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Found 17 results

  1. ZeroPage Homebrew LIVE every Wednesday & Friday Streaming the very best of Atari 2600 HOMEBREW games, LIVE on Twitch! Twitch Livestream Channel: https://twitch.tv/zeropagehomebrew YouTube Archive Channel: https://youtube.com/zeropagehomebrew Twitch Livestream Schedule (Click Time Listing for Your Local Time): 20190719 Let's Play: Galagon (WIP Update), Mini Sokoban, Pressure Cooker (Patch Challenge) (LIVE @ 6PM PT | 9PM ET | 1AM GMT) 20190724 Let's Play: Music Attack, TBD (LIVE @ 11AM PT | 2PM ET | 6PM GMT) 20190726 Let's Play: TBD, MegaMania (Patch Challenge) (LIVE @ 12PM PT | 3PM ET | 7PM GMT) 20190731 Let's Play: TBD (LIVE @ 11AM PT | 2PM ET | 6PM GMT) ... 20191018 LIVE from Portland Retro Gaming Expo (Oct 18-20) 2019xxxx Interview: Dan Kitchen at PRGE2018 2019xxxx Let's Play: Dan Kitchen's Gold Rush (WIP | was Keystone Kapers 2) (WIP Exclusive Premiere) 2019xxxx Let's Play: QuadTari Hardware: QuadGames (WIP Exclusive Premiere). Galaga, Wizard of Wor Arcade (WIP Update) 2019xxxx Let's Play: Daniel Kitchen's Bon Voyage (WIP Exclusive Premiere) Upcoming Games: Complete Games: The Wicked Father, Phantom II/Pirate, Boulder Dash, Gate Racer, Kirby 2600, RAMless Pong, Arctic Landtran, Sea Wolf, Conjoined, Delta Force Sniper, Diamond Drop, R.P.S., The Deep, Skee-ball, Space Game 2K, Sync 16K, Pitch'n Catch, Stell-A-Sketch, Asteroid Rescue, Super Pong 2600, Dark Mage, Joust Pong, Seawolf (2004) WIP Games: [email protected] of Chaos 2: Treasure of Minos (WIP), Grand Chalice Cinci (WIP), Mardi Gras! (WIP), Panic! Rooms (WIP), Save Gaia: The Cy-Mage (WIP), Dystopia (WIP), Drive! (WIP), Apollyon (WIP), Blackjack Theta VIII (WIP), Star Crusade (WIP), Shifty Lifty (WIP), Matchie (WIP), Mondo Pong! (WIP), Rip Off (Early WIP), Street Fight World (WIP) WIP Updates: Wizard of Wor Arcade (WIP Update), Gyvolver (WIP Update), Amoeba Jump (WIP Update), EggVenture 2600 (WIP Update), Tumble Temple (WIP Update), Peril (WIP Update), Temple Runner aka Escape from Kukuku Temple (WIP Update Next Ver) Video Issues: Kelly Kangaroo (WIP) Hacks: Defender Arcade 100% PLAYTHROUGH: Caverns, Blinky Goes Up, The Stacks (WIP), Reindeer Rescue Challenges: Draconian (Single Level Highscore) Activision Patch Challenge: MegaMania (45,000), Pitfall! (20,000), Pressure Cooker (45,000) Other: Atari Blast! on XEGS Archived Shows (YouTube): 20190717 Let's Play: Galagon (WIP Update), A Roach In Space (WIP Update), NanoWing, One Button Bob, Drone Wars (WIP) 20190712 Event: Stella-thon 12 Hour Fundraiser! (Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4) 20190710 Let's Play: Championship Golf, EggVenture 2600, Bifröst, Diamond Drop 20190705 Let's Play: Qb (Special Edition), Freeway (PATCH EARNED! @ 20/20 on Game 3), River Raid (PATCH EARNED! @ 15670/15000) 20190703 Let's Play: Qb (Special Edition), Pixel Ninja Pit Jumper, Cave In, Bit Quest 20190628 Activision Patch Challenge: Stampede (PATCH EARNED! @ 3387/3000) & Keystone Kapers (PATCH EARNED! @ 44150/35000) 20190626 Let's Play: Chaotic Grill (WIP Update), Flappo Bird, You Can't Win, Caverns 20190621 Activision Patch Challenge: Spider Fighter (PATCH EARNED! @ 44910/40000), Galaga, Deepstone Catacomb (WIP Update) 20190619 Let's Play: UnoCart Special, Gorilla Force (WIP Exclusive Premiere), Wushu Masters (WIP Exclusive Premiere), Robot Zed (Demo), Deepstone Catacomb (WIP Exclusive Premiere) 20190522 Let's Play: Halo 2600, Space Game (2019 Homebrew Tournament Round #3) 20190519 Let's Play: Galaga (Part 3: Arcade vs. 2600 Beta Testing) 20190517 Let's Play: Kung Fu Combat (Exclusive Final Release), Strip Off 2, Knabber Rob (Exclusive Final Release) 20190515 Let's Play: Galaga (Part 2: More Testing) 20190515 Let's Play: Galaga (WIP Exclusive Premiere), Shield Shifter, The Horde (WIP) CLICK [Reveal Hidden Contents] FOR MORE YOUTUBE ARCHIVED SHOWS
