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WTB(Was Philips CD-I) Z64, Gamecube modchip and install

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Just bought the CD-I that was the main purpose of this WTB, now looking for the rest.


ls there anyone with a Xeno GC 2.0 or Viper Extreme Gamecube chip? I would like to send my Gamecube to someone who has one of these and get it installed.


Still looking for a Z64 (or maybe a CD64).

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There's nothing wrong with the CD-i 450 and 550, though they look and feel cost-reduced. No problems with Digital Video, however. On the other hand, the only CD-i I'd ever buy these days is the CD-i 370, as that is one of the very few players with a replaceable Timekeeper battery (not to mention all the other advantages). All other players will simply die if the battery is flat, and replacing it is a real pain. You need to crack open the Timekeeper for that.

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Just bought a model 490 CD-I, so I am not looking for that anymore. Got it for $71.00 on Ebay. YEAH!!!!


I am *very* excited about it... Will have to wait for it to come in the mail. :)


So, I have modified my original post to reflect that and updated to show what I am still looking for.

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