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FS: Lynx package, Genesis Prototype, Turbo Express package

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Sega Genesis Prototype: - $50


This is an eight EPROM prototype board for Joe Montana's Sports Talk Football. I do not know if it differs much if any from the final release.




Atari Lynx: - $175


Boxed System, Boxed Battery Pack, Large Case, Boxed Sunvisor/screen guard Games: (all boxed unless noted)


Bill and Ted's, Chip's Challenge, Crystal Mines II, Dirty Larry, Gauntlet (loose), Hydra, Ishido, Jimmy Connors Tennis, Klax, Kung Food, Malibu Bikini Volleyball, Pinball Jam, Pit Fighter, Qix (loose), Rampart, Shadow of the Beast, Shanghai, Slime World (loose), Steel Talons, Super Skweek, Toki, Tournament Cyberball, and XYBOTS.





NEC Turbo Express Portable: - $200


Handheld system in excellent condition, no dead pixels and excellent sound.




Keith Courage, Sinistron, Final Lap Twin, Vigilante, Veigues Tactical Gladiator, Victory Run, Cyber Core.




If you don't like my prices make an offer. I'm not interested in trades at this time, with the possible exception of an SDrive (or similar device for 8-bit).


All items are exclusive of shipping. I Ship USPS Priority Mail and regular Parcel Post. I will not ship media mail, so please don't ask. I will ship to US addresses only, no international. Payment is requested to be by USPS Money Order, I'd prefer not to deal with Paypal at this time. All items are available for pickup at my house in New Jersey, if you want to avoid shipping. Payment to be made in cash at time of pickup.

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OH! soooooo Pretty! :)


If I had the cash I'd buy it all...

Good luck!

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