that maps the memory, allowing an external device to monitor and change things in real-time. In practice, this is accomplished by attaching to an external emulator and accessing the RAM. The program gives the user a suite of tools to interactively modify, tweak, test and program software. It is not intended to be a replacement for a development IDE but rather to let the user experiment and rapidly develop small projects or pieces of something larger. It currently compatible with an Atari 800XL with 64K of RAM. Features Live memory viewer/editor Interactive disassembler Assembler Character editor Character map editor Player/missile editor Graphics control (GRACTL, DMACTL, GPRIOR) and color picker Display list editor Experimental video player (AVI) Vector control Notes The video player is very limited in the input it will accept. It uses a dither pattern that will be applied each frame, using the current palette. The user can adjust colors to find the best match. The program monitors GRACTL and PM registers through the addition of an OS patch that removes shadowing for the paddles. This patch slightly reduces the cycles used by the OS during a refresh. Hopefully, this is something people will find useful. I plan to have a version ready to try by March 1st.
  4. Could not locate sed.exe. Please copy sed.exe to C:\Users\User\Downloads. This will improve DASM error reporting Precompilation failed, aborted at 2/9/2018 11:11:46 PM can anyone help???????????????????????????????????????????
  5. This thread is about how I went about getting controllers to work with the Atari800Win emulator. My first problem is that three of my four notebooks have broken down (after repeated repairs, both professional and DIY) and therefore I'm running my emulator on an HP Mini, a small notebook computer. This presents some various obstacles, of which I will explain. Like most people who first begin to use emulators, I had no controllers to use with the emulator and was therefore using the keyboard to play the games. The first problem I encountered was that being that I was using a mini laptop and did not have a full sized keyboard. With no number pad or NumLock key this was a drawback. Needless to say, I quickly had a desire to use a real controller rather than arrow keys, etc. for my gameplay. I did my research and read up on how to use a joystick/controller with Atari800Win. The results were disappointing. It seemed, from what I'd read, that I needed special controllers or adapters, designed to be plugged into either the printer port or the game port, neither of which I had on my laptop. Darn! Frustrated, I decided to hold off on playing the Atari800 games and wanted to revisit some of my old Super Nintendo favorites. So I downloaded and installed ZSNES and a few roms. It quickly became apparent that my lack of a controller was now even more detrimental to gameplay because of the many more buttons on the SNES controller versus the original Atari controller. Since the only available place my computer had to plug in a controller was a USB port, logically I began to read up about use of USB controllers with emulators. After looking at the various classic USB gaming controllers available on Ebay, and watching some reviews on YouTube, I settled on the SNES USB Controller made by Tomee. I went ahead and ordered two of them. They were very well made, the price was quite reasonable. The convenience of Plug and Play made using them with the ZSNES emulator quite easy. I simply went to the emulator's menu and clicked Config>Input>Input Device #1, and began to assign the D-Pad and buttons. It worked perfectly! Then I went back and tried to get these controllers to work on the Atari800Win emulator. Not quite as easy initially but I did get it figured out. Do the following steps: Step 1) Plug in one or both USB retro gaming controllers. NOTE: My laptop computer has two USB ports on one side and one on the other. When I had both controllers plugged in on the right hand side the emulator would NOT recognize both controllers. When I moved one to the left side (i.e. one plugged in on the left and one on the right) then it DID recognize them both. Step 2) Click the following: Input>Joysticks, the Joystick Options dialog box will popup. For Joystick 1 select "2Axes 11Keys Game Pad". If a second controller is desired, then for Joystick 2 Select the other 2Axes 11Keys Game Pad (there should be two) from the drop down menu. Remember, if the two controllers are plugged in next to each other then the emulator may not "see" them both. If using a desktop computer perhaps plug one on the front USB port and one in the rear etc. Step 3) Recommended: In the Joystick Options dialog box click Advanced. The "Advanced Options" dialog box will popup. Then make sure "Do not toggle options using joystick buttons" is checked. This will allow full use of the controller's D-Pad and ANY other button on the controller may be used as the fire button. Step 4) Play! I hope that this will be of some help for people who are having difficulty getting their controllers to work for the Atari800Win emulator.
  6. Not sure if anyone posted about this or not but, just in case....... Custom Atari 2600 PC by Hard Drives Northwest
  7. Heads up- available from 1st November 2016- The TI-99/4a emulator pc99 from CaDD is making the big jump to Windows (XP up to 10 excluding the rarities) on 1st November. Now issued on USB stick or DVD it is being sold COMPLETE with a full set of files from The Cyc - a huge encyclopedia of TI magazines and programs. Price on dvd of US$49, with discounts for existing owners of the dos version, which is also on the supply media. So- on one dvd, pc99w, pc99dos and The Cyc. And some utilities. Check out www.cadd99.com for information and ordering. TI programs work at a very satisfying speed. regards Stephen (who has been supplying magazine and documentation scans to The Cyc)
  8. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=12zGtbW9fis Not every series of first person shooters gets a proper sequel like Call of Duty or Halo. Instead some FPS games come on the market, maybe get a sequel if we're lucky and then sadly fade into the sunset. This week these 7 unloved FPS gems get one last glance from fans of the genre.
  9. Altirra? Atari800? Atari800Win PLus? other? Which one is the best for you? Why? - Y -
  10. So another thread got me thinking about drivers and their important role in keeping retro hardware useful in the current age (and how a lot of manufacturers drop the ball pretty early and leave some really great peripherals without support). Then I started searching around and found this stuff (I'm sure there's a lot more out there): http://read.pudn.com/downloads151/ebook/655187/Windriver.pdf https://bootlin.com/doc/books/ldd3.pdf
  11. http://youtu.be/yMH7QpcTVE0 Not every series of first person shooters gets a proper sequel like Call of Duty or Halo. Instead some FPS games come on the market, maybe get a sequel if we're lucky and then sadly fade into the pre-rendered low textured sunset. Well, I'm here this week to make sure these 6 unloved FPS gems get one last glance from fans of the genre. What games should be in Part 2 & 3? Let me know!
  12. I've had several people report that Stella isn't working in Windows XP. I've only been able to test in XP_ServicePack3, and then only in a virtual machine. I no longer have access to machines running WindowsXP, either in 32 or 64-bit mode. So a few questions: (a) How many of you are actually still using Stella in Windows XP. (b) Are any of you experiencing problems in Windows XP? I'm asking this mostly for modifying the webpage to list the compatible versions of Windows. There's nothing I can actually do about it, since the latest versions of Visual Studio will be phasing out support for WinXP soon.
  13. Hello Everyone, I have a simple question that currently may not have a simple answer. Is it possible to package an Atari .atr file into a Windows .exe file? If there is no simple answer, is there a way to do this at all? PS. The same question applies to all the other common Atari file formats as well such as .xex, .com, etc. Thanks.
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