  2. Hello everybody and anybody, my name is Simon and I have a weekly (every Thursday) YouTube review show where I go back to the date of the reviewed game, quickly check out what was going on at the time with the news, music charts and films (from a British perspective), I then give a right sexy review of the game... Shows tend to last around 12-15minutes, they are light hearted, easy watching, filth free (odd poo joke I admit) and with some cracking jokes (but only if I can think of any). Channel is only 4 months old, and as you know getting the word out these days on YouTube if you have a small subscription base is just so blooming hard and at times it can be a little demotivating, but chin up old chap I say, and slowly I have improved the content and things are going pretty jolly well. I hope its ok to post this here, if not give me a good stern telling off. All reviews are capture from real hardware unless mentioned, only my MVS stuff is via emulation right now as I cant capture that, and as a bonus you get at least 3 minutes of my stunning good looks at the start of each show, I cover mainly Commodore 64, Amiga, Megadrive/Genesis, Neo Geo MVS, Mastersystem, Dreamcast and PC Engine though anything can happen. I am looking for feedback on things and constantly trying to improve the show, so let me know. I would love it if you would check me out (as such), below is this weeks show, you can find my channel page at the bottom of this post also. Taa Sime
  3. I added a new "Favorites" page to my website to showcase some the excellent YouTube channels and links that I've collected relating to the TI-99/4A / Retro-Computing. If you have a channel and I've added it to this list and you want it removed/updated/description revised or a new channel added, please let me know. I'm sure I've missed some, but I've added what I know. Link here
  4. I am going to start a YouTube channel https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCxuqdYak8Q81EUkUeSDoUVg of my 2b2t experience. My plan is to kill myself so I start back at spawn, then work out from there. Hopefully passing along a few bits of wisdom for new players and a few laughs. I'm bringing home a headset from work tonight to see how that works out. QuickTime does a great job of recording the actual gameplay at 4K then converting it down to 720p for YouTube.
  5. i have just done the first 2600 review on my channel and it will be the first of many to come as i've not done any games on this great system yet and there are some really great ones to cover ! if anyone has any requests then please let me know, i'm looking for strange and interesting homebrews and other such things ! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W9HNHs3rNdA


    I just watched this video, quite funny but nothing to write home about. But at the end they talking about a piece of hardware I never heard about. The Jaguar Jugebox which "Allow you to have 6 games cardriges connected to yoru jaguar at the same time'. Ever heard of it ? Do you have info ? Pictures ?
  7. I'm not a video expert so the info I'm finding online to fix this is only making me more confused, so I'm hoping the AtariAge community can help. I'm working on a game version of the Dark Crystal movie, just for fun (not planning to sell or anything due to copyright / IP). The "game engine" is Atari 2600 and works similar to Below The Root (if you know that old C64 game) - a side-view, non scrolling world. In order to achieve the desired "multicolor" background effects I want (and to allow the character spites to move through some background playfield real estate while interacting / colliding with objects / platforms / ground), I am strobing two different multicolor playfields for each room. the effects look pretty fantastic through stella when rendered faithfully at 60 fps (30 fps for each of the two playfields). Same, for FRAPS video capture - I'm capturing 60 fps and viewing it in windows media player pretty well. But when I try to upload to YouTube, as you may know YouTube automatically renders it at 30 fps. It seems to be dropping every otherframe. Which completely undoes the strobe effect - we're left on youtube viewing incomplete playfield graphics. So, trees become only their leaves, houses are only the roof and floor, etc. I have learned that I need something called "resampling", which I believe is a technique that take 60 fps video and "resamples" it down to 30 fps, by combining frames 1 and 2 (interlaced), then 3+4, 5+6, etc. This should perfectly solve my problem...but I don't know how to do it. I've got Adobe After Affects and can download any freebie video editor sw. But I'm a total neophyte on video capture / edit (learning to use FRAPS was a major step for me!) Has anyone else experienced this problem, and resolved it? Thanks!
