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Found 25 results

  1. Hi everyone I'm trying to repair an Atari XEGS console with a Rev 2A motherboard (I think this is a french SECAM model). The console is working fine but display is only black and white. The first time I tried it, I think there was some colors but disappearing very quickly, leaving the display only in black & white. Since, then I changed: - Q5: 2N3904 - Q6: 2N3904 - C50 trim (500K ohms) Now the display is all blue ! Any suggestions of what might it be and what can I do ? Here is a video of the problem: https://youtu.be/6qn4O-T87Ww Thanks for any help
  2. Alright, who with controller modding/building experience and a 3D printer want's to make this happen? 😅 I'm a sucker for matching, and there are quite a few XE games that just play better with a joypad over a stick.. but there aren't really any controllers that match the XE/ XEGS... so I designed this abomination! And with a 3D printer + the guts of a Sega Genesis controller, the dream can be a reality.. oh.. I'm the only one dreaming of this? 😬 But seriously. If anyone has the time and skill to make something like this, let me know your price!
  3. I've been going through and making tweaks to a laundry list of subtle and minor things. I'm using the CONSOLE keys more than before so that you can play the game on an XEGS without needing the optional keyboard. START resets you back to Game Over / Rankings screen, SELECT Revives you to a Checkpoint, and OPTION is Pause. If you play on a computer like the 800XL etc, you can also rely on the SpaceBar for Pause, "R" for Revive. You can also Revive after getting eaten by just pressing the Fire Button on the joystick which is really the only time I ever use Revive when I play the game. Why Revive if you aren't eaten? Well, just in case you play as a bigger alt icon and get stuck in a bush , or the Troll steals your bridge and you are stuck .... the revive is a safeguard - it takes you back to the last checkpoint. Or players might use it as a shortcut back to the checkpoint screen when they are deep in a castle and don't want to manually find their way out. You have the option to do that. But you don't bring any carried items with you back to the checkpoint screen. That would be cheating!!! There have been approximately 1,000 changes made to the Atari 5200 Adventure II base code, give or take a hundred. So, the last 2 changes I made were: Bridge Building - when you drag a wood plank to either of the 2 island screens, you can build a walkable bridge. I opened up the path more so that all icons can cross over to the left-screen island area now. That wasn't possible on the 5200 unless you build the path AND used the bridge sprite. You build bridges to reach items, but you might also find a secret bat egg that way too. More Rankings tweaking - I had been noticing wrong rankings. One statistic that the game tracks is Time Played. The game gives you 10 minutes for Small mazes, 15 minutes for Mediums, and 20 minutes for Vast mazes. If you exceed those limits, the game will reduce your final ranking. But even on some games where I exceeded those limits, I was getting great rankings. WHY WHY WHY?? So, I found the problem, I was using Hexadecimal $10, $15, and $20 and not Decimal 10, 15, 20. Thus, the game was checking 16 minutes for Small mazes, 21 minutes for Mediums, and 32 minutes for Vasts! I fixed that. You can play a level for that long, especially if things just go wrong. I've played some games from 45 minutes. On the other hand, I've beaten small levels in under 4 minutes as the Square, and under 2 minutes playing as the Bat. Adventure II XE shows which statistics are considered bad by marking those with a little "x". If you quit out of the game, are eaten too much, didn't kill any dragons, excessively Revived, or took longer than the Time budget ... you'll get dinged on those categories and it affects your final ranking. All in all, the rankings are more complicated and robust than the original 5200 Adventure II , and the actual rankings are different with the exception of one which I kept. There are unique rankings for the Bat, Crab, and Knights. The game won't be published for many months because of the AtariAge store workload ... so I'll tweak a few more things in the meantime until I consider it done. That [email protected]#$ Troll sometimes seems to BAMF! around, like X-men Nightcrawler, so I'll look into that next. And I'm still playing around with some new sounds. I have the ROM space for some new sounds and music, but I don't want to overload the game with repetitive music. The silence is golden ... and when a sound does occur, it can add suspense. (_)3
