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I know there are for the time being only 2 machines like those.


In fact I got the one he did for himself, a kind of proto... That's why all those wires are running in the machine...

We waited for something like 1 year to have the 2 machines, the first one was already made (I think it was made for a long time) and we had to wait for the second to be finished.

The guy had to delay because he had some problems to find some components but if you look at the pics you'll see that it's a lot of work...

Don't ask me who did those machines because I don't even know his name nor mail. I only know it comes from Poland.


In fact since I now have the SIO2IDE interface I don't use it but it's a very nice machine...



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Maybe you are interested in seeing what a friend of mine has collected for the museum.


His homepage is http://www.eddiks.de , then the upper right leads to the museum.

Under the pics is a scrollbar, he has about 60 different computers collected, but not all on the page.



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