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My Atari and Commodore Want List

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Looking to buy complete versions of the following Atari 8-bit/Commodore 64 games. Cartridge versions preferred (where applicable) but disk versions will do.


* = have cartridge/disk but need the box and/or manual


Ant Eater (Romox)

*Apple Cider Spider (Sierra On-Line)

Bounty Bob Strikes Back (Big 5 Software)

Conan (Datasoft)

Fort Apocalypse (Synapse)

The Goonies (Datasoft)

Mr. Do! (Datasoft)

Mr. Do!'s Castle (Parker Brothers)

*Mr. TNT (HesWare)

Pastfinder (Activision)

Polar Pierre (Datamost)

Rally Speedway (Adventure International)

Sammy Lightfoot (Sierra On-Line)

*Save New York (Creative Software)

Sea Chase (Romox)

Shamus (Synapse)

Spelunker (MicroGraphic Image/Brøderbund)

*Spy Hunter (Sega)

*Star Trek: SOS (Sega)

Super Boulder Dash (Electronic Arts)

*Super Zaxxon (Sega/HesWare)



Also looking for the following CIB Atari 2600 games...


Boing! (First Star Software)

Glib (Selchow & Righter)

Kool-Aid Man (M-Network)

Marine Wars (Konami)

Polaris (Tigervision)

Porky's (Fox)

Rescue Terra I (VentureVision)

Shark Attack (Apollo)

Shuttle Orbiter (Avalon Hill)

*Spy Hunter (Sega)

Stargunner (Telesys)

Steeplechase (Sears)

Texas Chainsaw Massacre (Wizard)

Tunnel Runner (CBS)


And the following CIB VIC-20 games...


Galaxian (Atarisoft)

Gridrunner (HesWare)

Polaris (Tigervision)

Pole Position (Atarisoft)

Tutankham (Parker Brothers)

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