  4. Cafeman

    AdvII XE testing

    I'm putting the final touches on this long delayed project., so here is the first summer '19 status report. I tested on my real XEGS hardware to ensure no game-ruining bugs! Didn't find any! Although that ranking seems too high based on how many times I got devoured and how many minutes I took to beat it ... I take notes of which variation I play , the end stats, and the ranking given. I'll review them after a few weeks and see if I need to tweak the rankings logic. It's not a big deal, but you don't want to see the same ranking all the time regardless of how well your game went, right? I made the game a bit more joystick-driven than it had been. You can pick all the options on the Title Screen using the joystick and button now, and when you are eaten, you can revive by pressing the Joystick button. Previously I had mapped the "R" key to the revive/respawn function, but I was tired of getting up from my reclining sofa and using the clunky XEGS clip-on keyboard all the time! So now I can sit back and play Adventure II XE for hours and not need to get up. To Pause ore reset completely, you still gotta use the keyboard or console buttons though. That is one huge advantage of 5200 gaming, you have all the needed commands at your fingertips using the CX52 controller. I also experimented with some color changes. Some have complained that the Gold Key and the Green Key are hard to distinguish from one another. This is true, depending on what color is the background image that each key is sitting overtop. Plus, the keys are tiny so color bleed on the overall image is worse than with the bigger images like the Chalice. But my eyes can still distinguish the difference. I tried different hues and luminosity settings but I was reminded once again WHY I chose those colors in the original 5200 version -- the items need to be bright and a different hue from the many background graphics across 4 kingdoms. Changing colors started to bring back the old "blending-in" issue . But I did decide to tweak some background screen colors. I tested my new colors and they looked great on a real TV; now I have to change them for the proper screens in-code and recompile everything. Some of these include files, like the ADV2COLR.TXT one with the screen colors, I haven't changed since about 2006! The thing is, these are compressed into INCLUDE files which are decompressed into RAM at boot-up. I forgot the compression steps completely, had to search out old notes to re-learn it. Thanks for reading, c(_)
  5. For 5 years, since 2015 it's been my mission to uncover lost and or missing video game commercials that weren't documented wither it be from Nintendo, Sega, a chain of department stores, and in the case of the forum's topic, Atari more specifically the Tramel era. For example Atarian issue 1 has a section about their upcoming sports games featuring Ozzie Smith, Spud Webb & Doug Williams and in it are screencaps from existing advertisements. The Ozzie Smith ad we all know and has been preserved, NOT the ads for Double Dunk or Super Football. This also confirms @Random Terrain's assumption for Super Football's release. Enclosed in this folder are ads I managed to find on youtube in the past five years of doing this including WWE Sponsorship Bumps for the 7800. These have not been documented by Scott Stilphen or @Rom Hunter aka AtariMania. Enjoy! Lost Atari Ads (Tramel Era) 1988-89.zip
  6. Hi guys, it has been a while since I had something to do with an 8-bit Atari. However, while collecting a lot of STs I've noticed there's an XEGS thrown in. I was quite happy to realise that because having an XEGS was a secret dream of mine when I used my little Atari. Unfortunately, it doesn't work. When I switch it on, I see only this: Once I managed to see a yellow-ish screen (with keyboard unattached), I assume that was because the built-in game was about to load but I haven't been able to reproduce it. The PCB looks very good: no leaked capacitors, no suspicious places on the PCB. If I press RESET, nothing visible (on that screen anyway) happens so I think the failure occurs sometime in an early stage. The green LED is on, so the PSU should be working as well. I can't hear any audio either, so it's not an video output problem. Any hints what to check?
