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NES High Score Club 2nd Season Week #21 - Pac-Man

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Ninjas may be old-school, but let's go even deeper into the vault - let's play Pac-Man!


Post a score and let's get this thing rolling!


Please post any tips you may have - best tip gets 1 bonus point! Note: there are a few versions of Pac-Man; I think they all play the same. Please let us know if that isn't the case.


And if anyone has a link to the manual, please post it.


This week's competition ends next Tuesday (July 31) morning at approximately 8:00 am PST.


This week's scores:


38,850 figgler (+10 pts)

37,000 scooby105 (+8 pts)

28,210 vdub_bobby (+6 pts)

27,470 LarcenTyler (+4 pts)



Twin Galaxies High Scores


878,480 Ron Corcoran

58,280 Nik Meeks

32,830 Marcelo J Sanchez



Overall standings:


1. vdub_bobby (105 pts)

2. 8th lutz (86 pts)

3. LarcenTyler (75 pts)

4. gdement (66 pts)

5. rjchamp3 (54 pts)

6. bust3dstr8 (49 pts)

7. arch_8ngel (34 pts)

8. MetalSlime23 (25 pts)

9. Cybergoth (20 pts)

10. Jibbajaba (16 pts)

11. duncantoml (10 pts)

11. keilbaca (10 pts)

13. kevincal (9 pts)

13. scooby105 (9 pts)

15. Slayer (8 pts)

16. Bucket (7 pts)



Game Info


Original coin-op released by Midway in 1980. Ported to the NES in 1983 by Tengen.


Other platforms: Apple II, Atari 8-bit, Atari 2600, Atari 5200, Commodore 64, Game Boy, Game Boy Advance, Game Gear, Intellivision, MSX, Neo Geo Pocket Color, PC Booter, TI-99/4A, VIC-20, Wii, Xbox 360, ZX Spectrum. Probably missed a few in there; basically, almost everything under the sun has a Pac-Man port.


Sequels/spinoffs: Lots. A few highlights: Ms. Pac-Man (Coin-op - 1981, Apple II, Atari 2600, Atari 5200, Atari 7800, Atari 8-bit, Commodore 64, Game Boy, Game Gear, Genesis, iPod, Lynx, NES, PC Booter, Sega Master System, SNES, TI-99/4A, VIC-20, Xbox 360, ZX Spectrum - 1982), Jr. Pac-Man (Coin-op - 1983, Atari 2600, Commodore 64, DOS, 5200 - 1987), etc.





None yet.

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This is a great port, but don't tell JB that. ;)

It plays well and I still maintain that if you aren't a huge gaming freak, you wouldn't know that this isn't almost arcade perfect.

So, I am back in the HSC, for this week at least. Was playing this last night and I'll post a score tonight hopefully

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I probably won't be able to do much better. I never was very good at Pac Man.





Getting a bit better.







Edited by scooby105

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38, 850


which is about 1000 less than the best I've ever scored on this


Edited by figgler

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I still remember when I got this game for Christmas back in 1988 (I think,) I learned about how Slow Mode was just the NES Advantage repeatedly pausing the game. Unfortunately, the one I had at the time was defective so we had to swap it.

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