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FS: various 2600 games, saturn games, sega cd games, nes games, R.O.B, 3DO

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I won't be able to ship this stuff until next Friday (July 31st), but I'm seeing how much interest will be in this stuff before I decide to buy the kiosk.


2600 games:

Bobby is Going Home - I'm guessing PAL version since I can't get it to work on my Atari. picture here http://www.atariage.com/forums/index.php?s...y+is+going+home don't know what to ask for it

Bermuda Triangle (sealed) $10

Asteroids (sealed) $3

Home Run (sealed) $3

Atlantis (sealed) $4

Flash Gordon $2

Space Cavern $2

Sorcerer $3.50


Atari 8-bit:

FSK to Digital translator http://www.atariage.com/forums/index.php?s...6903&hl=fsk $15

Sketch pad with Atariartist $10



Sewer Sam - bottom half of the label is torn off $3

Bump n' Jump CIB $6


Sega Genesis:

Vectorman CIB $4

Ghouls n Ghosts CIB $6

Toe Jam and Earl CIB $20


Sega CD:

Mortal Kombat $3

Silpheed $3

Amazing Spider-man $5


Sega Nomad:

System, screen doesn't work but everything else works (tested through TV) $27



Operation Secret Storm w/ manual and butchered box (someone cut it to fit inside a VHS holder) $40

Ghosts n Goblins $3

Excitebike $2

Dr. Mario $5

Mario Bros/Duck Hunt $3

Mario Bros/Duck Hunt/ Track Meet $3

R.O.B. (I remember putting the gear back in it and got it to work, but don't have a game to test him anymore) $30



Romance of the Three Kingdoms II $6


Nintendo DS:

Dark blue DS Lite system, scratches on bottom screen, can't be seen during gameplay, no charger or stylus $55



PSP slim system w/ offical charger and earphones $90

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Damn, I would love to by ROB off of you, but I crashed my car into a cement guardrail on Friday, so I have to use a lot of my money for repair, and a rental for the week :(

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I'm shocked you have not sold the 3do yet. I need an FZ1 right now (and I'm making a simular priced deal) but Goldstars are worth a bit more... Surprised someone doesn't snap that up.



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