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TON OF GAMES- $1 per rarity of rarities 1 through 4

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one dollar per rarity for rarities 1 - 4 , UPDATED-8-31-07



A few other Notable games but not limited to are:

Atrix # 20/43 NWCGE 2K6 - Limited Show Edition

Care Bears - repro

Lilys Woods - custom game made for a lil girl- limited # addition

Bezerk VE - Voice Ehanced-----SOLD

Apples and Dolls - pal format

Dactar 4 "games" River Raid3,Enduro,Mr.postman,Frostbite - pal




* = other cartridges with label variations.


3D Tic-Tac-Toe Atari Text

Activision Decathlon, The Activision Standard *

Adventure Atari Text -----SOLD

Adventure Atari Picture *

Adventure Sears Picture -----SOLD

Adventures of Tron INTV White

Adventures of Tron M Network Black ----SOLD

Air Raiders INTV White ----SOLD

Air Raiders M Network Black ----SOLD

Air-Sea Battle Atari Text # - "02 air-sea battle"

Air-Sea Battle Atari Text

Air-Sea Battle Atari Picture *

Airlock Data Age Standard

Alien 20th Century Fox Standard

Alpha Beam with Ernie Atari Children's -----SOLD

Amidar Parker Brothers Standard

Arcade Golf Sears Text -----SOLD

Arcade Pinball Sears Text -----SOLD

Armor Ambush M Network Black ----SOLD

Artillery Duel/Chuck Norris Superkicks Xonox Double Ender

Asteroids Atari Picture

Asteroids Sears Text - "64 Games"

Astroblast M Network Black ----SOLD

Atari Video Cube Atari Silver ------SOLD

Atlantis Imagic Text

Atlantis Imagic Picture - Night Scene

Backgammon Atari Text -----SOLD

Backgammon Sears Text ------SOLD

Barnstorming Activision Standard ----SOLD

Baseball Sears Text - 49-75108 *

Basic Programming Atari Text -----SOLD

Basketball Atari Picture *

Basketball Sears Text - 6-99826

Basketball Sears Text - 49-75113

Battlezone Atari Silver

Beamrider Activision Special

Beany Bopper 20th Century Fox Red Sirius

Bermuda Triangle Data Age Standard

Berzerk Atari Picture

Big Bird's Egg Catch Atari Children's

Blackjack Atari Text # - "51 blackjack"

Blackjack Atari Text - Green end label

Blackjack Sears Picture -----SOLD

Blue Print CBS Electronics Standard

BMX Airmaster TNT Games White

Bowling Atari Text - Red text

Bowling Atari Text - Blue text -----SOLD

Bowling Atari Picture

Bowling Sears Text * -----1 SOLD

Boxing Activision Standard

Brain Games Atari Text - Gold text-----SOLD

Brain Games Atari Text - Red text -----SOLD

Brain Games Atari Picture

Brain Games Sears Text -----SOLD

Breakaway IV Sears Text -----SOLD

Breakout Atari Text *

Breakout Atari Picture

Buck Rogers: Planet of Zoom Sega Grip Case

Bugs Data Age Standard

Bump 'n' Jump M Network Black ----SOLD

Burgertime INTV White ----SOLD

Burgertime M Network Black * ----SOLD

California Games Epyx Standard

Canyon Bomber Atari Text *

Canyon Bomber Atari Picture -----SOLD

Carnival Coleco Standard

Carnival Coleco "The Official"

Casino Atari Picture

Casino Atari Text

Centipede Atari Silver *

Challenge of Nexar Spectravision Standard *

Championship Soccer Atari Text

Chase Sears Text -----SOLD

Chase the Chuck Wagon Spectravision Standard -----SOLD

Checkers Activision Standard -----SOLD

Checkers Sears Text -----SOLD

Chopper Command Activision Standard

Circus Sears Text -----SOLD

Circus Zellers Standard

Circus Atari Atari Text

Circus Atari Atari Picture * ----1 SOLD

Coconuts Telesys Color Handle

Coconuts Telesys Color Standard

Codebreaker Atari Text -----SOLD

Codebreaker Atari Picture -----SOLD

Codebreaker Sears Text -----SOLD

Combat Atari Text # - "01 combat"

