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K heres my list of great arcade ports on the 7800...


Xevious -- My all time favorite port on the 7800, and I actually like it better than the arcade.


Asteroids -- My second most favorite port on the 7800. The rotating rocks, and variety of 2 player options make this one a blast.


Galaga -- This one is much maligned, but I think its a solid port, and a lot of fun -- Its also the only arcade port for the 7800 not on other Atari systems


Food FIght -- To me it seems to be missing somthing that I cannot put my finger on. Still though, I enjoy it


Centipede -- Probably the worst port on the 7800, but to be fair, I was never a huge fan of Centipede in the arcade either. This all having been said, I do play it from time to time, and the two player options really make it shine.


Robotron -- Excellent port, and probably my third favorite. It really shows off what the 7800 can do in terms of sprites. Sure the sprites are somewhat blocky, but other than that it captures the feel of the arcade original perfectly. And if you have 2 joysticks, well, all the better for replicating hte arcade controls. EDIT: Try this game in Challenge mode for some REAL fun!


Ms. PAc-Man Another solid conversion of an arcade classic. Virtually indistinguishable from the original



Pac-Man collection -- I was hesitant to put this in here, as its a hombrew, but really... its fantastic. And so many damn options... You'll never get bored with this one.

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I'm currently hooked on Ms Pac-Man and Beef Drop.

I can't seem to do any good on Galaga.It seems like the missiles don't fire fast enough to get the waves of enemies very well.

Food Fight cracks me up, especially when it goes into the instant-replay mode.

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In most cases, I find that the later systems' arcade ports are the best. Many of the 2600 ports really are good games, but they are going to lack the polish of a later system's game. Mind you, we're talking Atari systems here--no NES, PS1 or anything.


I'd especially look at the homebrew titles, they outclass pretty much anything similar that was released back in the day. Also, don't forget about "clone" games, either. For example, Suicide Mission might fulfill a hankering for Asteroids once in a while.

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