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time pilot controls

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hi guys,


i need your opinion. i have implemented the basic control concepts...it differens as far as i know from the original konami one...


in my version you can control your ship with just left and right direction of the joystick... what do you think? enough? or do you want the original konami controls? (where you have to move the stick like in gyruss...)




the zip contains time5.atr which has the new controlls...dont get the flickering wrong... it is my "2600 emulation" ;) btw. the clouds are in time5 half size... do you like`'em?

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Can't remember how the arcade controls worked, but if it was like mame has it, then I don't think how you have it now affects gameplay. mame version doesn't spin the plane any quicker by you pointing the stick in the direction you want the plane. left/right for spin is fine IMO.


I think you know my opinion on the clouds. It would be nice to have at least some big clouds :) Even if you only have them when things are quiet elsewhere on screen it would be cool.


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thanx guys...


next will be the "direction offset" calculation (slope) for each of the 32

possible directions.


these will be in fixed point format and every object on screen except shots & the player will be added this values every frame relativly to their heading and their speed...


i hope my maths will good enough for that... ;=)


cheers & thanx




ps. yes... there will be bigger clouds. right now it looks like asteroids or like centipede... :D. will be fixed when double buffering is implemented (so...no 5200 version without heavy rethinking and reorganising of the code)

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