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Looking for 1200XL startupdisplay as a file

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I like the 1200XL startup screen with the ATARI sign and the rainbow colors. Is there a file version available, if yes where? Just to have it as a "demo".






still working on the SIO2USB Shell...

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made my own (after taking a peek - or to be precise several PEEKs) into the 1200XL OS

here you go:



have fun.


Hey, that's pretty good. I tried it on my 1200xl and had to boot with a basic cart in just to be sure it was your's vs the original. The only difference I can see is yours has the ATARI sitting slightly higher on the screen. Can you post the source code for that?

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Nice, but - the "rainbow effect" is done to death.


A much better effect is to increment then decrement the value within each high nybble value to give the effect as used in the Gauntlet title screen.


ie - cycle the colour values as:


A0 thru AF... AF thru A0... B0 thru BF... BF thru B0 etc etc.


It takes a little more programming effort but the result is well worth it.

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put the logo on the right hight on the screen and added the source to the disk image. Just click the link above.


@Rybags: you're right, the rainbow effect was well overdone in the past. All I wanted was the startup screen of the 1200XL as a file. I'll try your suggestion with the color changing when I find time. Thanks for the idea!


Best Regards!

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