  7. Hardware Legacy engineering USB Atari Joystick, £5 Commodore C64c Power supply. working £8 Commodore 1541 drive, tested+working, no leads £20 Atari 810 drive, boxed, Super Archiver fitted, tested and works great £90 (no PSU) Atari 1050, boxed, tested and working, £35 (no psu) Atari 1050, tested and working £20 Atari XEGS, Boxed, complete with polys etc £70 Sic! cart 4m £12 Atari 2600 light 6'er, tatty box, PSU,games,sticks £30 Sega Megadrive 2, 2 controllers, 3 games £10 Software Antic magazines, on 3 Discs pdf's and .atr's £10 A.N.A.L.O.G.magazines on 2 Discs pdf's and .atr's £10 Kolony 2106 boxed set £10
  8. I'm pretty strapped for cash, but am really wanting some cool atari 8-bit stuff to go with my new XEGS I've got coming. So I figured why not try and trade? Ability to read an SD card would be primo (like the SIDE cart, would be my number one pick). ANYWAYS.... I understand these MBX's are pretty hard to get/obscure and I have one in the box (decent to ratty shape for the box only) that looks great. Unit Joystick and PS with baseball book and overlay (no headset) all look fantastic. It worked great many years ago and has recently been rescued from my attic. EXTRA: Also have a set of single button joysticks on Y cable and the voice module FWIW. Anyone have some snazzy XEGS compat hardware they wanna trade??? If the TI ain't your thing, i've got two CoCo2's (one with box) and some misc coco materials.
  9. So I just set up my XEGS for the first time in a few years. Messed around with basic for about 10 minutes and then played two games for around 20 to 30 minutes. I went back to basic and every minute of two it would lock up on me. Resets didn’t do a thing I had to shut it off and turn it back on. Is this a power supply issue or something worse? See attached picture for power supply I’m currently using. And if it’s the power supply, well the funny thing is I almost ordered a new one from the Brewing Academy when placing my order for the ultimate cartridge. Thanks for any advice. I’ve been out of the 8-bit world for a long time.
  10. Hi everyone, I am having another purge of my video game collection at the moment. So below are a few of my Atari 2600 and Colecovision games that I am selling. Please feel free to use the best offer feature. You may be surprised as to what I will accept. I will also combine shipping and will be listing more items in the future. eBay Auction -- Item Number: 121796905701 eBay Auction -- Item Number: 121796905060 eBay Auction -- Item Number: 121796904347 eBay Auction -- Item Number: 121796903628 eBay Auction -- Item Number: 121796902724 eBay Auction -- Item Number: 121796902210 eBay Auction -- Item Number: 121796901382 eBay Auction -- Item Number: 121796900194 eBay Auction -- Item Number: 121800916347 ATARI XEGS
  11. Hello everyone, I looked at the ATARI FAQ online but couldn't find a satisfying answer. Would anyone know why the SECAM XEGS made for the French market has 2 color knobs? Is there a way to adjust those in a standardized manner or is it just about finding the best PQ on your screen? I'm attaching a picture of the MB (gorgeously restored by the tremendous Paul Westphal @ EightBitFix). Thanks!
  12. I'm thinking about connecting a XEGS keyboard to my 400. Since the XEGS keyboard has two 4051 in its case, the signals on the connector are essentially the POKEY input signals. My thinking is that I only have to connect the XEGS keyboard signals to the POKEY. My question: Should I protect the POKEY or does it suffice to directly connect them?
  13. Now, I socketed the ROM and the MMU in my XEGS and installed the Ultimate cables. I now only have to solder the CPU connections. But I vaguely remember that I need to configure a XEGS mode, but I can't find any reverences to it anymore. Is this the P3 header on the ultimate board?
