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Show us your 2600 Collection

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Here are some pictures of a part of my little collection:


post-8895-1227468355_thumb.jpg post-8895-1227468651_thumb.jpg post-8895-1227468687_thumb.jpg

post-8895-1227468707_thumb.jpg post-8895-1227468731_thumb.jpg post-8895-1227468751_thumb.jpg

post-8895-1227468769_thumb.jpg post-8895-1227468800_thumb.jpg


Older pictures:


atari1.jpg atari2.jpg atari3.jpg atari4.jpg atari5.jpg atari6.jpg



And yes, I´m very proud of my little collection. :D

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Here are some pictures of a part of my little collection:


post-8895-1227468355_thumb.jpg post-8895-1227468651_thumb.jpg post-8895-1227468687_thumb.jpg

post-8895-1227468707_thumb.jpg post-8895-1227468731_thumb.jpg post-8895-1227468751_thumb.jpg

post-8895-1227468769_thumb.jpg post-8895-1227468800_thumb.jpg


Older pictures:


atari1.jpg atari2.jpg atari3.jpg atari4.jpg atari5.jpg atari6.jpg



And yes, I´m very proud of my little collection. :D

You have 3 Robin Hoods/Sir Lancealots boxed. :-o :-o :-o :-o

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You have 3 Robin Hoods/Sir Lancealots boxed. :-o :-o :-o :-o


And 2 of them are fresh and new. :cool:

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Cool pics. What is Moxie from the first picture?

update: if the label is to be believed then this game was made by Hozer as it bears the silly faced guy :P

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Laaser Voley? Reever Raad II? These labels look like Zellers (a Canadian department store) cartridges that I have several of. Do they have pictures on the front that have nothing to do with the theme of the game, as all the Zellers carts did. For example, Laser Volley has a pic of a red helicopter and a two storey white four engine airplane flying over a battleship. ?!? Told you nothing about the actual game, which as a side thought, is there an ending to it or does it just say END, like when you run out of energy? With memory limitations, I can't imagine it is too spectacular, perhaps CONGRATULATIONS! instead of END. I thought I came close once, the destination line was so close to gone, my heart was racing and my damp hands slipped off the controller. Never got that close again. :(

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This thread was a great idea. Neat to see other peoples collections.


I've got way too much to list. Nearly 300 2600 games, many complete w/ their instructions and boxes! Boxes are, sadly, in storage right now. Would LOVE to display those puppies somehow. Have about 4 Rubbermaid bins full of different 3rd party controllers. Several different 2600 systems for "backups". A Pac-Man shrine. Several arcade machines, etc.


Boy that 50" TV looks small in this photo. Hmm... maybe it's time I bring down the 200" projector ;-)




Notice the Atari games stacked only 6 high and alphabetically. Makes it much easier to find and snag that game!




Atari and TI "tapes". Remember when sum people called 'cartridges', tapes? lol




Ummm, yeah... these REALLY need to be put on display somewhere:



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To counter rumors that I only have a loose collection here is my boxed collection. ;) Oh, and by the way the picture of the Outlaw, Megamania, Sprintmaster, and Keystone Kapers boxes were autographed by the programmers :cool:


Edit: one picture was an older picture accidently. So no I do not have Glacier Patrol anymore. :sad:












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For anyone interested, I am constructing my own cart storage and posting it here.





Okay, got my measurements right. Also uploaded more pics for the steps and a pic showing my progress so far. post-16399-1228049537_thumb.jpg



I have posted all the steps and necessities to build this in my other thread. Figure a few of you gotta be like me and have trouble finding anything that properly stores your carts.

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Here are (6) seperate photos of my loose carts :


I`ll have a 7th photo soon..once i can fill up the (9) 14 cart organizers again.







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I don't have a lot of 2600 games yet, here is all I have so far:



I recently sorted them by style, and then alphabetically, and I'm really liking how they look lined up now.

Under the supercharger, on the left, are 7800 games, and on the right are Coleco games. The 5200 and Jaguar games are on another shelf, but those aren't 2600. I know this isn't all 2600 games, but I didn't feel like cropping the picture.

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Here are (6) seperate photos of my loose carts :


I`ll have a 7th photo soon..once i can fill up the (9) 14 cart organizers again.


You have quite a few games I want! Quick Question, what is the game (white case, blue label) in between Threshold and Q*bert in the last picture? I don't recognize it.

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Here are (6) seperate photos of my loose carts :


I`ll have a 7th photo soon..once i can fill up the (9) 14 cart organizers again.


