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Propeller BASIC with Sprites Demo

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Check out this demo.


This is running on a two Propeller system. One Propeller is acting as a dedicated GPU. It's got VIC II modes, along with a lot of other ones.


The BASIC language program environment is running on the other Propeller. That one has SDCard and simple DOS to store programs, editor to make them, and runs the interpreted Basic. Atari style 8x8 bitmap character mode is used, with actual fonts lifted from my Atari 400 ROM. I wrote the core text mode video driver and converted fonts and such. Others have added more fonts and have extended that driver some for more color, etc...


This effort is the combination of a lot of work over the last coupla years, from a variety of Propeller Heads.




Here's the Video:


Compiled BASIC, with a similar idea to bB is getting close!!


The graphics propeller has either a serial or parallel data interface, and maintains the graphics and processes sprites and video modes in software. It's got 32K of RAM, most of which is available for graphics. It can render everything from simple bitmaps and tiles, to elementary 3D polygons.


There are no ANTIC style modes yet, but that could change as the graphics propeller is software defined. NES, Spectrum and C64 style sprites and graphics were the first targets, along with many Propeller specific modes.


Sprites run over 16 per line in most cases.


With the Serial interface, the PropGFX system could run off an Atari joystick port, for example. In parallel mode, some glue logic would be required, but could run in a CART, for example, or just be part of a dedicated system.


I've got one of these built up, but haven't really been playing with the Basic. I've been doing native development, but after seeing what the Basic can do, I'm going to have a play for sure! Thought some people here might be interested in how things have progressed with this little chip!


The Basic runs on PAR with the Atari Basic. I've not compared the two, but I think the Basic on this system is a bit faster.

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If you don't have a tripod, something like a pile of books on a table can be just as good as a tripod. You'll get a video with zero jitter.

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It's not my video.


The guy that made it, just knocked it out quick to show the completed project. It's just a quick tech video, not some production.

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