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I have the follwing for sale:


130XE in original box with manual with cables

4 joy sticks

Mac65 Cartridge and Manual

Indus GT disk drive with manuals with cables (DOS XL Manual)

Visicalc with original disk and manual

Atari 1010 tape drive with cables

RVerter for modem (AID)

AID Interfast I for parallel printer with cables and manual

Atari Basic cartridge

Atari Game cartridges


Dig Dug


Computer War

Donkey Kong

Games on tape



Hurco Calculation Assist

Books - Paper backs

Assembly Language programming for the Atari computers - ISBN 0-07-010679-7

Machine Language for beginners - ISBN 0-942386-11-6

The Elementary Atari - ISBN 0-88190-117-2

6502 Assembly Language Subroutines - ISBN 0-931988-59-4

6502 Software Design - ISBN 0-672-21656-6

6502 Assembly Language Programming - ISBN 0-931988-27-6

6502 Software Gourment Guide & Cookbook by Robert Findley - ISBN (none) 9th printing (1990)

The Atari Basic Source Book - ISBN 0-942386-15-9

Programming the 6502 - ISBN 0-89588-135-7

Top-Dwon Assembly Language Programming for the 6502 Personal Computer - ISBN 0-07-057863-X

Inside Atari Basic - ISBN 0-8359-3082-3

Your Atari Computer - ISBN 0-931988-65-9 (worn)

The Atari Assembler - ISBN 0-8359-0236-6

Manual for F-15 Strike Eagle for the atari Technical Order No 1-f-15e-1 dated 07/15/1986 change 6


Anyone interested in any of these items please email me.

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have you thought about posting this on our mailing list?


Good luck with your sale.




No I am unfamiliar with it. I found this web site with google. It seems very good with much information and exchange.

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if you would like to be on our NWCGE mailing list send me an e-mail





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