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HSC Season 6 Week 21: Space Treat Deluxe

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Important Note: This weeks competition is over and no further scores will be accepted.


Your planet, a peaceful Class M world, has always been living in harmony and this allowed it's people to quickly evolve into the space era. Anyway, as you might have guessed, no good is going to last. There came a time where the forces of evil, namely your neighbor planet, started to strike against you. The evil planet's inhabitants are quite different. They don't care about nature and peace. They are greedy, and only think about consuming the planet's resources to gain more and more riches. This quickly led to a total draining of anything their planet had to offer, making them more and more envious of your prospering world. Unable to obtain any more of their environment, the evil planet sent it's combat drones to attack your world, aiming at stealing your food resources. Unfortunately, they're succeeding in getting their tentacles on your valuable gooods, trapping them in a space cage above your planet.




Game Information
  • Game Name: Space Treat Deluxe
  • Released By: Fabrizio Zavagli, 2003
  • Left Difficulty: N/A
  • Right Difficulty: N/A
  • Game Mode: Game 1
  • Chosen By: toymailman

Post your scores right here in this thread, and I will add them to the list. Remember to play the game with the recommended game mode and difficulty settings as shown above so that your scores will be consistent with everyone elses. The deadline for posting scores is Wednesday January 28th at 1:00 AM (CST).


Current High Scores
  1. 64,170 (darthkur) [+11]
  2. 44,290 (toymailman) [+10]
  3. 38,820 (Deteacher) [+9]
  4. 24,180 (aftermac) [+8]
  5. 23,200 (Impaler_26) [+7]
  6. 17,400 (Kurt_Woloch) [+6]
  7. 12,010 (lucifershalo) [+5]
  8. 8450 (Shannon) [+4]
  9. 6450 (jjd) [+3]
  10. 2640 (LarcenTyler) [+2]

Best Tips
  • None!

  • None yet

TwinGalaxies Top 3
  1. No scores for this game
(Game 1, Difficulty B)
Current Standings

  1. toymailman [203]
  2. Deteacher [193]
  3. aftermac [145]
  4. darthkur [129]
  5. DarthCalvin [117]
  6. Kurt_Woloch [95]
  7. jjd [84]
  8. Impaler_26 [83]
  9. Hornpipe2 [55]
  10. Mister VCS [54]
  11. SpiceWare [52]
  12. the 5th ghost [47]
  13. LarcenTyler [35]
  14. shadow460 [32]
  15. Nathan Strum [30]
  16. Jess Ragan [26]
  17. Zoyx [22]
  18. Spector [20]
  19. Omegamatrix [19]
  20. ClassicGMR [18]
  21. iangamer [14]
  22. LoneWolfSeth [12]
  23. homerwannabee [11]
  24. midnight magicman [11]
  25. Random Terrain [10]
  27. maf [9]
  28. vdub_bobby [9]
  29. DtY [8]
  30. missioncontrol [8]
  31. SeaGtGruff [8]
  32. Shannon [7]
  33. chuckwalla [7]
  34. LS_Dracon [7]
  35. LaserHawk3000 [7]
  36. phaxda [5]
  37. vintagegamecrazy [4]
  38. doctorclu [2]
  39. rheffera [2]
  40. ratfink [2]
  41. Yar76 [1]
  42. Artlover [1]


Scoring Points in Space Treat Deluxe
  • 100 points for each remaining ship at end of level.
  • 10 points for each fuel unit remaining at end of level.
  • 1000 points for clearing level without losing a life.
  • Additional bonus from 10 to 1000 for each stage cleared.


Hints and Tips
  • Always carefully choose the location where you will levae the base. The fuel will not decrease while you're connected to it, but you won't be able to get back to the base until you have collected the food.
  • Take some time to examine the movement patterns of the drones to find the best place and time to start your trip, both upward and downward.
  • You can take a break between levels, since the game will wait for you to push the fire button before starting a new screen.
The Manual
As always, you really should read the manual. AtariAge doesn't actually have the manual for this game, but they do have a scanned copy of the earlier (non Deluxe) Space Treat available online. The gameplay is mostly the same. Here are the hints the manual provides:



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Hadn't played this homebrew much yet, but its fun. Although some of the patterns can be very difficult even at early levels; at least for me.




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I own this game, so I took the time to scan the real manual. Enjoy!







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