You have quite a few games I want! Quick Question, what is the game (white case, blue label) in between Threshold and Q*bert in the last picture? I don't recognize it.





Thats just a Polaris cart.. i got it a few years back, without an end label, so i made one myself..


Yes it is a large collection, that i got mostly back in the early 90`s...even though i already had

about 300 + games before i got back into it in the 90`s. Then i stopped for a while, to concentrate

on my sample license plate collection ( www.geocities.com/milk11364/index.html ) , and now

only in late 2008, have i got back into the 2600 again...




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Heres mine. I didn't get ANY games with the system and I only got it last month. I have been buying most of the games that I had back in the 80's.



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Over 800 games and still adding!


Company Name

Absolute Skate Boardin'

Absolute Titlematch Pro-Wrestling

Absolute Tomcat

Action Games Megamania

Action Hi-Tech Pitfall

Activision Barnstroming

Activision Beamrider

Activision Boxing

Activision Boxing(Blue Label)

Activision Bridge

Activision Chopper Command

Activision Chopper Command(Blue Label)

Activision Commando Raid

Activision Commando(Black & White Label)

Activision Commando(Green Label)

Activision Cosmic Commuter

Activision Crackpots

Activision Decathlon

Activision Decathlon

Activision Dolphin

Activision Dragster

Activision Enduro

Activision Enduro(Blue Label)

Activision Enduro(Multi Language

Activision Fishing Derby

Activision Freeway

Activision Freeway(Blue Label)

Activision Ghostbusters

Activision Ghostbusters (White Label)

Activision Grand Prix

Activision Grand Prix(Blue Label)

Activision HERO

Activision Hot Action Pak(Ghostbusters,Tennis,Plaque Attack)

Activision Ice Hockey

Activision Ice Hockey(Blue Label)

Activision Kaboom

Activision Kaboom(Blue Label)

Activision Keystone Kapers(Blue Label)

Activision Kung-Fu Master

Activision Laser Blast

Activision Megamania

Activision Oink!

Activision Pitfall

Activision Pitfall 2

Activision Plaque Attack

Activision Pressure Cooker

Activision Private Eye

Activision Rad Action Pack(Kung-Fu Master,Frostbite,Freeway)

Activision Rampage

Activision Rampage(White Label)

Activision River Raid

Activision River Raid 2

Activision River Raid 2(White Label)

Activision Robot Tank

Activision Robot Tank(Blue Label)

Activision Seaquest

Activision Skate Boardin"

Activision Skiing

Activision Sky Jinks

Activision Sky Jinks(White Label)

Activision Space Shuttle

Activision Space Shuttle(Blue Label)

Activision Spider Fighter

Activision Stampede

Activision Starmaster

Activision Super Hit Pak(River Raid,Grand Prix,Fishing Derby,Sky Jinks,Checkers)

Activision Tennis

American Videogame Tax Avoiders

Amiga Mongul Maniac


Apollo Final Approach

Apollo Infiltrate(Blue Label)

Apollo Infiltrate(Red Label)

Apollo Lost Luggage(Blue Label)

Apollo Lost Luggage(Green Label)

Apollo Racquetball

Apollo Shark Attack(Label Variation) A

Apollo Shark Attack(Label Variation) B

Apollo Space Cavern(BlueLabel)

Apollo Space Cavern(Red Label)

Apollo Space Chase

Apollo Wabbit

Argevision 8 in 1(enduro,frogger,flash gordon,trick shot, mouse trap,tennis, donkey kong,marine wars)

Argevision 8 in 1(tron,atlantis,basquete,dragon fire,space tunel,river raid,megamania,gran prix)


Argevision 2 in 1(TIME PILOT,SMURF RESCUE)

Atari 32 in 1 Game

Atari 3-D Tic-Tac-Toe

Atari Adventure

Atari Adventure(Text Label)

Atari Air-Sea Battle

Atari Air-Sea Battle(Text Label)

Atari Asterix

Atari Asteroids

Atari Atari Video Cube

Atari Basic Programming(Text Label)

Atari Basketball

Atari Battle Zone

Atari Bezerk

Atari Big Bird's Egg Catch

Atari Blackjack 51(Text Label)

Atari Bowling

Atari Bowling(Text Label)

Atari Brain Games

Atari Breakout

Atari Breakout(Text Label)

Atari Canyon Bomber(Text Label)

Atari Canyon Bomber

Atari Casino

Atari Casino(Green Text Label)

Atari Casino(Yellow Text Label)

Atari Centipede(Dark Label)

Atari Centipede(LIght Label)

Atari Championship Soccer(Text Label)