Combat Atari Text

Combat Atari Picture

Commando Raid US Games Black

Congo Bongo Sega Grip Case

Cookie Monster Munch Atari Children's

Cosmic Ark Imagic Text

Cosmic Ark Imagic Picture *

Cosmic Commuter Activision Special

Cosmic Creeps Telesys Color Handle

Cosmic Creeps Telesys Color Standard

Crackpots Activision Standard -----SOLD

Crossbow Atari Red

Cruise Missile Froggo Standard -----SOLD

Crypts of Chaos 20th Century Fox Standard

Crystal Castles Atari Silver

Deadly Duck 20th Century Fox Red Sirius

Defender Atari Picture

Defender Sears Picture - Red Text -----SOLD

Demolition Herby Telesys Color Handle -----SOLD

Demon Attack Imagic Text

Demon Attack Imagic Picture

Demon Attack Imagic Blue

Demons to Diamonds Atari Picture

Desert Falcon Atari Red

Dig Dug Atari Silver - 1987

Dodge 'Em Atari Text

Dodge 'Em Atari Picture

Dodge 'Em Atari Picture

Dodger Cars Sears Picture

Dolphin Activision Standard -----SOLD

Donkey Kong Atari Red -----SOLD

Donkey Kong Coleco Standard

Donkey Kong Junior Atari Red -----SOLD

Donkey Kong Junior Coleco Standard

Double Dragon Activision Special -----SOLD

Double Dunk Atari Red

Dragonfire Imagic Picture

Dragster Activision Standard

E.T. The Extra-Terrestrial Atari Silver *

Eggomania US Games Beveled Case

Eggomania US Games Standard Case

Encounter at L5 Data Age Standard

Enduro Activision Standard

Enduro Activision Blue

Entombed US Games Beveled Case

Fantastic Voyage 20th Century Fox Standard ---------SOLD

Fast Eddie 20th Century Fox Red Sirius

Fast Food Telesys Color Handle

Fast Food Telesys Color Standard

Fathom Imagic Text -----SOLD

Fire Fighter Imagic Picture

Fire Fly Mythicon Standard

Fishing Derby Activision Standard

Flag Capture Atari Text

Football Atari Text *

Football Atari Picture

Football Sears Text -----SOLD

Football - Realsports Soccer Atari Silver -----SOLD

Frankenstein's Monster Data Age Standard

Freeway Activision Standard

Frogger Parker Brothers Standard

Frogger II: Threeedeep! Parker Brothers Standard

Frogs and Flies M Network Black ----SOLD

Front Line Coleco Standard

Frostbite Activision Standard

G.I. Joe - Cobra Strike Parker Brothers Gray

Galaxian Atari Silver -----SOLD

Game of Concentration Atari Text -----SOLD

Gangster Alley Spectravision Standard -----SOLD

Gas Hog Spectravision Standard - pal format -----------SOLD

Ghost Manor/Spike's Peak Xonox Double Ender -----------SOLD

Ghostbusters Activision Special

Golf Atari Text

Golf Atari Picture -----SOLD

Gopher US Games Standard Case

Gorf CBS Electronics Standard

Grand Prix Activision Standard

Gremlins Atari Silver -----SOLD

Gunslinger Sears Text - 6-99822 -----SOLD

Gyruss Parker Brothers Standard

H.E.R.O. Activision Special -----SOLD

Hangman Atari Text

Hangman Atari Picture

Haunted House Atari Picture ----SOLD

Haunted House Sears Picture -----SOLD

Home Run Atari Text *

Home Run Atari Picture

Human Cannonball Atari Text

Human Cannonball Atari Picture

Hunt & Score Atari Text * -----SOLD

Ice Hockey Activision Standard

Indy 500 Atari Text # - "11 indy 500"

