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NES High Score Club 2nd Season Week #5 - Mario Bros.

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You've cleaned up the jungle, now clean up the plumbing! Yes, it's time for Mario Bros.!


Post a score and let's get this thing rolling!


Please post any tips you may have - best tip gets 1 bonus point!


And if anyone has a link to the manual, please post it.


Note: Play Game A.


This week's competition ends next Tuesday (April 10) morning at approximately 8:00 am PST.


This week's standings:


762,120 duncantoml (+10 pts)

550,020 Slayer (+8 pts)

90,660 gdement (+6 pts)

90,100 MetalSlime23 (+4 pts)

87,780 LarcenTyler (+2 pts)

79,470 vdub_bobby (+1 pt)



Special Scoring Note: The score rolls at 1,000,000 so we will cap scores at 999,999 in the standings. However, anyone who rolls the score twice (i.e., scores 2,000,000+) will be awarded 1 bonus point. So if you have the time and inclination to play this to death, there's a little carrot for you. ;) Please take appropriate screenshots (i.e., right before and after rolling it, etc.) to verify.



Twin Galaxies High Scores


8,506,530 Chad Brevik

4,494,080 Terence O'Neill

4,183,360 Tom Duncan

1,001,430 Tom Votava

52,000 Ron Corcoran



Overall standings:


1. rjchamp3 (34 pts)

2. LarcenTyler (23 pts)

2. bust3dstr8 (23 pts)

4. vdub_bobby (22 pts)

5. MetalSlime23 (10 pts)

6. Bucket (7 pts)

7. 8th lutz (5 pts)

8. gdement (3 pts)

9. Cybergoth (2 pts)



Game Info


Coin-op developed by Nintendo in 1983, NES conversion released in 1983, also by Nintendo.


Other platforms: Amstrad CPC, Apple II, Atari 8-bit, Atari 2600, Atari 5200, Atari 7800, Commodore 64, Game Boy Advance, Wii, ZX Spectrum


Prequels/Sequels/Spinoffs: Unending. A few highlights: Mario first showed up in Donkey Kong (Coin-op, 1981, Amstrad CPC, Apple II, Atari 2600, Atari 7800, Atari 8-bit, ColecoVision, Commodore 64, Game Boy Advance, Intellivision, MSX, NES, PC Booter, TI-99/4A, VIC-20, Wii, ZX Spectrum), the first sequel was Super Mario Bros. (Game Boy Advance, NES, Wii). And, of course, there is Super Mario Bros. 2 & 3, Super Mario World, Super Mario Land, Super Mario 64, Dr. Mario, Super Mario Kart, Mario Kart 64, as well as the Donkey Kong sequels (Donkey Kong Jr., Donkey Kong 3), etc. etc. etc.





None yet. I'm curious if anyone has any good strategies for the POW? Do you save it for emergencies, or use it right away? Or just ignore it?

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I still remember when my dad moved to one of his apartments, he told me about a convenience store across the street that had a PlayChoice-10 and I played Mario Bros. a lot there. He later got me an NES and that was one of my first games.


In 1996 I found the Atari 2600 version (which I doubt I even knew existed at first!)

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This is the first time I played the game this far, and I'm not sure I ever played the NES version before now. It's a better game than I thought. I didn't even know they had different types of floors or those ice things.




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One of my favorite games on the NES! After I saw it was this weeks game, I just had to get it out and play a game.





No need to add this to your standings, since I'm not in your contest. (Again, Just had to play a game)


Edited by duncantoml

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Weak, but just to get on the board. Hopefully I can put in some time over the weekend. ;)




No need to add this to your standings, since I'm not in your contest.


Unless you really really don't want to be added to the standings, I'm going to add you - all you have to do to join the HSC is play the appropriate game during the week and post a score to the thread. You've done that, so you're in. ;) Always better to have more players in on the fun!

Edited by vdub_bobby

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But it wasn't enough to get me out of last place. :|




And we're done with Mario Bros.! Hope you had fun with this old classic. Unlike other coin-op ports (Burgertime, Defender II, ...) this one is very well done and a lot of fun. :)

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