  8. Hello all, I really hope this is ok to post here. So I have a weekly retro review show where I cover multiple systems, my thought was to have a show thats easy watching, light hearted with lots of daft bits and jokes, I also wanted to set the scene by talking a little about the music, films and news of the time, just to get you in the mood somewhat. I have purposely made the show waffle free and as edit free as possible to make sure its substainable, so far I am pretty happy with the result. Anybody though who has ever attempted this knows how flippin hard it is at the start, YouTube only seems to push popular channels, so getting people to even get a chance to watch a show is just so blooming hard. The result is you often get 50 views when you release a show, its to be expected at the start but you tend to hit the odd bump where it starts to bother you as you spend more time making it than people spend actually watching So it feels like you need the odd kickstart and the only way to do that is to sell your soul and pimp it for all its worth , as I am sure a song once said "pimpn aint easy". So I would like to post my latest show here and would love your thoughts, comments and all that sort of stuff, I add little improvments all the time but any suggestions would also be great. Today I released a review of Makai Prince Dorabocchan also know as Kid Dracula for the PC Engine, I love the PC Engine so added a short sexy music section to get you in the mood for what turns out to be a pretty average platformer. I could also update this thread with my latest shows as I released them if thats considered acceptable?? Thanks Simon
  9. Greetings, I been playing Atari games for a long time in life and when started to make game reviews with my friends. We offcorese made a few videos about Atari games! So far we made videos of Solaris and Alien, but we are working on one for Adventure and have lots more planed! Here are a few links: Solaris: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OgvckjwYn3k Alien: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ue4cxnv5lDU We are gonna do lots more. Please check them out and tell what you think. wwe are new to the hole video editing thing. the Solaris do have audio issius, at the time we didn't know how to fix but we do now. thanks for your time
  10. Hello everyone! I'm not very often showing up lately, I've been working on some fun-history videos about TEKKEN series. It's in Russian, but there are English subs available for you. Here is about first game: Also about the second: And the mighty third: Don't know where to post these, but I think AtariAge forums are the right place for that. Hope you'll enjoy it! I’ll gonna keep making videos about TEKKEN series in general, so subscribe to follow up with the videos! Let me know what you think about it!
  11. http://youtu.be/RDGoSGu_kAo Pete Dorr, Gamester81, Jason Heine & Metal Jesus from the All Gen Gamers podcast battle for gaming bragging rights while trying to avoid receiving the dreaded Trophy of Shame this week on I Hate U. Drunken Master Paul puts on his best monkey suit & cheap sunglasses to MC the event. Enjoy the silliness!
  12. Hello! A friend of mine has recently extensive messed with his atari machine and discovered how to deal with YouTube. Unbelievable, yes - but apperently he did it! Here's small demo showing you some animation taken from YouTube and running on unmodified atari computer! It is very early version, so do expect some hiccups. In case of locking-up the animation try pressing SPACE. Further information will come. Enjoy! AYT1.xex
  13. My first computer experience was with an old (even at the time) Commodore Pet that I used to hall out of a hall closet from my elementary school to use during the after school Latchkey program in the Library. I used it to teach myself the rudiments of Basic and I yearned for a commodore 64. A friend had a Vic 20 without a power supply and I gave him 20 dollars for it in 6th grade but I was never able to track down the power supply and eventually I gave up and tossed it in high school (this was before craigslist and the internet). Now Fast Fwd to 2017, and I bought one and I'm sharing it with my daughter and son (mostly daughter since he's only 3) We started a retro gaming family youtube channel on youtube here is the C64 video figured I'd share!
  14. It's what you never wanted to know, how to make your own Action Max games. So how about it? There must be a youtuber out there without coding skills who has the desire to edit himself up a game on something. This is 'something.' Barely. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8VYSBLTYNo0
  15. GamePro Magazine - December 1991 - On youtube... This is the slideshow of the GamePro magazine from December 1991, to better view/read, setup to 1080p and see on fullscreen. Thank you again. [media]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k7f3SIJeVk0[/media]
  16. ​In this topic, I'll show off internet celebrity (and possible member here?) 3DOkid's comparison videos. He shows 3DO games and their PSX equivalent side-by-side to see how the 3DO fared. ​Let's kick things off with Starblade, since UHATEIT likes the game so much https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9giA3cjPDUo ​Thoughts?
  17. While working on a retrospective for several different Lynx games, I could not help but to get sucked back into playing my favorite game for the handheld: Blue Lightning. So instead of just mentioning it in passing, I decided to give it its own video. I hope people here enjoy it What were some of your all time favorite Lynx games?
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