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UPDATE (7/29/10): Since some of the people below never paid, I am going to sell my excess inventory of Racer at CGE. Whatever I have left, I will offer to you on the forums...please below for more information. THANKS!!


Hello All,

The following are pics of the box.....if you have not ordered yet, you can still get one. For further information, please PM me and/or read the information after these pics..... BTW, a pic of the cart is also up at the end of this post.....go check it out!!!! :)........





Hello All,

I will continue to accept orders for the unreleased Atari 2600 NTSC Racer. You can get some more information by clicking the following link:


This is the first time that I actually do this type of thing.....offering an unreleased game to the public. I have received some PM's and e-mails from people saying I should stick with the 100 copies release. After thinking about it, I will release 75 in total. Keep in mind though that copies #1-60 are boxed (CIB) and copies #61 to #75 are carts and instructions only.

I will continue to accept orders until I have sold out the 75. Remember, these games will be numbered to preserve the limited edition feeling of the release.

So, the following are the people that have submitted an order for the game. Notice that I am very close to selling out on the CIB copies (#1 - #60). If you want to order a copy of the game, please post it on this thread. Please let me know what OPTION you are interested in. The following are the OPTIONS:

Which OPTION do you want???? #1- CIB (Cart, Instruction Manual and Box) or OPTION #2- Cart and Instructions only. Remember, OPTION #1 is $70 plus shipping and OPTION #2 is $45 plus shipping

I will bill you if you are interested. I will PM you with payment particulars. If you cannot pay by PayPal, then you can mail me a MONEY ORDER only (we will make those arrangments if that is the case).

Thanks for your interest.....I hope you enjoy the game once you get it. The game is ready for shipment!!! :)


- Wonder007

-----------AS OF 12/30/09 at 7:00 PM PDT------------

---------- OPTION #1----------------------

CIB (Cart, Instructions and Box)

1. Wonder007 (COVERED)
2. jahfish (COVERED)
3. Lord Thag (COVERED)
5. neotokeo2001
6. DeusExMachina (PAID)
8. PingvinBlueJeans (PAID)
9. DreamTR (PAID)
11. remowilliams (PAID)
12. twanbiz
13. toymailman (PAID)
14. Mayhem (PAID)
15. Marc Oberhauser (PAID)
16. Gambler172 (PAID)
17. Lucky Man (PAID)
18. orangest (PAID)
19. black dog (PAID)
20. chuys450 (PAID)
21. Machine
22. seanhq (PAID)
23. iwan-iwanowitsch-goratschin (PAID)
24. phaxda (PAID)
25. cvga (PAID)
26. Rick Weis (PAID)
27. r_type2600 (PAID)
28. Elw00d (PAID)
29. 98PaceCar (PAID)
30. ntavio (PAID)
31. dalder
32. dwh (PAID)
33. TrekMD (PAID)
34. ElvisAtari
35. Godzilla (PAID)
36. Super Bagman
37. vgpresskits (PAID)
38. Numan (PAID)
39. rolenta (PAID)
40. swlovinist (PAID)
41. bfstats (PAID)
42. jeffgamer (PAID)
43. ianoid (PAID)
44. Al Backiel (PAID)
45. MattG/Snyper2099 (PAID)
46. Phantom (COVERED)
47. decypher (PAID)
48. zodiacprime (PAID)
49. Lee Krueger (PAID)
50. AtariAger (PAID)
51. Rareusgold (PAID)
52. piper (PAID)
53. Atari2600Lives (PAID)
54. AtariRx (PAID)
55. kennybrooks (PAID)
56. rpgcollector
57. horseboy (PAID)
58. Al (COVERED)
59. cx2k
60. Crazy Climber (PAID)


Cart and Instructions

61. Steve (COVERED)
62. therealred5
63. Lucifershalo
64. Captain Beard (PAID)
65. combat16 (PAID)
66. djpubba (PAID)
67. Chickybaby (PAID)
68. Godzilla (PAID)
69. keitaro (PAID)
70. rmaerz (PAID)
71. Galactus


BTW, the following is a pic of the cart.....enjoy!!!! :)

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Option #2 for me please

1 cart and manual no box hold the mayo.



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Here's a range of orders for people who asked me nicely to reserve on their behalf ;)

Myself - option 1
LuciferHalo - option 2
Marc Oberhauser - option 1
Gambler172 - option 1

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Still a lot of time to preorder. :) Edited by Wonder007

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