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Cobra Commander

Adam(with problems) and extras will seperate.

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My wife picked up a Coleco Adam a few weeks ago. Unfortunately it locks up about half the time when I play a game. I think there's a problem with the memory board.


I'm not a huge Coleco fan so I not thrilled about repairing it. However, it has lots of extras like a roller controller, Atari adapter, super action controllers, driving controller, 5 1/4" drive, and a bunch of games. Most of the peripherals are in the boxes still.


these are the games.




Buck Rogers Planet of Zoom

Mr. Do

Cabbage Patch Kids

Donkey Kong



Donkey Kong jr.

Time Pilot

BC's Quest for Tires II Grog's Revenge

Star Trek


Space Fury

Root Beer Tapper


Smurf Rescue in Gargamel's Castle


Pepper II

Space Panic


Congo Bongo



I'd like to part with the lot as a whole but am willing to separate it out if necessary. Shipping will be a pain due to the size.

Anyway here's a pic



Feel free to ask questions or additional pics.

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Thanks for the responses guys here's some more pics and descriptions.




The box has a tare but the controllers are nearly new, with pack-in Super action baseball with inlays and manuals.



Haven't been able test this due to problems with the Memory Board issue on the Adam.



Extra controllers, the Super action controller has a Super action football inlay.



This box has liquid damage but the hardware is in good shape.





The case has been chewed but the games are in good shape, there are a bunch of manuals for games I don't have.



This controller doesn't have the pack-in game Slither.

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