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Original Odyssey $75

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Tax Refund burning a hole in your pocket? Want to stimulate my immediately local economy?


Get Odyssey!!! The original and first videogame console from 1972.


$75 includes everything you see in the picture. Shipping will be between $15 and $25 (not sure, it's been a while since I've mailed one of these) and I will split the cost of shipping with buyer up to $12.50. (If you live overseas or in Canada, I'll contribute the $12.50 to your shipping costs).


Odyssey Console, both controllers and patch cable:

I personally tested carts 1-6 with this system and they all work.

You may have to put a game "card" in more than once to get it to work exactly right but it will.

This is an original RUN 1 Odyssey. You can tell by the all-pink pictures on the manual and by the RUN 1 sticker on the bottom of the console. Runs on Six "C" Batteries (not included).


All original game cards: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 & 6



Original Manual (unstapled but in great shape otherwise) with directions for all 12 games.

Original Three-month warranty notice.

Original "Instrument Inspection Card". Serial number on card matches number on console.


TV Switch box:

This is NOT the original switch box, but it is taken from an Odyssey 100; it is compatible with the odd RCA connector on Odyssey and it works just fine.


11 Large and 11 Small Overlays for:

Tennis, Football, Hockey, Ski, Submarine, Haunted House, Roulette, States, Simon Says, Analogic and Cat and Mouse.

(Table Tennis doesn't use an overlay.)


All of the Playing Cards:

All of the Football cards

All of the Simon Says cards

All of the Haunted House cards

All of the States cards


All of the original Stickers:

States (Unused), Ski (Unused) and Cat and Mouse (Used and still on the Cat and Mouse overlays, see picture)


Roulette Chips

USED! Which is pretty rare. Most of the ones you see on Ebay are UN-used because the Roulette game is pretty weak. The used, unwrapped chips are more rare.


Note: No box is included and only one styrofoam piece (the original top piece)


Please post below if you PM me here or send me e-mail at michaelmccourtATNOSPAMhotmailDOTcom.


PayPal CASH only. My account is not setup to handle credit and I don't want it to be.


My handle on ebay is Chronogamer and my handle at Digital Press is also mezrabad and I've got good feedback there and here, though, I don't know where to find it here...

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$75? Damn, I should have waited to buy an Odyssey.


I paid around $200 for mine back in '00 or '01. Looks like I shouldn't try to sell it any time soon (not that I would)...


And I agree, your blog is awesome.

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Oops, I didn't notice you don't take credit card through payapl. I would have taken this in a heartbeat.





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