Atari Circus Atari

Atari Circus Atari(Text Label)

Atari Codebreaker(Text Label)

Atari Combat

Atari Combat 01(Text Label)

Atari Combat(Shiny Picture Label)

Atari Concentration(Text Label)

Atari Cookie Monster Munch

Atari Crazy Climber

Atari Cross Bow(Red Label)

Atari Crystal Castles (No Logo)

Atari Dark Chambers(Red Label)

Atari Defender

Atari Defender 2

Atari Demon to Diamonds

Atari Desert Falcon (Red Label)

Atari Dig Dug

Atari Dodge'Em

Atari Dodge'em(Text Label)

Atari Donkey Kong Jr.(Red Label)

Atari Donkey Kong(Red Label)

Atari Double Dunk(Red Label)

Atari E.T.

Atari Flag Capture(Text Label)

Atari Football

Atari Football(Text Label)

Atari Fun with Numbers(Text Label)

Atari Galaxian

Atari Golf(Text Label)

Atari Golf

Atari Gravitar(Red Label)

Atari Gremlins

Atari Hangman

Atari Hangman(Text Label)

Atari Haunted House

Atari Home Run

Atari Home Run(Text Label)

Atari Human Cannonball

Atari Human Cannonball(Text Label)

Atari Hunt & Score(Text Label)

Atari Ikari Warriors(Red Label)

Atari Indy 500

Atari Indy 500(Text Label)

Atari Joust

Atari Joust(Red Label)

Atari Jr. Pac-Man(Red Label)

Atari Jungle Hunt

Atari Jungle Hunt(Red Label)

Atari Kangaroo

Atari Klax(Red Label)

Atari Krull

Atari Mario Bros.

Atari Math Grand Prix

Atari Maze Craze

Atari Maze Craze(Text Label)

Atari Midnight Magic(Red Label)

Atari Millipede

Atari Miniature Golf(Text Label)

Atari Missle Command

Atari Missle Command(Lower Case)

Atari Missle Command(Red Label)

Atari Moon Patrol

Atari Motorodeo(Red Label)

Atari Mouse Trap(Red Label)

Atari Ms. Pac-Man

Atari Night Driver

Atari Night Driver(Text Label)

Atari Obelix

Atari Off The Wall(Red Label)

Atari Oscar's Trash Race

Atari Othello(Text Label)

Atari Othello

Atari Outlaw(Text Label)

Atari Outlaw

Atari Pac-Man

Atari Pac-Man(1987)

Atari Pele's Soccer

Atari Phoenix

Atari Pigs in Space

Atari Pole Position(Label Variation)

Atari Pole Position(Label Variation)

Atari Pole Positn

Atari Q*Bert(Red Label)

Atari Radar Lock(Red Label)

Atari Raiders of the Lost Ark(Small end letters)

Atari Real Sports Baseball

Atari Real Sports Boxing(Red Label)

Atari Real Sports Football

Atari Real Sports Soccer

Atari Real Sports Soccer(Red Label)

Atari Real Sports Tennis

Atari Real Sports Volleyball

Atari Real Sports Volleyball(Red Label)

Atari Rubik's Cube

Atari Seaquest(Red Label)

Atari Secret Quest(Red Label)

Atari Sky Diver

Atari Slot Machine

Atari Slot Racers

Atari Snoopy & The Red Baron

Atari Solaris(Red Label)

Atari Sorcerer's Apprentice

Atari Space Invaders(Picture Label)

Atari Space Invaders(Red Label)

Atari Space Invaders(Silver Label)

Atari Space Invaders(Text Label)

Atari Space War

Atari Space War(Text Label)

Atari Sprint Master(Red Label)

Atari Star Raiders

Atari Star Ship(Text Label)

Atari Stargate

Atari Street Racer

Atari Street Racer 12 (Text Label)

Atari Street Racer(Text Label)

Atari Super Baseball(Red Label)

Atari Super Breakout

Atari Super Football(Red Label)

Atari Superman

Atari Superman(Text Label)

Atari Surround

Atari Surround 41(Text Label)

Atari Swordquest Earthworld

Atari Swordquest Earthworld

Atari Swordquest Waterworld

Atari Taz

Atari Vanguard

Atari Venture(Red Label)

Atari Video Checkers

Atari Video Chess(Text Label)

Atari Video Chess

Atari Video Olympics

Atari Video Olympics 21(Text Label)

Atari Video Olympics(Text Label)

Atari Video Pinball

Atari Warlords

Atari Yars' Revenge

Atari Yars' Revenge(Red Label)

Atarimania Pele Soccer

Atarimania Real Soccer/ Super Tennis

Atarimania 16-in 1(Bowling,Surround,Space Jockey,Boxing,Tennis,Combat,Fishing DerbyCosmic Swarm,Stampede,Sky Jinks, Skiing,Air Sea Battle,Freeway,Basketball.Outlaw)

Atarimania Pele's Soccer

Atarimania Plaque Attack

Atarimania Pole Position

Atarimania Super Cobra

Avalon Hill London Blitz

Bit Bobby is going Home

Bit Der Postmann

Bit Open Sesame!

