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Pac-Man Picture LP

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bought this from a member here,and its been

in the shipping box ever since.

it is in good shape..pm a reasonable offer.

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not sure?

i thought everyone knowed what an lp is..


it is the big record with pacman pic made into it :)

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Am I the only one that has no idea what this thing is that you're selling?


follow this auction link to see a picture of one:




So it's a Pac-Man themed LP vinyl recording with Pac-Man images actually molded into the disk itself? :pacman: (<- nope, didn't do anything, but should :))


Kinda cool, but it was presented like everyone knew what it was and I had never heard of it. Though, now I have an idea what to do with all of those LP's laying around the thrift stores these days...a little bit of sawing and some yellow paint action...


Any good tunes on there?

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