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Boxed Coleco Pre-Ebay listing

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These are not on Ebay yet (except for one only).


Telegames Plastic Box - 50% have the usual Telegames copy silver label with photocopied instructions 50% are original Colecovision carts repackaged in Telegames box

Coleco - European are typically the CBS Colecovision versions for European market

Coleco - European French are typically CBS Colecovision versions for France - not French Canada

Telegames plastic bag are the bagged versions either Telegames and/or CBS with photocopied instructions

No description is the normal retail N. American release

Cardboard box versions are mostly shrinkwrapped.

All are pretty well mint condition other than the Sewer Sam


Trade items I might consider are - Spectravideo SV-3*8 items, Creativision Items, Hanimex Pencil II items, other CV games I dont have - I do have a short list of boxed and loose carts I dont have and they are not all Holy Grail types.



1on 1 Basketball Telegames plastic box

Alcazar Telegames plastic box

Antarctic Adventure Telegames plastic box

Cabbage Patch - Park Coleco - European

Carnival FR Coleco - French - European

Choplifter Telegames plastic box

Congo Bongo Telegames plastic box

Cosmic Crisis Telegames plastic box

Dam Busters Plastic Bag - CBS

Evolution Telegames plastic box

Flipper Slipper Telegames plastic box

Frogger II - Threedeep Telegames plastic box

Gorf UK Coleco - European


Juke Box Telegames plastic box - relabeled cartridge

Jumpman Jr Coleco - European

Jungle Hunt Telegames plastic box

Motocross Racer Telegames cardboard box

Mountain King

Mr Do Telegames plastic box

Mr Do's Castle Telegames plastic box

Omega Race UK Coleco - European

Pitfall II (Pitfall 2)


Quest for Quintana Roo Plastic Bag - CBS

Rock N Bolt Telegames plastic box


Schtroumf Coleco - European

Schtroumpfs FR Coleco - French - European

Sewer Sam 1 only unused but box has slight crushing

Smurf [White] UK Coleco - European

Smurf Paint N Play UK Coleco - European

Smurf Paint N Play US

Space Panic [black] FR Coleco - French - European

Strike It Telegames plastic box

Subroc [Yellow] USA

Subroc US

Super Action Football Telegames plastic box

Super Cross Force

Tank Wars Telegames plastic box

Telly Turtle

Tournament Tennis Telegames - Cardboard Box

Victory Coleco - European

Wing War Telegames plastic box


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