Bit Raumbasen-Attacke

Bit 4 in 1(open Sesame,Bobby is Going Home,Snail Against Squirrel,Mr Postman

Bit Tanzende Teller

CBS Blue Print

CBS Donkey Kong Jr.

CBS Gorf

CBS Mountain King

CBS Omega Race

CBS Schtroumpfs

CBS Solar Fox

CBS Solar Fox

CBS Tunnel Runner

CBS Wizard of Wor

CBS Wizard of Wor

CCE Amphibious War(Black Case)

CCE Atlantis (Black Case)

CCE Bank Heist(Black Case)

CCE Beany Bopper

CCE Bobby is going Home(Black Case)

CCE Boxing(Black Case)

CCE Chopper Command(Black Case) Small Picture

CCE Command Raid (Black Case)

CCE Command Raid (Beige Case)

CCE Cosmic Ark(Black Case)

CCE Cosmic Ark(Beige Case)

CCE Crackpots (Black Case)

CCE Demon Attack (Beige Case)

CCE Dodge'Em

CCE Donkey Kong (Black Case)

CCE Dragon Treasure (Black Case)

CCE Duck Fighting

CCE Enduro(Black Case)

CCE Fisher Price(Black Case)

CCE Football(Black Case)

CCE Fortress Defense(Black Case)

CCE Frogger(Black Case)

CCE Grand Prix(Black Case)

CCE Immies and Aggies(Black Case)

CCE Jaw Breaker(Black Case)

CCE Keystone Kapers(Black Label)

CCE Laser Gate(Black Case)

CCE Mash(Black Case)

CCE Megamania(Black Case)

CCE Mission 3000A.D.(Beige Case)

CCE Mouse Trap(Black Case)

CCE Othello (Black Case)

CCE Pac-Man (Beige Case)

CCE Pac-Man(Black Case)

CCE Pimball

CCE Pittfall (Beige Case)

CCE Pittfall (Black Case)

CCE Planet Patrol(Black Case)

CCE Pole Position(Beige Case) Yellow Label

CCE Q*Bert (Black Case)

CCE Radar (Black Case)

CCE River Raid (Beige Case)

CCE River Raid (Black Case)

CCE Robot Attack(Black Case)

CCE Seaquest(Black Case)

CCE Seaquest(Beige Case)

CCE Sneak'n Peek (Black Case)

CCE Space Invaders(Beige Case)

CCE Space Invaders(Black Case) Small Picture

CCE Space Invaders(Black Case)

CCE Space Jockey(Black Case)

CCE Space Jockey(Black Case)

CCE Spider Fighter(Beige Case)

CCE Spider Fighter(Black Case)

CCE Star Voyager(Beige Case)

CCE Star Voyager(Black Case)

CCE Star War(Beige Case)

CCE Superman (Black Case)

CCE Tennis (Black Case)

CCE Time Warp(Black Case)

CCE Turmoil (Black Case)

CCE Wizard of War(Black Case)

CCE Worm War 1 (Black Case)

Canal 3 Dragon Fire

Canal 3 Moon Patrol

Canal 3 Stampede



Coleco Carnival

Coleco Donkey Kong

Coleco Donkey Kong Jr.

Coleco Front Line

Coleco Mouse Trap

Coleco Mr. Do

Coleco Roc 'n' Rope

Coleco Time Pilot

Coleco Venture

Coleco Zaxxon

Cello Flash Gordon

Dactar 4 in 1 ( Podyan,Dink,Star master,Combate)

Dactar 4 in 1(Adventure,Bobby is Going Home,Defender,Misterious Thief)

Dactar 4 in 1(Amidar,Astroblast,bobby go home,condor blast)

Dactar 4 in 1(Atlantis, Bowling, donkey kong,Kung-Fu)

Dactar 4 in 1(Baseball, Baskett,Golf,Pele's Soccer)

Dactar 4 in 1(Baseball,basketball,enduro,Pac man)

