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omicron (2k)

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Hmmm, I played the game some more, and think I have to correct myself -

the shooting-delay actually makes sense, since the player should be discouraged of using the border. The game otherwise certainly would become too easy.


I think what irritates the synapses (maybe just mine) a bit is simply the circumstance that the player after reentering looks normal despite behaving differently (e.g. doesn't shoot for a while). There should be something intuitively signaling this different status.

:!: suggestion: change the player color while he's on the border and as long as the shooting is disabled.

Red would be the ideal color for this phase to emphasize the state of alarm. I know it has already been assigned to mark one of the difficulty levels, but it should be easy to select another color for that (say green)

Another idea in this connection: (gradually) increase the flashing rate while on the border to warn the player of the impeding death. (though I have a feeling that's not as easy to implement)


Just a couple of superfine polish suggestions ;)

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Love this! I downloaded the final version and played in on the Supercharger with real hardware. Addicting! I kept hitting reset but couldn't get more than 500 pts on the hard version. Is it planned for a cart release? I'd buy it...and I have some ideas I might work up for packaging/label art. Nice work, Simone!

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So, I love this game so much, that I came up with a backstory (in the grand tradition of beautifully simple Atari games with elaborate stories--i.e. Super Breakout) for it, that I think is different than what else is out there for the 2600. Imagine this on the back of the box or the inside of a manual, and let me know what you all think.


I'm also thinking about putting together a label/box design based on this, and I have some sketches I'll post soon.


Here's what I envisioned after playing the game many times...




You and your research partner invented a nanoscopic, biological cancer treatment that grows to overwhelm the cancerous cells, along with shrinking technology used to test it. Everything was going smashingly, until your partner betrayed you to the corrupt pharmaceutical company, Omicron! Late in the lab one night, he trapped you and your mini-pod inside a biological sample -- and your treatment thinks YOU'RE the cancer! You must stay alive long enough to expose the betrayal -- by fighting your own creation!

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I just came across this game from a Robotron Atari 2600 thread and I've seen many people saying it wouldn't be good to make a 2600 Robotron version, but here's Omicron and not only is it a really fun game, it reminds me of Robotron as well! It has the amount of difficulty that Robotron has and also plays a bit like it. Kinda fills the void of not having a version of Robotron on the 2600, heh. This makes me a bit tempted to make another Atari 2600-styled Windows game based on Robotron, citing this as a possibility to make what i have in mind...


I'll enjoy playing this game!


I have come across the unfortunate event of having an enemy spawn on top of me as soon as I started the game and died as soon as the game started :(

And neither AtariVox nor SaveKey seem to work on Stella for this game...

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