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w w w.atari-explorer.com . Anybody know what this is?

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Here's the whois information:



14 St Davids Court

Castle Avenue

Clontarf, Dublin 



Administrative Contact:

   Morris, Karl  [email protected]

   Castle Avenue

   Clontarf, Dublin 


   +353 (01) 8334980

Technical Contact:

   Garner, Bob  [email protected]




   Enniscorthy, Co. Wexford 


   +353 54 67078

   Fax: +353 54 67081

Registrar of Record: TUCOWS, INC.

Record last updated on 21-Mar-2002.

Record expires on 24-Aug-2002.

Record Created on 24-Aug-2001.


So, it was registered almost a year ago! I noticed the site says it was updated on May 19th, with promises to be online within three days of that date. Almost a month has passed and still nothing. I've sent Curt Vendel a message asking for more info, since there's a link to the Atari Historical Site at the bottom of the page.



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Karls still burning the midnight oil working hard on it... all I can say is Karl has done many of the graphics for the www.atarimuseum.com for me and he is very talented and he's been hammering away at his new site for over a year now, so it should be quite a sight (site?) to see when its ready, he said he's going to send me a link shortly to take a sneak peak at it and it should be ready in another week, he's down to the final testing and last minute touches.




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