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Found 8 results

  1. ZeroPage Homebrew LIVE every Wednesday & Friday Streaming the very best of Atari 2600 HOMEBREW games, LIVE on Twitch! Twitch Livestream Channel: https://twitch.tv/zeropagehomebrew YouTube Archive Channel: https://youtube.com/zeropagehomebrew Twitch Livestream Schedule (Click Time Listing for Your Local Time): 20190719 Let's Play: Galagon (WIP Update), Mini Sokoban, Pressure Cooker (Patch Challenge) (LIVE @ 6PM PT | 9PM ET | 1AM GMT) 20190724 Let's Play: Music Attack, TBD (LIVE @ 11AM PT | 2PM ET | 6PM GMT) 20190726 Let's Play: TBD, MegaMania (Patch Challenge) (LIVE @ 12PM PT | 3PM ET | 7PM GMT) 20190731 Let's Play: TBD (LIVE @ 11AM PT | 2PM ET | 6PM GMT) ... 20191018 LIVE from Portland Retro Gaming Expo (Oct 18-20) 2019xxxx Interview: Dan Kitchen at PRGE2018 2019xxxx Let's Play: Dan Kitchen's Gold Rush (WIP | was Keystone Kapers 2) (WIP Exclusive Premiere) 2019xxxx Let's Play: QuadTari Hardware: QuadGames (WIP Exclusive Premiere). Galaga, Wizard of Wor Arcade (WIP Update) 2019xxxx Let's Play: Daniel Kitchen's Bon Voyage (WIP Exclusive Premiere) Upcoming Games: Complete Games: The Wicked Father, Phantom II/Pirate, Boulder Dash, Gate Racer, Kirby 2600, RAMless Pong, Arctic Landtran, Sea Wolf, Conjoined, Delta Force Sniper, Diamond Drop, R.P.S., The Deep, Skee-ball, Space Game 2K, Sync 16K, Pitch'n Catch, Stell-A-Sketch, Asteroid Rescue, Super Pong 2600, Dark Mage, Joust Pong, Seawolf (2004) WIP Games: [email protected] of Chaos 2: Treasure of Minos (WIP), Grand Chalice Cinci (WIP), Mardi Gras! (WIP), Panic! Rooms (WIP), Save Gaia: The Cy-Mage (WIP), Dystopia (WIP), Drive! (WIP), Apollyon (WIP), Blackjack Theta VIII (WIP), Star Crusade (WIP), Shifty Lifty (WIP), Matchie (WIP), Mondo Pong! (WIP), Rip Off (Early WIP), Street Fight World (WIP) WIP Updates: Wizard of Wor Arcade (WIP Update), Gyvolver (WIP Update), Amoeba Jump (WIP Update), EggVenture 2600 (WIP Update), Tumble Temple (WIP Update), Peril (WIP Update), Temple Runner aka Escape from Kukuku Temple (WIP Update Next Ver) Video Issues: Kelly Kangaroo (WIP) Hacks: Defender Arcade 100% PLAYTHROUGH: Caverns, Blinky Goes Up, The Stacks (WIP), Reindeer Rescue Challenges: Draconian (Single Level Highscore) Activision Patch Challenge: MegaMania (45,000), Pitfall! (20,000), Pressure Cooker (45,000) Other: Atari Blast! on XEGS Archived Shows (YouTube): 20190717 Let's Play: Galagon (WIP Update), A Roach In Space (WIP Update), NanoWing, One Button Bob, Drone Wars (WIP) 20190712 Event: Stella-thon 12 Hour Fundraiser! (Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4) 20190710 Let's Play: Championship Golf, EggVenture 2600, Bifröst, Diamond Drop 20190705 Let's Play: Qb (Special Edition), Freeway (PATCH EARNED! @ 20/20 on Game 3), River Raid (PATCH EARNED! @ 15670/15000) 20190703 Let's Play: Qb (Special Edition), Pixel Ninja Pit Jumper, Cave In, Bit Quest 20190628 Activision Patch Challenge: Stampede (PATCH EARNED! @ 3387/3000) & Keystone Kapers (PATCH EARNED! @ 44150/35000) 20190626 Let's Play: Chaotic Grill (WIP Update), Flappo Bird, You Can't Win, Caverns 20190621 Activision Patch Challenge: Spider Fighter (PATCH EARNED! @ 44910/40000), Galaga, Deepstone Catacomb (WIP Update) 20190619 Let's Play: UnoCart Special, Gorilla Force (WIP Exclusive Premiere), Wushu Masters (WIP Exclusive Premiere), Robot Zed (Demo), Deepstone Catacomb (WIP Exclusive Premiere) 20190522 Let's Play: Halo 2600, Space Game (2019 Homebrew Tournament Round #3) 20190519 Let's Play: Galaga (Part 3: Arcade vs. 2600 Beta Testing) 20190517 Let's Play: Kung Fu Combat (Exclusive Final Release), Strip Off 2, Knabber Rob (Exclusive Final Release) 20190515 Let's Play: Galaga (Part 2: More Testing) 20190515 Let's Play: Galaga (WIP Exclusive Premiere), Shield Shifter, The Horde (WIP) CLICK [Reveal Hidden Contents] FOR MORE YOUTUBE ARCHIVED SHOWS
  2. In honor of the 23 anniversary of the japanese n64, I made a joy-con grip in the style of the n64. (Why did I waste my time on this???)
  3. SIO2

