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Found 16 results

  1. Alright, who with controller modding/building experience and a 3D printer want's to make this happen? 😅 I'm a sucker for matching, and there are quite a few XE games that just play better with a joypad over a stick.. but there aren't really any controllers that match the XE/ XEGS... so I designed this abomination! And with a 3D printer + the guts of a Sega Genesis controller, the dream can be a reality.. oh.. I'm the only one dreaming of this? 😬 But seriously. If anyone has the time and skill to make something like this, let me know your price!
  2. Hi, I've just bought 2 power supplies for my Atari 130XE and my Atari 800XE as I lost my previous power supplies during moving. I've bought the new power supplies from here: https://www.ebay.com/itm/324218268282 Now, this seller has MANY positive reviews and experience, so I'm probably reading every schematic / pinout wrong. The adapters do look hand made though - the connector part - maybe a mistake was made. I've connected both supplies to my 130XE, and nothing. No signal, completely dead. Ok, I've tried the 800XE. Same, dead. I've measured the power supply and it gives 5volts, it is rated at 1amp. Still nothing. But then, I started noticing the polarity might be wrong. It's reversed from just about any picture / pinout I can find. So I've opened the computer and measured. Please see photo attached. Is this the correct polarity, and my Ataris just died, or is the polarity reversed? If reversed, did I just kill my computers?:( Thank you all a lot.
  3. Hi All, Having recently benefitted from the Atari Age forum's experience and knowledge base I was able to successfully diagnose and repair my Atari XE. Mainly, the processor had gone kaput. I also installed more modern ram (yes, everything was socketed). So now, I'm able to enjoy the console. Before I box it back up, I remember the 6502 Sally was burning up before I replaced it (part of how I learned it was deceased). The new Sally processor installed is working nicely, and it doesn't get raging hot (like the old one did) but it does get significantly warmer than any other chip on the motherboard. Presumably, because it's doing more work. My question is, should I grab some Arctic paste and a heat sink and install that on Sally? couldn't hurt, right? Does anyone have a good source for a lower profile 40 pin top mounting heat sink? Thanks in advance! Jeff
  4. Would there be any possible way to save files in cassette format on any Atari 8-bit computer emulator? I looked at many various emulators such as Altirra, A8E, Atari800win plus, etc, and I can't seem to find any option on any of those for what I'm trying to do.
  5. RetroElectroDad

    Atari 130XE

    From the album: RetroElectroDad Computer Collection

    Atari 130XE.