Dactar 4 in 1(combate,futebol 2,megaforce,frog and flies)

Dactar 4 in 1(Enduro,Keystone Kapers,Video Chess,Golf)

Dactar 4 in 1(Enduro,Space invaders,defender,Megamania)

Dactar 4 in 1(Jaw Breaker,Infiltrate,Gangster Alley,Corredor Cosmico)

Dactar 4 in 1(Laser Gate ,Name That Game,Nexar Damas)

Dactar 4 in 1(Megaforce,Stampede,bermuda Triangle,Sexta-Feira 13)

Dactar 4 in 1(Pinball,Basket,Baseball,Golf

Dactar 4 in 1(River 1,Atlantis,Donkey Kong,Pac-Man)

Dactar 4 in 1(Sea Monster,Shark Attack,Slot Racer,Star Voyager)

Dactar 4 in 1(Venture,Sexta-Feira 13,Frostbite, Entombed)

Dactar 4 in 1(Megamania,Seaquest,Demon Attack,Superman)

Dactar 4 in 1(Boom Bang,Amidar,Chopper Command,Corredor Cosmico)

Dactar 4 in 1(triangulo das bermudas,damas,condor attack,luta submarina)

Dactar 4 in 1(Bowling,Boxing,Tennis Golf)

Dactar Atlantis

Dactar O Pulador Q'Bert

Data Age Airlock

Data Age Bermuda Triangle

Data Age Bugs

Data Age Frankenstein's Monster

Data Age Journey Escape

Data Age Warplock

Datasoft Enduro

Datavision River Raid

Demon Video Crackpots

Digitel 8 in 1(combat,fishing,Tennis)

Digitel 4 in 1(Cosmic Ark,Crackpots,Fantastic Voyage,Mouse Trap)

Digitel Atlantis

Digitel Demon Attack

Digitel Enduro

Digitel Grand Prix

Digitel Hero

Digitel Kaystone

Digitel Smurf

Digitel Space Jockey

Digivision 2 in 1(baskett,tennis)

Digivision Bank Heist

Digivision Baskett

Digivision Enduro

Digivision Grand Prix

Digivision Maze Craze

Digivision River Raid

Digivision Space Invaders

Digivision Zaxxon

Dinamivision Trick Shot

Ditron 4 in 1(tennis,soccer,amphirious war,chopper command)

Dynacom 4 in 1(Megamania,planet patrol,river raid,seaquest)

Dynacom 8 in 1( Freeway, Tennis, Basketball, Boxing, Bowling, Sky Jinks, Laser Blast, Air Sea Battle)

Dynacom Atlantis

Dynacom Enduro

Dynacom Flash Gordon

Dynacom Frost Bite

Dynacom Pac man

Dynacom Seaquest

Engesoft 4 in 1(Donkey Kong,flash Gordon,Spider Fighter,Combat)

Engesoft 4 in 1(Frostbite,Atlantis,Cosmic Ark,Defender)

Engesoft 4 in 1(Keystone Kappers,Frogger,Shooting Gallery,Crackpots)

Engesoft 4 in 1(Seaquest,Dragon Fire,Space Invaders,Plaque Attack)

Epyx California Games

Epyx Summer Games

Epyx Winter Games

Fantastic Game 32 in 1

Fox Video Games Alien

Fox Video Games Bank Heist

Fox Video Games Beany Bopper

Fox Video Games Crash Dive

Fox Video Games Crypts of Chaos

Fox Video Games Deadly Duck

Fox Video Games Fantastic Voyage

Fox Video Games Fast Eddie

Fox Video Games Flash Gordon

Fox Video Games M*A*S*H

Fox Video Games Mega Force

Fox Video Games Porky's

Fox Video Games Revenge of the Beefsteak Tomatoes

Fox Video Games Spacemaster X-7

Fox Video Games The Earth Dies Screaming

Fox Video Games Turmoil

Fox Video Games Worm War 1

Froggo Cruise Missle

Froggo Karate

Froggo Sea Hawk

Froggo Sea Hunt

Froggo Spiderdroid

Froggo Task Force

Funvision Galactic

Galaxi He-Man

Galaxi 2 in 1(Frost Bite,Spiderman)

Genus 4 in 1(Superman,Keystone Kappers,Demon Attack,Seaquest)


Goliath Spider Kong

HES 2 Pak Special - Star Warrior / Frogger

HES 2 Pak Special Wall Defender/ PlanetPatrol

HES 2 Pak Special Motor Cross/Boom Bang

HES 2 Pak Special Space Voyage/Fire Alert

HES 2 Pak Special Cavern Blaster/ Civil War

HES Boom Bang

HES Challenge

HES Mega Funpak(Pacman,Planet Patrol,Skeet Shoot, Battles of Gorf)