  14. Hi. I have just received my first Atari 8-bit computers; two PAL XEGS. One works, the other doesn't. (I have ordered up replacement RAM for the faulty one.) But my question is: What is the difference between the C014806-03 and the C014806-12 CPUs? My guess is that the -03 is a 3MHz chip for use in PAL units (this is what I have in my XEGS') and that the -12 is the 2MHz version for use with NTSC units. I'd be grateful for a clarification, as I like to order up a few spare parts to have on hand. Cheers, Tore
  15. I've managed to bring one of my XEGS's back from the dead (New RAM and CPU) but the power switch is seized in the off position. Has anyone managed to repair one of these switches? If not any ideas where I could find a replacement, preferably in the UK? Is the TK-II-XEGS available from anyone other than the brewing academy? It's going to cost about £40+ whatever customs duty to get one over here, and I don't want to spend that much Thanks
  16. Hello everyone! I need to make sure that I'm testing my XEGS power supply correctly. Most pinout diagrams on Internet don't specify if the pinout is viewed from the connector's point of view or from the console's plug. Using the pinout configuration displayed on the guides, I get -5VDC instead of 5VDC in the respective pins; therefore, I assume that the guides show the pins reversed (i.e., shown from the console's plug), but I want to make sure if I'm doing the right thing. Any words of wisdom?
  17. Hello everyone! I recently purchased an XEGS with 4 carts, keyboard, light gun and original PSU, for about US$70 on eBay. Unfortunately, i was DOA (Red Screen of Death), but the seller promptly refunded me and allowed me to keep the item! So, I intend now to try to fix it, being that it is now literally free... By doing some research, I understand that the first suspect for this RSoD is the RAM chip(s). I already ordered a couple of Samsung 64K x 4 RAM chips for a couple of bucks each (same class as the original ones, although I read that the Texas Instruments were more common), but I thought that maybe a field service manual for the XEGS would come very handy on this, and any future, repair. However I've found service manuals for almost any other 8-bit Atari computer but the XE Game System (I found just the owner's manual). So, anyone have a PDF dump of those that could kindly share?
  18. Hi - I am seeking ideas and advice how to troubleshoot an XEGS that is failing the built-in ROM test. Thanks for any and all ideas. Go easy on me… I’m new but learning to repair A8bits. Questions: 1) Is the first action to replace the ROM? OR are there other things I should check first? I am using modern known good power supply. 2) If I must replace the ROM where can I get a known good replacement? 3) Does anyone sell replacement ROMs or do I need to pull from another system? 4). If pull from another system must it be an XGES (verses from any other A8bit)? I assume it must be from XEGS given the unique features.
  19. Still running down my laundry list of more minor tweaks. The past few things I've done are: - WSYNC screen color changes tweaking. I can't believe it, but on several screens I had the WSYNC on the DLI *after* the actual color register change, not *before*. Thus in the 5200 version there are a few screens where you can see a color change mid-scanline. I tested 5200 AdvII on a 27" CRT so it probably didn't concern me , or I didn't notice it back in 2007. So, I fixed a handful of those screens for the XEGS version, and those screens are more rock-solid looking now. See the before and after screen shots - look carefully along the logs and you'll see blue water color on the before pic . - Minotaur Freeze State. I never got to put this into the 5200 version but always wanted to have some way you could take out the Minotaur, even if just for a short while. In the XE version, the Blue Key will freeze the Minotaur in his tracks until you remove the key from that screen. - I also finally located a bit of code that needed some gentle massaging (either that or more Hard Work* ) to stop the Troll from BAMF-ing ** around at times. Fixed! * obscure AA reference ** BAMF is the comic book sound effect in X-men comics when Nightcrawler would teleport. BAMF! Al is going to have a recent version at the PRGE show , running on an XEGS machine. See prior blogs for other recent tweaks to Adventure II XE.
  20. I had this sitting on my computer for about a year, so I finally uploaded to YouTube. What do you think? Questions, Comments, etc?
