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2600 simple composite video mod

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I decided to try the very simple mod detailed here:




Built up a test board with three 10K pots. I didn't have a 22 Ohm resistor handy.


For a trial run to see how it all goes, I tapped the outputs off the main board and ran them outside the VCS with a short length of CAT-5 network cable. Kind of handy as it has enough conductors.


Audio works perfectly. Figured it would.


Video isn't bad on a CRT. Needs a tweak or two to work on a newer HDTV. It did work on every TV I had though. Getting the 22 Ohm setting on the 10K pot isn't exactly easy. I suspect that's the trouble. Probably should just go get a grab bag of resistors or something. Hate to pay for just a few of the things! Might not actually be one in the bag though!


Either way, it was fun and pretty easy too. The way I've got it done is completely removable. Not sure I would ever want to as the RF is kind of ugly. I'm sure older TV's, or our older RF environment was better than it is today. The HDTV is absolutely horrible! Analog TV section in that thing is just crap.


I need a cart that displays all the greys. Maybe something for a Supercharger. I've got one of those to use with a computer sound card or portable media player. Anyone have anything? Or can bB be used with a Supercharger easily enough?


I'm torn as I could very easily mount the board in the unit and drill three little holes. That way a quickie adjustment would be nothing to get done. That's three holes in a nice, clean 6 switcher though :(


Could make a custom, short length cable and get an interesting connector too. Make a small box with knobs. That keeps the console case clean, but then there is this box...


Maybe it's possible to get it close enough, then just put the thing in there. Would be kind of a PITA to remove the top though --and those screws are gonna strip if used too much.


Any thoughts on that from people that have done simple mods?


One nice thing I can think of with the little box is that I could do the same mod to my 400, and just work with the one simple board and be set! Kind of want to do a bit of code to show off the horizontal interlace. That mod on the 2600 has the resolution to do it easily. If the 400 is similar, that would get done --and I could play a nice, clean game of Star Raiders.


I like this part of the hobby. It's been a while since I used any electronics skills. Was nice to just proto up the simple circuit on a bread board, tweak, then build out a project board, soldered and such. And I got in a great few games of KABOOM and the trusty Space Invaders. It's kind of silly with all the great games, that one is still a favorite. It's just so nicely done.

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I wrote this color utility that displays the entire palette when I was trying to find good colors on real hardware. I'd imagine it should work with a Supercharger. The cursor can display a full screen of a single color while the button is held down.


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How can I get that into a supercharger?


I seem to remember a bin to wav utility... Not sure where there is one that works on XP.

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That's a really sweet mod to do. I think I modded all of my A2600 in the past.

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