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Found 12 results

  1. Hi. I'm trying to set up the color table of an XB program from an assembly subprogram in low memory and it's not working. I'd like to confirm a few facts: The color table is at >800 and is 32 bytes long The color bytes are set up as foreground in most significant nibble and background in the least significant nibble The color numbers are those used by assembly and not XB Color set #1 (starting with character # 32) is at >804 in the color table If all the above are correct, then I am stumped...
  2. Are the shapes moving one after another ? 100 call clear::call screen(16)::call char(32,rpt$("0F",8)&"FFFFFFFF")::call magnify(2) 110 call sprite(#1,33,5,64,1,0,4,#2,33,12,124,2,0,4)::for i=0 to 9^9::next i run Tip. If you include the run and a linefeed in your copy of the above, and paste into Classic99 (being ready for input in Extended Basic), then the program is executed in CPU Overdrive.
  3. Hi Guys, yesterday I have run into a nasty Syntax Error in Extended Basic, which also occurs in RXB. I don't understand it and wonder if the line really contains a Syntax Error or this is a Interpreter Bug. Version 1: 1 IF A=1 THEN 2 ELSE FOR I=1 TO 2 :: PRINT I :: NEXT I 2 END Version 2: 1 IF A=1 THEN 2 :: FOR I=1 TO 2 :: PRINT I :: NEXT I 2 END Both versions complain about a Syntax Error in Line 1. I would like to analyze it with the help of you and maybe RXB can be even fixed.
  4. Finally my tiny tribute to Phoenix! Download it in various format from here: https://www.bleepbit.com/2020/12/27/phoenix-tribute-for-ti-99-4a-extended-basic-basic-compiler/ Bye
  5. Howdy TIers. I hate to start a new thread, but I couldn't find a good place for it. So, I am working on a proof of concept for launching programs from a program: 100 CALL CLEAR 110 INPUT "FILENAME:":FL$ :: IF FL$="" THEN 110 120 RUN "DSK1."&FL$ But this gives * SYNTAX ERROR IN 120. However, if I change 120 to 120 PRINT "DSK1."&FL$ I get the expected string printed on the screen (i.e., if I type in LOAD for the input, I get DSK1.LOAD printed on the screen). Why does RUN not like this syntax? Is this possible through XB, or am I just wasting my time? Thanks for reading!
  6. Exsqueeze me. Bugs Bunny fan art parody. Ha ha ha ...
  7. Just a quick little XB thingy. 100 call clear::print "TI BASIC READY"::call newline(24)::call wait(500) 110 call reveal(24,"SOMETHING WENT WRONG... ")::call wait(500)::call newline(23) 120 call char(40,"7CFC747CFE7C7C286C",42,"",43,"")::call magnify(3)::call wait(300) 130 call sprite(#1,40,2,178,17)::call wait(300)::call hchar(23,3,32)::call wait(500)::call motion(#1,-2,4) 140 call sound(-4000,-8,0)::call wait(300)::goto 140 150 sub newline(l)::print::call hchar(l,2,62)::call hchar(l,3,30)::subend 160 sub reveal(l,m$)::for c=1 to len(m$)::display at(l,c):seg$(m$,c,1)&chr$(30); ::next c::subend 170 sub wait(n)::for i=0 to n::next i::subend Power droids are unsophisticated droids that act as ambulatory batteries, recharging vehicles and machinery. They are equipped with a small, internal power generator, and several plug-in sockets. They are commonly found on under-developed worlds that do not have an expansive power grid, or in mobile military operations. Although they are extremely important to both military and civilian life, power droids are so commonly encountered in the galaxy that they often go unnoticed. The GNK droid by Industrial Automaton and the EG-series droid by Veril Line Systems are popular power droids. Both are commonly referred to as "gonks" after the low honking sound they can emit.
  8. bubbc.bin - - - - - A few fresh sprite patterns for my next demo ...
