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FS: Near-complete Atari 7800 collection

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Looking to sell my Atari 7800 collection. Every NTSC game except Tank Command, plus a sealed copy of Sentinel and a reproduction Klax. Here are the specifics:


Atari 7800 Console (manufactured in 1990; includes box, manual, 2 working Proline controllers, RF switchbox & RCA cable, ac adapter, in good cosmetic condition, works perfectly)


XE Light Gun (gun only, works ok)


Atari 2600 Trakball controller (includes manual & box, works ok)


And of course, the games (condition specified):


Asteroids (includes manual)

Ace of Aces (complete in box)

Alien Brigade (complete in box)

Ballblazer (red end label, cart only)

Barnyard Blaster (complete in box)

Basketbrawl (cart only)

Centipede (cart only)

Choplifter! (cart only)

Commando (complete in box, box has moderate wear)

Crack'ed (cart only)

Crossbow (complete in box)

Dark Chambers (complete in box)

Desert Falcon (cart only)

Dig Dug (cart only)

Donkey Kong (cart only)

Donkey Kong Junior (complete in box)

Double Dragon (cart only)

F-18 Hornet (cart only)

Fatal Run (cart only)

Fight Night (complete in box)

Food Fight (cart only)

Galaga (complete in box)

Hat Trick (cart only)

Ikari Warriors (cart only)

Impossible Mission (cart only)

Jinks (cart only)

Jinks (sealed in box)

Joust (complete in box)

Karateka (includes manual)

KLAX (reproduction cart, complete in box)

Kung-Fu Master (cart only)

Mario Bros. (cart only)

Mat Mania Challenge (complete in box)

Mean 18 Ultimate Golf (complete in box)

Meltdown (cart only)

Midnight Mutants (complete in box)

Motor Psycho (cart only)

Ms. Pac-Man (complete in box)

Ninja Golf (complete in box)

One-on-One Basketball (cart only)

Pete Rose Baseball (cart only)

Planet Smashers (cart only)

Pole Position II (pack-in, includes manual)

Pole Position II (silver version, complete in box)

Rampage (cart only)

Realsports Baseball (cart only)

Robotron: 2084 (cart only)

Scrapyard Dog (complete in box)

Sentinel (PAL, sealed in box)

Summer Games (cart only)

Super Huey (cart only)

Super Skateboardin' (cart only)

Super Skateboardin' (PAL, complete in box)

Title Match Pro Wrestling (complete in box)

Tomcat: The F-14 Fighter Simulator (includes manual)

Touchdown Football (cart only)

Tower Toppler (complete in box)

Water Ski (complete in box)

Winter Games (cart only)

Xenophobe (complete in box)

Xevious (complete in box)


Will accept cash (LOCAL PICKUP ONLY - South Jersey, Gloucester County area) and PayPal. Buyer pays shipping which will be roughly $50.


Asking $750 obo. E-mail damienmc at comcast.net for questions or offers. Pics available upon request.

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