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My various Wanted list

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Right now....just a couple things (other than the Acti stuff I listed a few topics ago)


Time Killers for the Genesis

Growl for the Genesis


Super Punch-Out for SNES

Rex Ronan for the SNES

Captain Novolin for the SNES


G.I. Joe: The Atlantis Factor for the NES


Black Imagic tray for an Intellivision game


Safecracker box and tray for the Intellivision


Instructions for: Dracula-INTV, Safecracker-INTV


loose card sleeve for a SMS game



loose or CIB.....either one

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Added items.....and corey, i'll let you know about Growl. Most likely I'll want this loose cause the game itself is expensive enough.


Super Punch-out, anyone?????

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