HES Go For The Gold

HES Smash Hit Pak(Frogger,Stampede,Seaquest,Boxing,Skiing)

HES Sports Action Pak(Enduro,Ice Hockey,Fishing Derby,Dragster)

HES Super Hit Pak

Imagic Atlantic(Daylight Label)

Imagic Atlantic(Multi-lingual Type)

Imagic Atlantic(Night Time Label)

Imagic Atlantis(Blue Label)

Imagic Cosmic Ark(Picture Label)

Imagic Demon Attack

Imagic Demon Attack(Blue Label)

Imagic Dragonfire

Imagic Fathom(No Picture)

Imagic Fire Fighter

Imagic Laser Gates

Imagic Laser Gates(No Picture)

Imagic Moon Patrol

Imagic Moonsweeper(No Picture)

Imagic No Escape!

Imagic Quick Step

Imagic Riddle Of the Sphinx

Imagic Riddle Of the Sphinx(pinlk label)

Imagic Solar Storm(No Picture)

Imagic Star Voyager(No Picture)

Imagic Subterranea

Imagic Trick Shot

Imagic Trick Shot(No Picture)

Intellivision Enduro

Intellivision Moon Patrol

Intellivision Pac-Man

Intellivision Pole Position

INTV Adventures of Tron

INTV Air Raiders

INTV Baseball

INTV Football

INTV Lock-n-Chase

INTV Masters of the Universe

INTV Tron Deadly Discs

ITT Alien's Return

ITT Meteor Defense

ITT Cosmic Town

ITT Laser Base

ITT Mountain Man

J.F. 2 in 1(volleyball,baskett)

JVP Demon Attack

JVP Hero

JVP Pole Position

JVP Riddle Of the Sphinx

JVP Robot Tank

JVP Space Master

Konami Marine Wars

Konami Pooyan

Konami Strategy X

M Network Armour Ambush

M Network Astroblast

M Network Dark Cavern

M Network Frogs & Flies

M Network International Soccer

M Network Kool-Aid Man

M Network Lock-n-Chase

M Network Space Attack

M Network Super Challenge Football

M Network Tron Deadly Discs

Max Games Enduro

Max Games River Raid 2

Mede Sea Hawk

Microdigital Decathlon

Microdigital Football

Microdigital Pac-Man(Diversos)

Microdigital Seaquest

Microdigital Tennis

Milton Bradley Spitfire Attack

Mythicon Fire Fly

Mythicon Sorcerer

Mythicon Star Fox

NEW Atlantis

Panda Exocet

Panda Sea Hawk

Panda Stuntman

Parker Bros. Amidar

Parker Bros. Frogger

Parker Bros. Frogger II

Parker Bros. G.I. Joe Cobra Strike(Color Label)

Parker Bros. Gyruss

Parker Bros. James Bond

Parker Bros. Montzuma's Revenge

Parker Bros. Popeye

Parker Bros. Q-bert

Parker Bros. Reactor

Parker Bros. Sky Skipper

Parker Bros. Spider Man

Parker Bros. Star Wars: Jedi Arena

Parker Bros. Star Wars: Death Star Battle

Parker Bros. Star Wars: The Arcade Game

Parker Bros. Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back

Parker Bros. Super Cobra

Parker Bros. Tutankham

Play Video Amidar

Polyvox Asteroids

Polyvox BeamRider

Polyvox Bezerk

Polyvox Bowling

Polyvox Centipede

Polyvox Decathlon

Polyvox Defender

Polyvox Enduro

Polyvox Freeway

Polyvox Frogger

Polyvox Frostbite

Polyvox Galaxian

Polyvox Haunted House

Polyvox Keystone Kapers

Polyvox Megamania

Polyvox Missle Command

Polyvox Oink!

