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Many items to get rid of towards paying off various debts.

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Recently I have some bills around the amount of $2000 and was unsucessfull in getting rid of it. I lost my job recently so I am forced to get rid of some my personal possesions that I am now listing. The goal is $2000 so far I have been able to get $500


I will check if I can get a Google checkout account if you don't like paypal. I probably can't get it directly. I also take money orders which has allways been succesful in the past before google.


If you would like a picture please tell me the specific item first. I am unable to take pictures the fact my Digital Camera died on me. I am only able to scan pictures of items that can if onto my scanner. If you would like more details then just ask.


First we decide on a price. Then we decide on shipping method. Please no low balls. Just send offer then I send a counter offer. Okays :music: . Any questions about items please send after a price is decided.


Once I send out somehting I consider it your property.


10-yard fight NES

Aidyn Chronicals: The Last Mage N64

Battle Corps Sega CD


Bomberman GB gameboy

Bionic Commando Gameboy

Breath Of Fire II booklet. Wared a bit.

Beast Wars Transformers import japan N64 complete. Box show signs of usage.


Captin Sky Hawk NES

Castlevania: Harmony of Dissonance Gameboy Advance

Chrono Trigger SNES

Company of Heros Mini Poster. Looks like a small scar in the photo of the poster

Crystalis NES

Crystalis Gameboy Color

Donkey Kong NES

Donkey Kong N64 N64

Dragon Warrior NES

Dragon Quest III Complete in box. Box Show signs of age. Don't know about manual and inserts.

Dragon Quest V

Dragon Quest VI


Final Fantasy Adventure Gameboy

Freddy Vs. Jason Hard window store or hang up Display poster with scratches on it

Gameboy Color in Lime green. Sound is pretty much gone. Can still play games. You might want to replace the display sheild. Back cover is broken but can stay in place.


Gauntlet: Legends N64

Golden Sun

Golden Sun II

GTA: Vice City Mini Poster that came with game for PC. Shows signs of much ware and you can see all fold marks.


Hang On GP in Mortal Kombat III Sega Saturn Case. Sega Saturn

Ice Hockey

Last Bronx Import Japan Sega Saturn

Lufia I SNES


Lufia: The Legend Returns Gameboy Color


King Slime Import egg toy

Kung Fu NES

Mach Rider

Mace the Dark Age N64

Mickey's Dangerous Chase Gameboy

Mega Man NES

Mega Man X SNES

Monster. Book

Mystical Ninja Goemon

Memory card that i blue form intec 1X 15 blocks . In Intect memory card case.

Memory card plus broken but working N64

Metroid Fuison Complete in box. okay condtion but not new. Has all inserts.

Mrs. Frisby and The Rats of Nims. Book

Ogre Battle: March of the black Queen SNES

Ogre Battle N64. Import Japan. Comeplete. Box show signs of ware.

Paper Mario N64


Pirates of the Carribean skull head that came inside cereal boxes. hit it and it lights up. Has a switch that allows you to turn off head.


Quest N64

Riglord Saga Two Import Japan Saturn

Star Wars Gameboy

Street Fighter II Gameboy

Super Bomberman SNES

Super Bomberman Two SNES

Super Mario N64

Super Mario/Duck Hunt NES

Super Mario Bros NES

Super Mario bubble bath bottle Yellow empty

Super Mario bubble bath bottle Red empty


Super Mario Light Fixture. Like the ones you see in 80's movies like Rocky but with a mario decoration. Use low bulbs since it might melt from heated bulbs. Looks like somebody did melt off part of the design


Super Mario RPG SNES

Street Fighter 2 the animated movie VHS. Box have many holes not to sure of the qaulity.


True CrimeStreets OF L.A. Cap. This hat was given to people who brought this game with a certain game at gamestop. The hat is in the same condition and came the same way when I got it from Gamestop. I never worn it. There is a slight red mark on the sun sheild.


Tri-Gun Poster with no scratches looks like something almost made a hole threw it caused tear marks.


Turok 2: Seeds of Evil N64


Without a paddle hard store hang up reverse display poster. That Malcom in the Middle kid actor is on it in shorts with a fish going by.Has scratches on it I think like the Jason Vs. Freddy.


Scarface reverse display poster might have tears at end and no major scars. Show your appreciation for Scarface and hang up this poster at your window. Post might have ware on it.


Yoshi's Island

Yoshi's Story N64

Zelda I NES

Zelda II NES


Zelda: Awakening GB

Zelda: OOT ( You also get a broken but working Zelda OOT with the working game. If you want to buy the broken yet working one alone tell me ) N64


I will list more later on.



Sound Pro/ Sound Boy for Gameboy. This is not a radio tune in device

A PS2 boot disc to play import titles or anything I want ot play on any PS2.

Converter for Genesis to play import titles from Japan

A converter that can play all M3/ Master System titles on the Genesis.

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Welcome to Atari Age. Pictures please of your items and some prices would be nice. I would guess you have an idea since you say no lowballs!

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I'd be interested in these:

Lufia I SNES


Lunar Sega CD

Lunar II Sega CD


I'm afraid of lowballing and not getting a response. Could you please quote me some prices instead?

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What would you want for that Last Bronx import for the Sega Saturn? and what type of shape is it in? Thanks. :)

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