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Found 23 results

  1. Looking to buy or trade for a tested & working Atari 8-Bit Cassette Drive (any type that will work with an NTSC 800 or 800XL.) I've now purchased a total of 4 drives (2 each 1010 & 410,) serviced them all to the best of my ability and none of them work. 2 different computers and 3 different cables (with the 1010's.) My primary trade item, for someone who is up to doing better servicing than I, are the 3 remaining drives (sold one of the 1010's,) I have that are not working. I also have some other Atari parts, as well as general vintage parts. If interested, l can send a list. Thank you.
  2. I'm looking for two things! * TRS-80 Color Computer 2 Keyboard - Just the Keyboard, must be working of course. Looking to replace my current one. Would prefer the 'Melted' keyboard, but will take anything that'd work, I think. * Timex Sinclair 1000 w/ Accessories - Looking for a Timex Sinclair 1000 with the 16k module-- working with the power supply. In acceptable shape-- that is, to me: Working, and not on the verge of breaking apart-- but if it's a little ugly with scratches and wear, that's okay. (Acquired!)
  3. Looking for a few manuals from different companies. I will compare the different styles each company used in their manual. Manual doesn't have to be in pristine condition, but does have at least be in 1 piece and readable. I plan to use the knowledge when I start writing up the manual For my homebrew.
  4. I saw a 800XL in my local game shop, but it was over $100. I don't know how much they're worth, but that seems a bit much. So, I've become intrigued by the A8 line recently and wouldn't mind having one. My preference would be a 600XL or 800XL as they have a smaller footprint and look nice. It doesn't matter which one you have if you just want to play games, right? The 16k in the 600 isn't a limiting factor? I would want one with a power supply and some way to hook it up to a TV. I honestly don't know how they connect, do they have AV cables or RF or a switchbox? Disc or tape drives aren't necessary ATM. Right now I'd just want to screw around with carts. I also do not need any joysticks. If anyone can help me out, shoot me a pm. Thanks!
  5. So, for reasons unknown to even myself, I am very interested in completing a collection for the Vtech Socrates Video Education System. I have most the games and peripherals except for -Facts N Fractions -Amazing Mazes and the power adapter. I'm also open to CIB examples of most anything else. Thank you for the help!
  6. List (Google Docs Spreadsheet) There's lists for other systems in there as well, but currently just after the ones in the title. Paypal only. Be sure to include pics of your offers. I need front, top, and back label shots.
  7. I'm looking to buy a complete copy of castlevania bloodlines on the genesis. I really prefer the hard clamshell version of the cardboard version but if you have either, let me know. Also have a price in mind if you could, thanks!
  8. Hey! Just got my first CD-i, and now I'm looking for both suggestions and purchase opportunities for a few of the titles released for the system that would qualify as "good". I already have the Don Bluth Animation games (DL 1 & 2, Space Ace) as well as Kingdom the Far Reaches and Escape from Cyber City. Also have Tetris (okay), Alien Gate (crap), and Video Speedway (rancid crap). In addition, I have a copies of Hotel Mario and Burn: Cycle enroute. I've only heard of a few other games specific to the system that are said to be genuinely decent (if not excellent): The Apprentice, Zenith, Mutant Rampage, and.... Thunder in Paradise? (Don't laugh; I've read that it's actually a decent FMV shooter.) So does anyone have copies of these or other "good" CD-i games that they'd be willing to sell at a reasonable price? Thanks!
  9. Mr Robot

