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PS2 - United Kingdom - where to buy?

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I am thinking of getting a UK spec Playstation2 to play the European versions of Singstar (my wife... dont ask..)


So quick questions....



I want to play Euro sing star - cant do that on a US spec unit right? Not because of any NTSC/PAL issue - but because a software region lock out. Is this right?


If above is YES - is there a simple and reliable way to defeat this lock out?


If the lockout cannot be easily defeated - where can I buy a UK PS2? Most Ebay sellers demand a Paypal verified UK address - that is going to be a problem.


Amazon UK listed PS2s until last week - but now they list them as "no longer available".






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You can get a "flip top" mod for you system. Pretty easy to install, you just unscrew the system and replace the top part of the case. Most of these come with a disc that lets you swap out games for imports or burns. You can get these for about 50 bucks. The PAL PS2 might cost you significantly more, and may not be compatible with your tv, whereas most of the software the comes with flip top mods will let you change regions.

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