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Here it is......S-Video Cable FIX!

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:D This will Fix the VERTICAL Lines on a LCD/Plasma/HD TV/Monitor. <<After many, many Hrs./Days/Years trying!

To make your own cable: You need a 5pin Din plug/S-video Cable, and..."a Diode!" Part No: IN5400. Available at Radio Shack, or anywhere. *The tricky part is getting the Diode in the PLUG! ..and solidly!


*I cut the Diode down, leaving a very small space to solder ON EACH SIDE. Solder a very small piece of wire to "side with the stripe". If you solder the Diode straight to the PIN, it easily comes off! Make sure the side with the "STRIPE"...is connected to the 5pin din plug. The Diode goes between the "Chroma" lead only! *Strip enough wire so you can fit the diode in-between. It really is a Bitch getting the thing solder'd solid, and making sure nothing touches! "I USE A HOT GLUE GUN, TO MAKE SURE NOTHING TOUCHES (SHORTS), AND I HOT GLUE THE ENTIRE INSIDE OF THE PLUG!"


"The diode acts as a "ONE-WAY Valve". I asume it filters the out-put. I tried many, many different parts...and, WOW! This actually did it! ***DO-NOT use a smaller, or lower rating Diode! <<Will not WORK! A IN5800 I think even gave me a better picture, but In5400 sure smooths those DAMN Vertical lines up! You can't notice on a small/regular TV!


Will post pictures soon!


*****PLEASE let me know how it goes!!! Or, I can send you an "already-made cable!" Up to you, but I would like to how it goes for ya! (: <Email me if ya need one. [email protected] / atarinvintagecomputers ;)

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