    XEGS Cart Shell

    Does anyone have an xegs cart shell they wouldn't mind parting with? It doesn't even have to be usable, so if you accidentally broke off all the tabs and now have a useless cart shell, I'd still be interested. I'm wanting to model it for 3d printing so I don't need it for actual use. Willing to pay postage and a reasonable sum for it.
  10. I know it's hard-to-find, but if you have one for sale or trade, please let me know! Thanks!
  11. Welcome! Looking for prototypes from the whole series - "Legacy of Kain"! (ANY NEW PROTOTYPE) Indifferent platform! The most searched are prototypes of the type: -Soul Reaver 2 (unrelease canceled port - ps1 or dreamcast) -The Dark Prophecy (unrelease canceled) -Soul Reaver 2 Alpha / Beta Prototype - Playstation 2 & xbox -Defiance Alpha / Beta prototype - playstation 2 & xbox. -Soul Reaver Alpha Prototype - Playstation -Dead Sun (Any prototype unrelease build) However, I am also looking for prototypes for other parts, e.g. -Blood Omen (PS1 Build prototype) -Blood Omen (Unrelease Sega Saturn prototype) -Blood Omen 2 (PS2 & Xbox Prototype Build) -Dead Sun (Any prototype unrelease build) If someone have this write on to the post or a private message!
  12. Currently after an RGB-Modded NES-101 Toploader of reputable quality. Here's what's needed: NESRGB Mod w/ 3-palette switch. Palettes: RGBSource's set that uses NESCAP, HYBRID, and FCEUX (Improved) SNES styled AV multi-out port to use my HD Retrovision cables on. Either this or component out via the optional addon board. Whichever provides the best quality component output to my JVC CRT. Any other necessary component replacements (capacitors, resisters, voltage regulator, etc.). Power-on LED light. Optional: Support for expansion audio from Famicom games or Everdrive. I'm also after an RGB + Deblur modded N64. Can be either Grape Purple (NA) or Midnight Blue (JP), just as long as it can play NA region games. Including a good condition OEM controller of the same color would be a plus. Be sure to include photos of your previous work for reference.
  13. Hi there! Recently procured an Epoch Super Cassette Vision and have a few games for it (Elevator Fight, Kung Fu Road, Golf, Lupin III, Super Mahjong, Wheelie Racer), and would love to procure some others! Please let me know if you have any you'd like to let go of! -Regev
  14. So right when I sell it life turns around and I learn I could've kept it. So I'm looking for a nice 7800, but doesn't have to be perfect. Some light scratching is just fine. Must also have power adapter but I don't need anything else. Looking to spend about 40 + shipping.
  15. I knew I would want more sooner or later so I made this thread if you want to see my vectrex "wantings" Click the link http://www.atariage...._1#entry2472800 Nothing Sealed Pls Anyways here's the list: Consoles Atari Lynx 2 Loose Gameboy Advance SP Spongebob Edition GameBoy Micro 20th annerversary of Mario thing CIB Intellivision 2 with hook ups Gameboy Light Macintosh Plus Macintosh Color Classic eMac iBook 1st gen blueberry color iPod Shuffle 1st gen Commodore PET Commodore 64 ZX Spectrum Any IBM computer from the 80s Cables Gameboy AC adapter Gameboy Micro AC adapter GBA Games I don't care if the game here are CIB boxed or comes with something Dragon Ball Z Taiketsu Atari 2600 Games loose pls will pay 50 cents each for the more common ones I would prefer if you sell to me a bunch of them in a lot or so. I also don't care for label variations Combat 2 Atari Video Cube 3D Rubiks Cube Football Air Sea Battle Casino Basic Math Golf Home Run Human Cannonball Indy 500 x2 Realsports Baseball Realsports Volleyball Realsports Football RealSports Tennis Sky Jinks Slot Racers Space Jockey Space War Street Racer Venture Star Raiders Trick Shot Haunted House Kangaroo Pele's Soccer Video Olympics Arcade Golf Canyon Bomber Bowling Frogs And Flies Tax Avoiders Grand Prix Laser Blast Megaforce Night Drivers Riddle of the Sphinx Star Trek Star Voyager Super Challenge Baseball Super Football Vanguard Video Pinball Carnival Freeway Othello Sky Diver Other things any IBM or Apple mouse any Talking Heads CD album More coming soon, I know, I'm slow
  16. Hey all! I'm looking to finally break down and get a copy of Double Dragon for the 2600, shipping to northeast US. Loose cart preferred for cost -- I'm not looking for CIB prices or collectability. Just a playing copy with a label in decent shape (no big tears/holes/writing/damage). Black & white label preferred over the blue/white reissue. I've been watching eBay recently (listings and completed sales for the past few months are about $20-$30), and was just hoping someone here could offer me a good deal, if they knew it was going to a loving home. PayPal preferred. Please just shoot me a PM with your price if you have one you're looking to sell and I'll get back to you ASAP. Thanks in advance!
  17. Would anybody here happen to have a spare beige TI-99 keyboard (preferably not the Mitsumi membrane type)? I have an extra beige console in working condition that I plan to sell, but it's keyboard is mangled. Please PM me if you do. Thanks in advance!
  18. So I was fortunate enough to come across a fully-functioning Sega-CD Model 1 out in the wild. It's also in pristine cosmetic shape with the exception that it's missing the plastic CD tray cover that has the Sega CD logo. Here's a picture of what I'm talking about: (The thing circled in red is the part I need) I was wondering, if any of you have a Model 1 SCD laying around that you're using for parts, or otherwise doesn't work, I would really like this piece of plastic that would complete my Sega CD. PM me if interested, we can discuss price. Will pay using Paypal only. Thank You!
  19. Sid1968

    WTB: TI-99/4a

    If someone would sell me a working TI-99/4a for a friendly price i would be glad. Alternativly i can offer in exchange for a full working TI-99/4a a full working recapped (New electolytic capacitors) Commodore C64 (PAL) or VIC-20 (NTSC or PAL). Kind Regards from Germany Sid1968
  20. Looking to buy my favorite CV controller of all time: the SpectraVision Quickshot III. Please contact if you have a working one available.
  21. Anyone have an extra FinalGROM99 pcb that they'd be willing to sell? I want to build one up but the ones on eBay are a little pricey after shipping. I'd also be interested in ordering a new batch to be printed if there is enough interest.
  22. Hello all! Recently picked up a PC Engine and a copy of the excellent Street Fighter II Champion Edition for the system. Great, great game, except that the PCE gamepad's paltry 2 buttons makes playing the game with some characters really kludgy (but about on par with playing the Genesis version on a 3-button pad). I know of at least one gamepad for the system which has 6-buttons and works with SF2:CE, that being the Avenue Pad 6. So if anyone has an extra one of those they'd like to sell for a reasonable price (say, $30 shipped), I'd love to take it off your hands. I've seen a few listed on eBay from Japan for around $45 shipped and up, but I just can't bring myself to pay that much for a game that I'll really only use for one game that gets played at most a few times a year. Thanks guys! - [email protected]
  23. *Edit: I found somebody in Australia that has a complete and(seemingly) sealed copy of the game, so now i'm waiting for him to ship it out and get it in the mail. Hi all. I'm trying to sort of recreate my girlfriend's childhood in a way by piecing together the bits of her Color Computer 2 collection she had when she was a young'in(as an Xmas present), and I was hoping somebody might have or might be able to lead me towards acquiring a copy of Peanut Butter Panic. I'd prefer it CIB but i'm willing to take just the cassette tape itself. Any offers or leads are much appreciated, thanks. Here's a link to some gameplay footage: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GXPh8cO5lyc
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