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Has all the client software ever been found for GCP? Mainly the games?


I think it would be cool if the software could be hacked to run on a local area network, maybe even a home-brew LAN through joystick ports or SIO like Gamelink II* or cartridge network like Eightlink* just between 8-bits or the new "Dragon II"ethernet devices.


*excerpt from The Serious Computerist's Atari 8-bit FAQ PDF, downloadable here: https://seriouscomputerist.atariverse.com/media/pdf/book/Atari%208-Bit%20FAQ%20(Letter).pdf



==> GameLink and GameLink-II
Two hardware designs by Chuck Steinman of DataQue support the linking of two
or more Atari computers. Each supports multiple user head-to-head gaming
where each player uses a separate computer (each with separate TV/monitor).
(GameLink and GameLink-II descriptions by Andreas Koch)
a) GameLink: This hardware was developed in 1989/90. It links two
computers together via the joystick ports. It is limited to a maximum
of 2 computers and thus 2 or 6 players, meaning one free port per
XL/XE computer and 3 free ports per 400/800 computer. However, the
few existing games for this hardware merely support 2 players.
b) GameLink-II: This hardware was developed in 1991/92. It links 2 to 8
computers together via the SIO ports. One computer will then act as
the master and has to boot up the software (from tape, disk, hard disk,
etc.) first. Then all other "slave" computers connect to it and boot
off of this master computer (one after another of course). In Europe
we call this device "Multilink", mostly because of the games written
by Bewesoft (Jiri Bernasek) called Multi-Dash, Multi-Race, Multi-Worms.
A two computer network can easily be done with one SIO cable, just
open the end of the SIO cable and exchange cables number 3 and 5. You
now have an easy two computer (2-4 players) network cable.
For some available software for hardware such as GameLink and GameLink-II
please another section of this FAQ list, "What programs support Atari computer
==> AT-Link (Alphasys)
Arianne Slaager writes:
I was actually surprised to read about the GameLink, as I made a similar
cable myself, called the AT-Link. This cable could also be used to
communicate with Commodore 64 computers, and I made driver software for both
systems at the time. There were 2 drivers. One as relocatable machine code,
and another as device driver. Also in the package was a 2 player Battleships
type game where Side A had the Atari version, and Side B the Commodore 64
...wasn't more than two old joystick cables in a crosslink configuration,
(Pin 1 and 2 linked to pin 3 and 4 of the other cable respectively)
==> EightLink (Alphasys)
Arianne Slaager writes:
I also made a special high speed Atari to Atari cable, called the EightLink.
This one was cartridge based system, with a PIA inside, which boasted a 8 bit
bidirectional, parallel databus, and a 4 bit crosslinked control bus.
Transfer speeds were such that two Ataris on opposite ends of a large hall
could transfer disk data faster than it could be read or written. The actual
cable connecting the two was a flatcable with 33 leads, alternating ground and
a dataline across the width to minimise crossover disruption of data. Also
for this link system, I made drivers both in relocatable code, as well as a
device driver.
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Necro thread revival - but with the "success" of PLATO reversing and also with somewhat of a resurgence of 8 bit BBS'ing, networking, etc.. I thought I would go ahead and drop a reply and see if the parties who gave VERY intelligent comments here might still have an interest in resurrecting GCP?

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welp.... i dont do machine code - about all im good for dev wise is basic, visualbasic.net, asp, js, etc... 


What i *could* do though is put some money towards one of those freelancer accounts that everyone is using these days to help fund this along with others... I would very much like to see this come to frution - and possibly even be expanded into a "new graphical online world for your network enhanced atari computer" lol...


And i'm serious.. I didnt get to experience this or the atari 2600 based cartridge game delivery system (of which I have one in my display case)... So to see someone pull this off and get to experience what I missed PLUS anything new someone might write for it - maybe an adaptation of a game door, etc... It would definitely be worth a few hundred bucks out of my pocket at least.

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15 minutes ago, gambler172 said:

Anybody get Space Lords to run on altirra?

It's never going to work without the corresponding server back end.  We need a substitute GCP server first.

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