    © Trevor Briscoe

  6. For those of you still needing to fill that Tigervision hole in your 8-bit Atari collection, there's a 'Matterhorn' up now: http://www.ebay.com/itm/Matterhorn-HOLY-GRAIL-for-Atari-8-bit-Computers-400-800-XL-XE-ONLY-SEVEN-KNOWN-/111629975616? Not the crème de la crème, but rare as sin nevertheless.
  7. I have several XE carts (the light grey ones) that have something rattling around inside when you shake them. Sounds like little bits of plastic. Is there a safe way to open these carts without damaging them so I can remove the noisy bits? Extra points for a how to video. Thanks!
  8. Hi all! I've recently acquired a pretty large Atari collection, and I'm wondering if anyone knows anything about the authenticity of the cart in the images. I'm hoping it is a genuine prototype and not a bootleg! Thanks in advance :)
  9. I was pouting over the lousy 64KB of ram in my 65XE the other day and decided to look into expansion options. It's one of those without the ECI port, so it would need to be an internal unit. Looking at what was out there, I wasn't very happy. How about I try my own hand at it? Here's my initial thoughts on the matter. The idea is 1) it must use the "standard" CIA PORTB for bank control, 2) it cannot interfere with the normal operation of any of the bits, and 3) it should support CPU/ANTIC bank control. I looked at the memory available online... what do you know, there's a 2Mx8 5V 45ns SRAM from Digikey for about $5. Two of them would fill out a full 8 bit bank select just peachy. But how do you get 8 bank address lines from the port without interfering with the operation of the bits? A latch comes to mind. And that's the main thing - a hex D-Type flip-flop. Clearing PB7 will clear the latch, so asserting the self-test ROM will just clear the latch. No problem there. I use PB6 as the flip-flop clock (latched on rising edge). So if this were in an XEGS, clearing PB6 enables the Missile Command rom, which wouldn't be an issue as long as the code to switch banks isn't in either the bank memory space or in the rom cart space. No problem there, either, especially on systems without Missile Command. I use PB5-0 as the inputs to the d-flip-flops... no problems there as long as the code to switch banks isn't in bank memory space, the cart space, or the OS ram space... so in the first 16KB; oh, and the ints are off unless you keep the int code and data in the first 16KB as well. Still not an issue. But how do I get 8 bank address bits from 6 latched bits. Well, just use PB2 and 3 as normal. The latched bits extend them from 2 bits to 8 bits. Use A21 and it's inverse to select one of the two sram chips, use PB4 and 5 along with A14 and A15 and /HALT to generate the other chip enable, a few gates for output enable and write enable and Bob's your uncle. The prices in the pic are from Digikey in single unit quantities for surface mount parts. A handful of bypass caps to round it out at less than $15 in parts... minus the board. That's gonna be the "fun" part. Been a while since I made a board. I'll update as I get further along. Comments and suggestions are appreciated.
  10. Ok all... please be gentle as I'm way out over my skis here! Lol. I've been an avid late 80's/Early 90's 286-486 PC collector for some time and have been interested in getting into Atari's 8-bit machines for a while but haven't taken the plunge. Well, I stumbled across this lot in a box at Savers today and couldn't leave it there as I never see stuff like this in the wild. Problem is, I have no idea what I'm getting into! From what I can tell both the 800 and 130XE have been modified. The 130XE has an Omnimon board by David Young but it won't boot... I tried both the 'Monitor' out and RF and both screens look the same. The 800 boots but keys "esc through 6" on the top row are unresponsive, could be something simple but I haven't cracked it open to see what's going on. I started to open it and found what looks like additional RAM/ROM and figured it was time to post pictures and get some more information from the experts. Excited to learn but a little overwhelmed with them already being modded. I'd love to sort the 130XE and fire up some games. And sorry about the PCjr looming in the background!
  11. Does anyone remember the game "Chicken" on 800xl, I used to play it daily it had really simple gameplay similar to frogger and was very addictive. I'm wondering if anyone has done a 5200 port, I would love to have the rom on my atarimax sd cart! If there isn't a conversion for "chicken" maybe a port of "freeway" from the 2600 system?
  12. Hello, looking for a good quality, double-sided photo of the atari 64k memory card (atari 64kmr) for the 1090 xl expansion system. It would help me for to be able to redo this board. or better someone here maybe has the "gerber" file to recreate the PCB ? I have an atari 1090xl expansion system, but I have no cards to put in it 😢 Thanks!!
  13. Hi. I have just received my first Atari 8-bit computers; two PAL XEGS. One works, the other doesn't. (I have ordered up replacement RAM for the faulty one.) But my question is: What is the difference between the C014806-03 and the C014806-12 CPUs? My guess is that the -03 is a 3MHz chip for use in PAL units (this is what I have in my XEGS') and that the -12 is the 2MHz version for use with NTSC units. I'd be grateful for a clarification, as I like to order up a few spare parts to have on hand. Cheers, Tore
  14. I bought this in Colorado and I am very pleased with my buy, . $150 for the system, manuals, BASIC Programming package, 4 controllers, and 8 carts. I haven't done too much with it yet, but I have ALWAYS loved this system! "Scribble" the built in "game" reminds me a lot of Video Easel for the Atari 8bits. Who wrote VE for Atari? Who wrote Scribble for Bally? Do the Bally controllers work on an Atari or Genesis or Vice-Versa? What do I need to know about this system? How come it doesn't have a sub-group here on AA?
  15. I acquired this back in August but realistically don't have room for it and am looking to sell. A bit difficult to get a true valuation since there aren't too many of these around and little is known about the system, other than that it was sold in at least two countries, Mexico and Chile. I currently have it listed on eBay for $499 but I'll certainly consider all reasonable offers and will offer free, fully-insured USPS Priority Mail or FedEx shipping in a well-packed box. Sure, lots of us know that the regular XE Game System (XEGS) is a repackaged 65XE, but this here is an ACTUAL 65XE branded as an XE Video Game System. And to take it a step further, it is the extremely hard to find NTSC final production run model, where Atari made the 65XE on a 130XE motherboard and case. Yep, that's right, it has the Expansion (ECI) Port present and the board internally is identical to the 130XE, minus the 130XE's added RAM, of course. Cosmetically, the system and accessories are in good shape. Even the plastic protective film over the system nameplate is still present. As far as I know, this bundle includes everything that originally came with the system, including all paperwork, manuals, accessories and packaging. Note that some of the manuals are only in Spanish. Please see the eBay link above for pictures of everything. I have additional pictures beyond the 12 that eBay limits me to that I would be happy to provide - just shoot me a note. This system and has been lightly cleaned, fully tested and works, and passed all of the "self tests" that Atari built-in to the system software. That said, it has the following flaws: Color output seems a bit "off." For example, when playing Donkey Kong, the ladders are a pinkish color instead of blue. Similarly, when loading into basic, instead of a blue screen with "ready," a pink screen with "ready" appears. I have tested this via both RF and monitor (composite) outputs (monitor/composite cable not included; only RF, RF adapter and the very old school switchbox (no need to ever use this but included for completeness)) and got the same results. Would be happy to provide pictures demonstrating the color output; just send me a message. Research has indicated that a slight adjustment of the "color adjust pot" under the hood will likely fix this easily. I didn't discover the fix until after I packaged it all up and I'm also not too familiar with doing that adjustment, so I will leave that up to the buyer. Joystick, while good cosmetically, needs some work. Occasionally it will respond as it should, other times the directions don't respond immediately and sometimes it thinks fire is pressed without it actually being pressed. Light gun, while great cosmetically (both stickers are intact) and the trigger does respond, it does not seem to communicate properly with the TV and system to indicate "hits." System outer box is worn, as evidenced by the pictures, but it still holds its shape well. All three games have also been cleaned and tested and work great. Star Raiders II has both English and Spanish manuals included; Bug Hunt and Flight Simulator II are Spanish-only. Please let me know if you have any questions about this extremely rare piece of Atari gaming history!
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