Polyvox Pac-Man

Polyvox Plaque Attack

Polyvox Pole Position

Polyvox Pressure Cooker

Polyvox Realsports Soccer

Polyvox River Raid

Polyvox Robot Tank

Polyvox Space Tunnel

Polyvox Swordquest Earthworld

Polyvox Vanguard

Polyvox Video Pinball

Polyvox Yars Revenge

Quelle Aufruhr Im Zoo

Quelle Bobby Get Nach Hause "

Quelle Angriff der Leftflotten

Quelle Astrowar

Quelle Baseball

Quelle Bermuda

Quelle Billard

Quelle Boom Bang

Quelle Der Moderne Ritter(Fast Eddie)

Quelle Der Vielfrab

Quelle Die Hungrigen Frosche(Frogs & Flies)

Quelle Die Unterwasser Bestien

Quelle Dschungel Boy

Quelle Eddy Langfinger

Quelle Eishockey-Fieber

Quelle Im Reich der Spinne

Quelle Invasion aus der Galaxis

Quelle Katastrophen Einsatz

Quelle King Arthur

Quelle Labrinth

Quelle Landung in der Normandie

Quelle Motorcross

Quelle My Way

Quelle Pac-Kong

Quelle Phantom-Panzer

Quelle Radar Lock

Quelle Sea Saw

Quelle Stopp die Gangster

Quelle Strahlen der Teufelsvodel

Quelle Super Ferrari

Quelle Top Gun

Quelle Vogel Flieh

Quelle Vpn Himmel durch die Holle

Quelle Wachroboter jagt Jupy

Quelle Weltraum-Tunnel

Quelle World End

Quelle Wustenschlacht

Rentacom 4 in 1 -(Snoopy,Donkey Kong Jr.,Roc'n Rope,Mario Bros.)

Rentacom 4 in 1(Bezerk,Donkey Kong,Frostbite,Crackpots)

Rentacom 2 in 1(River Raid/Pitfall)

Robby Demon Attack

Robby Enduro

Robby Fire Fighter

Robby Gorf

Robby Grand Prix

Robby Pac-Man

Robby Phoenix

Robby River Raid

Robby Volleyball

Robby Yars Revenge

Robby Zaxxoon

Salu Acid Drop

Salu Ghostbusters 2

Salu Hero

Salu My Golf

Salu Tennis

Sean Kelly Mini- Cart(230 Atari Games)

Sears Arcade Pinball

Sears Bezerk

Sears Black Jack

Sears Defender

Sears Demons to Diamonds

Sears Dodger Cars

Sears Breakaway IV

Sears Haunted House

Sears Outer Space

Sears Pac-Man

Sears Space Combat

Sears Speedway 2

Sears Stellar Track

Sears Tele-Games 112(Space Invaders)

Sears Tele-Games 14(Chase)

Sears Tele-Games 16(Gunslinger)

Sears Tele-Games 16(Gunslinger)

Sears Tele-Games 16(Maze Mania)

Sears Tele-Games 17(Outer Space)

Sears Tele-Games 2(Arcade Golf)

Sears Tele-games 2(Basketball)

Sears Tele-Games 23(Warlords)

Sears Tele-Games 23(Warlords) Trademark on end label

Sears Tele-Games 27(Speedway 2)

Sears Tele-Games 27(Target Fun) Red Label

Sears Tele-Games 27(Target Fun) Yellow Label

Sears Tele-Games 3(Adventure)

Sears Tele-Games 3(Football)

Sears Tele-Games 34(Missle Command)

Sears Tele-games 4(Arcade Pinball)

Sears Tele-games 4(Othello)

Sears Telegames 4(Poker Plus)

Sears Tele-Games 5(Dare Driver)

Sears Tele-Games 50(Pong Sports)

Sears Tele-Games 6 (Bowling)

Sears Tele-Games 6(Steeple Chase)

Sears Tele-Games 64(Asteroids)

Sears Tele-Games 66(Asteroids)

Sears Telegames 8 (Circus)

Sears Tele-Games 8(Baseball)

Sears Tele-Games 8(Baseball)

Sears Tele-Games 8(Math)

Sears Telegames 8(night Driver)

Sears Tele-Games 9 (3-D Tic-Tac-Toe)

Sears Tele-Games 19(Brain Games)

Sears Tele-Games(Golf)

Sears Tele-Games(Stellar Track)

Sears Telegames(Superman)

Sears Tele-Games(Tank Plus)

Sears Tele-Games 8(Video Chess)

Sega Buck Rogers

Sega Congo Bongo

Sega Tapper

Sega Star Trek

Sega Sub Scan

Sega Spy Hunter

Sega Tac Scan

ShockVision Demon Attack

ShockVision Haunted House

ShockVision Seaquest

Spacevision 8 in 1 Tennis,Karate,Boxing,Mad,Frogger,Seaquest,Enduro,Tank3)

Spacevision 8 in 1(Demon Attack,Laser Blast,Dragon Fire,Fire Eagle,Megaforce,Fireman,Fire Fox,Pitfall

Spacevision 8 in 1 (Fire Fox,Flash Gordon,Gorf,Mad,Fice eagle,Endlon,Demon Duck,)

Spectravision Chase The Chuckwagon

Spectravision China Syndrome

Spectravision Cross Force

Spectravision Gangster Alley

Spectravision Gas Hog

Spectravision Master Builder

Spectravision Nexar

Spectravision Planet Patrol

Spectravision Tape Worm

Star Game Frogger

Suntek Hey! Stop

Suntek Time Race

Supergame Basketball

Supergame Dragster

Supergame Donkey Kong Jr.

