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Smiley - new game

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Could this be model #AE02? You decide! I may have posted this game earlier, but now it's improved, with title song, b/w support and a couple other things I can't remember. Suggestions/comments wanted.


Smiley instructions


how to start=

at the title screen, press down the game reset switch and then press fire.



up/down/left/right : move Smiley

When Smiley is moving, you cannot move him until he reaches an intersection.



the object of the game is to get as many green things as possible.

You get three lives at the beginning of the game.

If a green thing touches the blue tubes, you lose a life.

The game ends when all three lives are lost.

To get back to the title screen when you're at the game over screen, press fire.



For each green thing you get, you get one point.



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New version.

-right difficulty B - NTSC

-right difficulty A - PAL

-left difficulty B - novice

-left difficulty A - pro

The pro version's fastest speed is 1 speed higher than the novice's.


This is a pretty cool game - my first run at it on novice level I scored 230.


Maybe you could add a few more levels to it so that the smiley and the green thing move on a more complex map with more paths to move around on? ;)




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We'll be checking out Smiley on tomorrow's (Wed Jun 10) ZeroPage Homebrew stream LIVE on Twitch at 6PM PT | 9PM ET | 1AM GMT! Hope everyone can watch!







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Saw this on the stream. It's pretty cool! Hard to believe that it's a bB game from 13 years ago. 

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