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FS: Pac-Man for Fairchild Channel F - first one built from scratch.

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I have finally managed to build an entire Fairchild cart from scratch,

new PCB and new (well, NOS at least) circuits.




I'm selling the first of these as an auction to raise money to buy parts

to be able to build more carts - also for other future games.




This is the first release of a Fairchild cartridge not built from a

modified Chess-cart since I don't know when - 1982 or something!?


I'm offering one of these - Pac-Man:


post-10242-1231847769_thumb.jpg post-10242-1231847959_thumb.jpg


The buyer can have his/her name (or a name of his/her choice) on the back label:






post-10242-1231848288_thumb.png post-10242-1231848360_thumb.png



It plays something like this in MESS or on a Channel F II (or other generation 2 Fairchild console):


This is from a real system playing:

(Pardon the video quality and that the sound gets out of sync near the end)


On a Fairchild Video Entertainment System (Channel F, or other first

generation Fairchild consoles) it plays just the same but audio is not as good.




There's ofcourse already a thread about it and the progress:




If you would like to test it in MESS, please download this version:


... and use this version of MESS that has proper audio:


If you already have MESS it will play fine there as well, but with less

than perfect sound...


BTW, this is Pac-Man cartridge #4 of 5 so far, but as I mentioned, the

first one built from scratch - not by modifying a Chess-cartridge (SABA#20).


Cartridge #5 is currently on eBay.






I'm going to use the money to buy more parts to be able to release

other games as well, I've already started working on "IK":


Downloadable and playable binary for MESS:



The thread:







Bid here or bid via message to me or e-mail, I will update the thread with the highest bid.



I suggest the bidding starts at $40, feel free though to start bidding where you feel comfortable. ;-)




Current highest bid: From other forum $120

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Those are only there to compare the originals to my own build, and from my personal collection - not for sale. ;-)


However, with my current platform I could make replicas of those...

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I guess the one on eBay is more interesting right now at $86 - a Swedish guy in the lead actually. I got a good bid from someone that wanted one of those already done and didn't want to wait for cart #7...


So as you can see, bid is up to $120.

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Winner for 120$ was "PressPlayOnTape" on vintagegames.se



The one on eBay gave $103.67 - so $223.67 to build more carts!

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