  21. I acquired this back in August but realistically don't have room for it and am looking to sell. A bit difficult to get a true valuation since there aren't too many of these around and little is known about the system, other than that it was sold in at least two countries, Mexico and Chile. I currently have it listed on eBay for $499 but I'll certainly consider all reasonable offers and will offer free, fully-insured USPS Priority Mail or FedEx shipping in a well-packed box. Sure, lots of us know that the regular XE Game System (XEGS) is a repackaged 65XE, but this here is an ACTUAL 65XE branded as an XE Video Game System. And to take it a step further, it is the extremely hard to find NTSC final production run model, where Atari made the 65XE on a 130XE motherboard and case. Yep, that's right, it has the Expansion (ECI) Port present and the board internally is identical to the 130XE, minus the 130XE's added RAM, of course. Cosmetically, the system and accessories are in good shape. Even the plastic protective film over the system nameplate is still present. As far as I know, this bundle includes everything that originally came with the system, including all paperwork, manuals, accessories and packaging. Note that some of the manuals are only in Spanish. Please see the eBay link above for pictures of everything. I have additional pictures beyond the 12 that eBay limits me to that I would be happy to provide - just shoot me a note. This system and has been lightly cleaned, fully tested and works, and passed all of the "self tests" that Atari built-in to the system software. That said, it has the following flaws: Color output seems a bit "off." For example, when playing Donkey Kong, the ladders are a pinkish color instead of blue. Similarly, when loading into basic, instead of a blue screen with "ready," a pink screen with "ready" appears. I have tested this via both RF and monitor (composite) outputs (monitor/composite cable not included; only RF, RF adapter and the very old school switchbox (no need to ever use this but included for completeness)) and got the same results. Would be happy to provide pictures demonstrating the color output; just send me a message. Research has indicated that a slight adjustment of the "color adjust pot" under the hood will likely fix this easily. I didn't discover the fix until after I packaged it all up and I'm also not too familiar with doing that adjustment, so I will leave that up to the buyer. Joystick, while good cosmetically, needs some work. Occasionally it will respond as it should, other times the directions don't respond immediately and sometimes it thinks fire is pressed without it actually being pressed. Light gun, while great cosmetically (both stickers are intact) and the trigger does respond, it does not seem to communicate properly with the TV and system to indicate "hits." System outer box is worn, as evidenced by the pictures, but it still holds its shape well. All three games have also been cleaned and tested and work great. Star Raiders II has both English and Spanish manuals included; Bug Hunt and Flight Simulator II are Spanish-only. Please let me know if you have any questions about this extremely rare piece of Atari gaming history!
  22. I received a 2nd hand Necromancer XEGS Cart that does not work. It does take over the ram (16K?) above $8000 because basic gets disabled, and it goes straight to self-test. Self test only shows 2 rows of blocks in RAM test, instead of 2.5. My new Sys-Check II shows bad ram above $8000 with the cart inserted. I believe this is only a 16K game with no bank switching, hence no chip in the middle. I re-flowed the solder to pretty much all the touchable points on the pcb, no difference. I haven't looked to see if that 16K addressable space actually has anything in it yet.. Any other ideas? if the ROM chip is bad, can a 27128 EPROM be dropped in its place?
  23. Looking for an good Atari XEGS case only and the special keys (the big colored round keys like Start, Option, Reset, etc.) Here's a picture of what I need: 1) the 5 buttons, 2) the top case
  24. Got a display cabinet from a garage sale (IKEA DETOLF) for only $10. I think it looks pretty good. Sadly the 800 didn't fit. Quite happy with my XEs all fitting though! (Will post more about some of these items in the future) ;-)
  25. Just got Lotharek's SIO2SD for my stock XEGS. I can meander thru with the k1-k4 hardware buttons and load ATR's - but if I just press start to get the keyboard navigation'able menu - I get a continuous "BOOT ERROR". I tried mounting the card and deleting the "SIO2SD.CFG" file, thinking that maybe after it wrote a new one, that would fix things. Well, it wrote a new one, but still get the "BOOT ERROR". Any help would be much appreciated!!
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