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WTB: Atari Jaguar Manuals, ProController, A/C Adapter

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Hey everyone...long time no see, and for good reason. Back on June 27th, 2008, I was working from home (like I always do) and a fire broke out in the level above our apartment. Long story short, while they saved the Jaguar/JagCD, the games, one 3-button pad (of 6), and the boxes, the manuals had been separated into another box for easy access and all were destroyed. The Jag CD's A/C adapter and my only ProController were also lost. Mold, smoke, and water destroyed another 12 of my systems, to boot, including my JVC X'Eye and Neo Geo CD system.


Here are some photos of the damage. My wife and I had a great insurance policy, thankfully, even if they've been sh1theads along the way.


So, that brings me to my request. If anyone has spare manuals, ProController, or a spare (original) Jaguar CD A/C Adapter they could sell me, I'd be most appreciative. It's been a hell of a time rebuilding since the fire, and now that I have a lot of the major things back to normal, I can give some attention to the Jag once again. I'm missing manuals for all commercially-released Jaguar games through the Telegames releases, if that helps.


PM me if you can be of any assistance! I also have a boxed Super Famicom and a boxed Japanese Sega Mega Drive that were saved and are in mint condition (thanks to the ozone chamber they went through) I'd be willing to trade against as well.


Sidenote: For the record, the prototypes in my possession were very well protected in a wooden wine box and I took them from the site of the fire the day after; they're sitting comfortably behind me. :)


UPDATE: I no longer need any of the following manuals:


Alien vs. Predator

Attack of the Mutant Penguins

Brutal Sports Football

Cannon Fodder

Checkered Flag

Club Drive



Double Dragon V


Flip Out!


Iron Soldier

Missile Command 3D



Power Drive Rally


Super Burn Out


Tempest 2000

Troy Aikman Football

Ultra Vortek

Val D Isere

White Men Can't Jump

Wolfenstein 3d

Zool 2

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Updated OP with manuals purchased so far.


Still looking for PLENTY of Jaguar manuals! Please PM me if you have any extras available!

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