    Cyb Ur WIP

    A version of the Royal Game of Ur played by Vorticon rules. Currently requires a 7800 proline or compatible two button controller. Start is the right button. The left button selects the piece you wish to move. Move the stick left to move the pointer box counter clockwise, and right to move the pointer box clockwise. Press the left button to select the piece you want to move the rolled number of spaces. Object is to get all your pieces around the board before your opponent. The cells with 4 dots in corners are rosettes. Landing on a rosette grants player another turn. If your opponent occupies the 8th cell (center rosette) you can not capture it there. Otherwise you may capture opponent pieces in the center lane by landing on them with the exact number roll. The number of pieces on a cell is indicated by the digit contained in the cell. An exact roll is required to move pieces home. If you have no move the computer will tell you. Good luck. Hope you enjoy the game as much as I do. cybur0712.a78 cybur0712.bin
  4. This is something I've been working on. It's not much. It's very basic, but the motion took way too long to get working the way I like. It's my 2nd game, so I'm still figuring things out: mostly audio and sprite positioning. It's coded in assembly. It started out as a background scrolling experiment. Then it became a kick ball game. Then I added motion acceleration. Then the player became a space ship. I suppose now it's going to be a shoot 'em up. The ground detail was supposed to be 1 line resolution, but that didn't leave enough cycles left, so it's a 2 line kernel now. The ground pattern is generated by an algorithm at compile time and repeats on a 64 byte cycle. I was thinking about doing horizontal scrolling too, but I'm not sure yet. I'm going to add some alien ships and some ground bases. It'll be about defending an exoplanet colony called Proton. It's also using my code for table driven vertical positioning. It's an algorithm that uses a generic table of offsets, which is referenced by pointers. It shaves off a couple cycles at the expense of ROM (2 x 192 bytes + SpriteHeight). All sprites share the same table, so it's not duplicated. I'll put code samples in a blog post later on. proton.bin
  5. Something from my vault of unreleased shovelware for your independence day enjoyment. shootshit.bin
  6. Hey everyone! It's been a while since I've worked on anything atari, but I've started up a new homebrew project that I hope to finish, tentatively called "Taxi Panic!". It's a top-down city arcade taxi game, I'm aiming for a city that's maybe 7x5 screens or so in size. You'll be picking up fares and delivering them to their destinations while the clock ticks down. Sort of a 2600 homage to Crazy Taxi. So far I've got a first pass at the driving physics and car sprites implemented, and now I'm working on designing the city layout. I'm trying hard to make the car physics feel as smooth and "analog" as possible, right now the movement works in 11.25 degree increments (32 directions), and the visual sprite has 16 increments (22.5 degree precision). movement values are based on a lookup table for sin/cos values times an acceleration curve for speeding up and slowing down. The city will be created entirely with the playfield, and I need each screen to line up properly, so in order to make designing it easier, I've decided to make myself a little tool: It's an app (made in Unity, since I'm familiar with it) that actually runs on my iPad, and lets me design the city easily. Eventually this data will be exported out of the app into playfield data for the game. Anyway, I'm starting this thread because getting feedback tends to keep me motivated. Let me know what you think!
  7. After about a year-and-a-half of work, I decided it was time to get some feedback on my my first Atari game, a work-in-progress adventure game, Anguna. The goal is a 2600 version of my Gameboy Advance homebrew game of the same name. I've still got quite a bit of work to do, but it's at least playable right now. My goal is to it in 16K, without any extra ram or DPC or anything like that. (despite having a lot of content, I still want to feel at least some of the constraints of Atari programming!) (The video here doesn't do well with the sprite flicker I use with multiple enemies) The goal is a fairly large-world action-adventure game, with powerups, items, multiple keys, etc. Currently, I just have the first starting dungeon finished, as well as a tiny bit of the overworld around the first dungeon. The inventory/map screen (which can be accessed via the color/bw switch) shows the player's inventory and stats, as well as your position on the world map. (the inventory isn't working yet, it currently shows all sorts of items and keys that you haven't collected). If you manage to find the bow and arrow in the first dungeon, you can use it by holding the attack button for more than half a second. I still have a lot to do, but thought I'd post what I have, to brave everyone's feedback. Some next steps I hope to do are: Improve the player animation (actually have an animation for attacking) Add more enemies (and fix enemy spawn locations in the overworld) Introduce "checkpoint" screens, and handle game-over better Get a password system working The source is all up under a pretty free license at Bitbucket. Some questions for anyone that tries it: Is the Color/BW switch an acceptable way to view the subscreen? Would the controller 2 button be better? Is the difficulty level ok? If anyone happens to try on a TV, how are the colors? I know they may not match, but I want to make sure they at least contrast enough to be playable and look ok. Did you hit any showstopper issues (crashing, getting stuck in a wall, etc?) anguna.bin
  8. Hello everybody, I know that most of you, even those that play more than collect, steer away from the Intellivision Programming Forum because it's just full of nerds. However, as you may have heard, we are running an IntyBASIC Programming Contest to showcase the work of some burgeoning and veteran Intellivision programmers and everybody is invited to take a look at their work. I would like to invite you all to take a stroll down the contest thread (just ignore the nerds, and keep your hands and personal items out of reach) and see what's cooking. With two weeks to go till the end of the contest, the pressure is on to polish and clean up all entries, and I'm sure that any feedback from you will be much appreciated. After all, who knows where the next Intellivision classic gem will come from -- it may as well be from one of these works in progress, and your feedback can contribute to its success. So how about it? Want to join us and play some games? All of them are in various stages of completion, but they are all playable, very interesting, and (mostly) original. Look at the screenshots, download the ROMs, give them a spin, and let the programmer know what you think. Any feedback is welcomed (those nerds love the attention! )! IntyBASIC Programming Contest 2018 -dZ.
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