Indy 500 Atari Picture

Infiltrate Apollo Standard

Infiltrate Apollo Blue

International Soccer M Network Black ----SOLD

James Bond 007 Parker Brothers Standard ------SOLD

Jawbreaker Tigervision Standard

Journey Escape Data Age Standard

Joust Atari Silver - 1983, Orange "Joust" logo *

Jr. Pac-Man Atari Red - 1987 -----SOLD

Jungle Hunt Atari Silver

Kaboom! Activision Standard

Kaboom! Activision Blue

Kangaroo Atari Silver - 1983

Karate Froggo Standard -----SOLD

Keystone Kapers Activision Standard

Keystone Kapers Activision Blue

King Kong Tigervision Standard

Kool Aid Man M Network Black ----SOLD

Krull Atari Silver -----SOLD

Kung Fu Master Activision Special

Laser Blast Activision Standard

Lock 'N' Chase M Network Black ----SOLD

Lost Luggage Apollo Standard

M*A*S*H 20th Century Fox Standard

M.A.D. US Games Standard Case

Mario Bros. Atari Silver - 1983

Masters of the Universe - He Man M Network Black ----SOLD

Math Gran Prix Atari Picture

Maze Sears Picture -----SOLD

Maze Craze Atari Text

Maze Craze Atari Picture -------SOLD

Maze Mania Sears Text -----SOLD

Mega Force 20th Century Fox Standard

Megamania Activision Standard

Midnight Magic Atari Red

Millipede Atari Silver - 1984

Miniature Golf Atari Text

Missile Command Atari Picture - Upper Case end label *

Missile Command Sears Text *

Missile Command Sears Picture

Montezuma's Revenge Parker Brothers Standard

Moon Patrol Atari Silver

Moonsweeper Imagic Text

Mountain King CBS Electronics Standard

Mouse Trap Atari Red

Mouse Trap Coleco Standard --------SOLD

Mr. Do! Coleco Standard -----SOLD

Ms. Pac-Man Atari Silver - 1982

Name This Game US Games Beveled Case

Night Driver Atari Text

Night Driver Atari Picture

Night Driver Sears Text -----SOLD

Obelix Atari Silver - pal format

Oink! Activision Standard

Omega Race CBS Electronics Standard

Othello Atari Text

Othello Atari Picture

Othello Sears Text -----SOLD

Outlaw Atari Text - Red Text

Outlaw Atari Picture

Pac-Man Atari Picture

Pac-Man Sears Picture -----SOLD

Pele's Soccer Atari Picture

Pele's Soccer Unknown Taiwan Cooper -----SOLD

Pete Rose Baseball Absolute Entertainment Standard

Phoenix Atari Silver

Picnic US Games Beveled Case

Pigs in Space Atari Children's -----SOLD

Pitfall II: Lost Caverns Activision Special -------1 SOLD

Pitfall! Activision Standard

Pitfall! Activision - International Edition - ntsc

Planet of the Apes 20th Century Fox - repro ------------SOLD

Planet Patrol Spectravision Standard

Plaque Attack Activision Standard

Pole Position Atari Silver - "Pole Posit'n"