  9. Hi there, when I wrote XB games with multiple rooms/levels I usually defined a description string, wrote a little interpreter and stored the levels in DATA statements (or a file). Usually a level had 30 to 60 bytes and the format was depending on the game, universal would be more. I wonder whether there is a generic format to shorten the CALL HCHAR, VCHAR, SPRITE etc already established? One char per command or parameter, no need for seperators etc., i.e. five bytes for a HCHAR with character, row, column and repeat. Using 0-9, A-Z,a-z would give us 0 to 61, whereas I often used ASC(x)-48 which is faster but harder to read ... colon equals 10, D equals 20. With a level editor readability would not really be an issue, would it? Sprites would be positioned according to character coordinates (row*8)-7. CALL HCHAR(5,10,88,3) could be H5AX3 or H5:X3. Does this makes sense? Or is there already something I wasn't able to find because this is hard to google? How to handle char codes beyond 127? Any clever ideas? Thank you Steve
  10. Hello to all here in this phantastic forum, today it is time to share a small programm to access a lot of games and applications in an easy way. I named the program "Mega Menu" it is currently in German but I add a manual in English and it works only with a TIPI system from 1.0betav34 and RXB. So I know I have much room for improvements. But the program is not just another menu program. - It shows date and time from the tipi system - The program shows the RXB version used - There are three screen displays with 30 menu entries each - It shows the mapped folders to the drives DSK1, DSK2 and DSK3 - Use CTRL + 1 to 3 to change the drive mapping from every screen - Use CTRL + D to catalog DSK1 - 3 - Use CTRL + C to configure your own programs in the selection screen or make a individual submenu For more informations please read the MEGA MENU Manual MegaMenu_Manual.pdf
  11. Does anyone know how to use GRAPHICOMP by Barrry Traver? Do you you let his program look at your whole program listing, or do you just make a file of only graphic related parts? How do you get past the 4th screen? Here is a sample of some GRAPHICs I would like to speed up the drawing of in XB. I guess if it works, it makes a file and you CALL LINK to that file somehow. James 250 GOSUB 4000! DISPLAY EARTH 4000 !DRAW EARTH 645-760,970-1010 4010 CALL COLOR(2,6,1,3,6,1,4,3,6,5,15,2) 4020 RESTORE 4060 4030 FOR I=6 TO 14 :: CALL COLOR(I,16,2) :: NEXT I 4040 FOR I=0 TO 13 :: READ E$(I) :: CALL CHAR(40+I,E$(I)) :: NEXT I 4050 FOR I=0 TO 7 :: READ E$(I) :: CALL CHAR(I+56,E$(I)) :: NEXT I 4060 DATA 0000000000000F7F,000000000000F0FE,01030F1F3F7FFFFF 4070 DATA 80C0F0F8FCFEFFFF,0001010103030303,FFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF 4080 DATA 00808080C0C0C0C0,0303030301010100,C0C0C0C080808000 4090 DATA FF7F3F3F1F0F0703,FFFEFCFCF8F0E0C0,7F0F000000000000 4100 DATA FEF0000000000000,0800667C18666810 4110 DATA E0F07F7F7FFFFFFF,0818F8F8F0F8F0F0,7F7F7F3D1C0E0201 4120 DATA F0F0908800180000,03070F0F0F070703,F0FFFFFEFCFCF8F0 4130 DATA 0303010101010101,E0C0C0C080808000 4140 DISPLAY AT(2,24):CHR$(40)&CHR$(41) :: DISPLAY AT(3,23):CHR$(42)&CHR$(56)&CHR$(57)&CHR$(43) 4150 DISPLAY AT(4,22):CHR$(44)&CHR$(45)&CHR$(58)&CHR$(59)&CHR$(45)&CHR$(46) 4160 DISPLAY AT(5,22):CHR$(47)&CHR$(45)&CHR$(60)&CHR$(61)&CHR$(45)&CHR$(48) 4170 DISPLAY AT(6,23):CHR$(49)&CHR$(62)&CHR$(63)&CHR$(50) 4180 DISPLAY AT(7,24):CHR$(51)&CHR$(52) :: RETURN
  12. sstars8.bin - - - - - Just a bit of fun ... ... to be continued
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