Supergame Demon Attack

Supergame Enduro

Supergame Fishing Derby

Supergame Sea Quest

Supergame 2-in-1(Superman/Star Wars)

Supergame 4-in-1(Pinball,Sea Quest,Planet Patrol,Spider Fighter)

Supergame Tennis

Supergame Trick Shot

Taiwan 16 in 1

Taiwan Adventure

Taiwan Baseball

Taiwan Bowling

Taiwan Capture

Taiwan Firebug

Taiwan Fishing

Taiwan Frogger

Taiwan Ice Hockey

Taiwan Little Bear

Taiwan Motorcross

Taiwan Pitfall

Taiwan Popeye

Taiwan Puzzled World

Telegames Armour Ambush

Telegames Astroblast

Telegames Bogey Blaster

Telegames Bump 'n' Jump

Telegames Football

Telegames Kung Fu Superkicks

Telegames Quest For Quintana Roo

Telesys Coconut

Telesys Cosmic Creeps

Telesys Fast Food

Telesys Ram it (color label)

Telesys Star Gunner (color label)

Tigervision King Kong

Tigervision Miner 2049'er

Tigervision Threshold

Tiger Vision Command Raid

TNT BMX Air Master

Ubisoft Pick' n Pile

Unknown 4 in 1(Megamania,Seaquest,Demon Attack,Superman)

Unknown Astrowar/Star Master

Unknown Combat(Brazil)

Unknown Grand Match(Star Voyager,Missle Command,Bermuda Triangle,Planet Patrol)

Unknown Ocean City-Star Raid-Spider Man-Mighty Mouse

Unknown Pitfall

Unknown Ski Hunt

Unknown Space Invaders(Brazil)

Unknown UK Chess

US Games Commando Raid

US Games Eggomania

US Games Entombed(Curved Case)

US Games Gopher

US Games M.A.D.

US Games Name This Game

US Games Name This Game(Curved Case)

US Games Picnic(Curved Case)

US Games Raft Rider(Curved Case)

US Games Sneak'n Peek

US Games Space Jockey

US Games Squeeze Box

US Games Towering Inferno

US Games Word Zapper

Video Game 8 in 1 (choper camand, demon attack,enduro,futebol,keystone kapears,laser gate,pac-man,river raid 3

Video Tiger Donkey Kong

Video Tiger Pele's Soccer

Video Tiger Star Master

Video Tiger Super Tennis

Video Tiger Tennis

Videomagia Final Approach

Wide Vision Space Invaders

XONOX Ghost Manor/ Spike's Peak

XONOX Artillery Duel/ Spike's Peak

Zeller Challenge

Zeller Circus

Zeller Farmer Dan

Zeller Freeway

Zeller Laser Volley

Zeller Ocean City Defender

Zeller Pinball

Zeller Radar

Zeller Space Adventure

Zeller Time Warp

Zirok Enduro

Zirok Keystone Keypers

Zirok Popeye

Zirok Phoenix

Zirok River Raid

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I'm impressed watching all these HUGE collections ....................


Well , just want to post , as I have already done in another section , some pics of my VCS' new "house" ;)



er... monitor bezel is 'kinda deformed :x ! I'm gonna fix it RIGHT NOW ...






My (few :ponder: ) carts



Hey !

... look at Missile Command and Bump'n Jump labels...

I did NOT find them in the rarity guide ( ??? )

Maybe someone knows anything about it ???


>[ btw: I checked the guide and didn't find rarity rate for those games,too :

Beamrider (Activision - PAL - White)

Donkey Kong (CBS - PAL - UK color)

Kung-Fu Master (HES - PAL - ?)

Roc'n Rope (CBS - PAL(UK) - UK white)

Smurf (CBS - PAL - UK color)

Zaxxon (CBS - PAL - UK white) ]<


"Survived" boxes & instruction booklets




Me and wife will soon move from our house to another which has a little tavern in the garage...

so I think I'm soon goin' to EXPAND my VCS collection ... and maybe get or build (like I did for my DL , Mame and "mini Pac-Man VCS cab !!!) 1 or 2 more arcade machines, too ;)

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