Pole Position Atari Silver *

Pong Sports Sears Text - 99806

Pong Sports Sears Text - 49 75104

Pooyan Konami Standard

Popeye Parker Brothers Standard

Porky's 20th Century Fox Standard

Pressure Cooker Activision Standard -----SOLD

Private Eye Activision Special -----SOLD

Q*bert Atari Red

Q*bert Parker Brothers Standard

Quick Step! Imagic Text

Race Sears Text - 49-75149

Race Sears Text - 99821

Race Sears Picture ------SOLD

Racquetball Apollo Standard ----SOLD

Raft Rider US Games Beveled Case

Raiders of the Lost Ark Atari Silver

Ram It Telesys Color Handle -------SOLD

Ram It Telesys B&W Standard

Rampage Activision Special

Reactor Parker Brothers Standard

RealSports Baseball Atari Silver - 1982

RealSports Boxing Atari Red

RealSports Football Atari Silver - 1982

RealSports Soccer Atari Silver -----SOLD

RealSports Tennis Atari Silver

RealSports Volleyball Atari Silver

Revenge of the Beefsteak Tomatoes 20th Century Fox Standard

Riddle of the Sphinx Imagic Picture -------SOLD

River Raid Activision Standard

Robot Tank Activision Standard

Rubik's Cube Atari Silver ---------SOLD

Scuba Diver Zellers

Sea Hunt Froggo Standard * ----- 1 SOLD

Secret Quest Atari Red --------SOLD

Shark Attack Apollo Standard

Shootin' Gallery Imagic Picture

Shuttle Orbiter Avalon Hill Standard -----SOLD

Skate Boardin' Absolute Entertainment Standard

Skeet Shoot Apollo Standard

Skiing Activision Standard

Sky Diver Atari Text

Sky Diver Atari Picture

Sky Jinks Activision Standard

Sky Skipper Parker Brothers Standard

Slot Machine Atari Text -----SOLD

Slot Racers Atari Text

Slot Racers Atari Picture

Slots Sears Text -----SOLD

Smurfs Save the Day Coleco Standard

Smurfs: Rescue in Gargamel's Castle Coleco Standard

Sneak n' Peek US Games Black

Snoopy and the Red Baron Atari Children's

Solar Fox CBS Electronics Standard

Solaris Atari Red *

Sorcerer Mythicon Standard

Sorcerer's Apprentice Atari Children's -----SOLD

Space Attack M Network Black ----SOLD

Space Cavern Apollo Standard

Space Invaders Atari Text

Space Invaders Atari Picture

Space Invaders Atari Red

Space Invaders Sears Text

Space Invaders Sears Picture

Space Jockey US Games Black

Space Shuttle Activision Standard

Space War Atari Text

Space War Atari Picture *

Spacechase Apollo Standard

Speedway II Sears Text -----SOLD

Speedway II Sears Text

Spider Fighter Activision Standard -----SOLD

Spider-Man Parker Brothers Standard

Spiderdroid Froggo Standard -----SOLD

Sprintmaster Atari Red -----SOLD

Squeeze Box US Games Standard Case

Sssnake Data Age Standard

Stampede Activision Standard

Star Fox Mythicon Standard

Star Raiders Atari Picture

Star Raiders Sears Picture -----SOLD

Star Ship Atari Text -----SOLD

Star Trek: Strategic Operations Simulator Sega Grip Case

Star Voyager Imagic Text

Star Voyager Imagic Picture ------SOLD

Star Wars: Jedi Arena Parker Brothers Standard

Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back Parker Brothers Standard

Starmaster Activision Standard

Steeplechase Sears Text

Stellar Track Sears Text ----SOLD

Strategy X Konami Standard

Strawberry Shortcake Musical Matchups Parker Brothers Standard

Street Racer Atari Text - Red Text

Sub Scan Sega Grip Case ---------SOLD

Summer Games Epyx Standard

Super Baseball Atari Red

Super Breakout Atari Picture

Super Challenge Baseball M Network Black ----SOLD

Super Challenge Baseball Telegames Silver - "Baseball"

Super Challenge Football M Network Black ----SOLD

Super Challenge Football Telegames Silver - "Football"

Super Football Atari Red -----SOLD

Superman Atari Text -----SOLD

Superman Atari Picture

Surround Atari Text # - "41 surround" -----SOLD

Surround Atari Text

Surround Atari Picture

Swordquest: Earthworld Atari Silver

Swordquest: Fireworld Atari Silver

Tac-Scan Sega Grip Case

Tank Plus Sears Text

Tapeworm Spectravision Standard

Target Fun Sears Text - 49-75102

Target Fun Sears Text - 99802

Task Force Froggo Standard -----SOLD

Taz Atari Silver

Tennis Activision Standard

This Planet Sucks!

Thunderground Sega Grip Case

Time Warp Zellers Standard

Tomcat: The F-14 Fighter Simulator Absolute Entertainment Standard

Towering Inferno US Games Black

Track & Field Atari Silver -----SOLD

Trick Shot Imagic Text

Trick Shot Imagic Picture *

Tron: Deadly Discs INTV White

Tron: Deadly Discs M Network Black ----SOLD

Tunnel Runner CBS Electronics Standard

Turmoil 20th Century Fox Standard

Tutankham Parker Brothers Standard

Vanguard Atari Silver

Venture Atari Red -----SOLD

Venture Coleco Standard

Video Checkers Atari Text

Video Chess Atari Text -----SOLD

Video Chess Sears Text -----SOLD

Video Olympics Atari Text # - "21 video olympics" -----SOLD

Video Olympics Atari Text *

Video Olympics Atari Picture *

Video Pinball Atari Picture - Upper Case end label *

Wabbit Apollo Blue -----SOLD

Wall Ball Avalon Hill Standard --------SOLD

Warlords Atari Picture *

Warlords Sears Picture

Warplock Data Age Standard

Winter Games Epyx Standard

Wizard of Wor CBS Electronics Standard

Word Zapper US Games Black

Worm War I 20th Century Fox Red Sirius

Yars' Revenge Atari Picture ---------SOLD

Yars' Revenge Sears Picture -----SOLD

Zaxxon Coleco Standard



Hello ,


do you have the game CARE BEARS??


I'm interested , what's the price shipping included to belgium??



Thanks a lot

greetz from belgium

Kenny G

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