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Ahl's Benchmark?

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As of the latest changes to the MC-10's BASIC, Ahl's Benchmark seems to run in 1:06.  Down another second... ish... I'm hand timing here.
Almost every other program has shown much more improvement with each revision, which indicates the bottleneck is SQR and ^.
And I've only exceeded the 8K ROM size by 191 bytes, most of which is a larger token jump table.

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Resurrecting this old thread for a small update. 
My BASIC for the MC-10 completes the A=A*A version in 41 seconds now. 
I have to fix a bug before I can test the original A=A^2 version. 
Not sure if that will be much faster than the last number, but I do have an optimization I want to try that should speed that up if I get around to it.
Part of the speedup involved removing the ELSE statement I added. 
Makes a big difference on IF statements where the rest of the line is skipped.

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I finally got my BASIC running. It's running in lex/yacc/c, and runs the native system, in my case, macOS. It is an interpreter, it reads the source and makes a structure that it then runs in a fashion similar to Atari BASIC - that is, it's fully tokenized before it runs, unlike MS. Here's Ahl's test:


run time 0.003066

Accuracy  6.82121E-13

Random  7.7737



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