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AtariAge XBox Live Gamertag List

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If you would like to join the AtariAge club on Xbox Live request an invite: https://account.xbox.com/en-US/clubs/profile?clubid=3379890226594505

This list is for AA'ers with XBox Live on the XBox One, XBox 360, Games for Windows, etc. This list is simple to use. Clicking a gamertag will take you to that persons profile and you can add them from there. You can also click the + sign to the left of a gamertag to go straight to the "Friend" link. After you login with your passport ID the tag will be added to your XBox Live list. Once approved you will be able to see this persons status on Live through either the XBox.com interface or from your XBox360.

The links work as of March 11, 2013.

To have your name added simply reply to this post with your XBox Live gamertag. If any tags have changed or any links don't work let me know. If your tag is in red then it is invalid and needs to be updated.

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Add me to the list.


My gamertag is Mr. Ooh La La (fdurso224). Thanks.




Your gamertag doesn't have a dot in it. Two names added.

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Am I on there? I don't see me. I should be under Tempest 2084.




You may want to check your gamertag because that one doesn't exist. Also, if you aren't on this list then you never got on the original one.

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