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TONS of great items for sale!

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Got a lot of great items. Doing kind of a "spring cleaning" since I am moving and not taking everything with me and I need the cash. I have references on atariage, digitpress, neo-geo.com, gameTZ, and ebay and I am a reputable seller. All prices do not include shipping. I am in the USA (94801 zip code, california), and I ship via USPS.


As long as the items are not marked as SOLD (or deleted), they are still availible. NO TRADES! IF IT'S NOT LISTED, I DON'T HAVE IT! Here's what I have:


Bung DX256 - for use with a V64 or V64jr for n64 game saves. I believe you can use it without the V64/V64jr. This is getting increasingly more rare ***PRICE $50 ***



Famicom to NES adaptor - Lets you play Famicom games on an NES system ***PRICE $25 ***



Game Doctor 4M - For use with the famicom disk system. Lets you play special converted cartridge games off of FDS disks ***PRICE $50 ***



Gameboy Advance Game Shark in the package ***PRICE $20 ***



GBA Movie Player SD Version - becoming increasingly rare, lets you play movies, music, ebook, FC games on a gameboy advance ***PRICE $60 ***



Game Doctor SF3 (32mb) + Parallel port adapter - This is a SNES/SFC floppy disk game copier for playing games form 3.5" disks. It comes with the parallel

port adaptor that allows you to transfer games from a PC parallel port or external CD drive. The GDSF3 works intermittently while the parallel

port adapter doesn't work at all. Sold together only ***PRICE $75 ***



Game Doctor SF7 RAM (2 X 32mb) - For the GDSF7 only, two 32mb RAM modules pulled from working units ***PRICE $15 each or $25 for both***



MGD2 DRAM Doctor Link - For the MGD2 disk drive unit, compatibile with DRAM adapters ***PRICE $25 ***



MGD2 DRAM PC Link - Connects MGD2 DRAM adapters to a PC for transfering games without the need for the MGD2 disk drive unit ***PRICE $25 ***



MGD2 Game Gear SRAM adapter - an SRAM pack is needed to store and play game gear games. Comes in the package ***PRICE $40 ***




MGD2 PC Engine SRAM adapter + 8mb SRAM pack - Used to store and play PC engine games. Sold together as a set only ***PRICE $80 ***



Nintendo Mini Classics Lot - These are mini keychain LCD games like the game and watch. All are unused and sealed. 7 games total sold together as a set only ***PRICE $85 ***



Multi Game Hunter (16mb) - This is a SNES/SFC + Genesis/Megadrive backup unit. ONly SNES adapter is included and works great ***PRICE $50 ***



Neo Geo 4-slot, 3 MVS cartridges, MKIII supergun - This is a 4-slot Neo Geo MVS board. It is custom painted, works great,

and comes with 3 MVS cartridges (Ninja Combat, Baseball Stars, 100-in-1 cartridge). This package deal also includes a Supegun MKIII with PSU,

and SCART RGB cable. I am also including 2 Neo Geo to Playstation controller adapters. This is a package deal only, nothing separated. ***PRICE $400 ***



NES Advantage joystick in the box NEW ***PRICE $40 ***



NEC RAU-30 adapter - This allows you to plug in a Super Grafx or PC Engine into a CD-ROM drive ***PRICE $30 ***



SNES System package - Includes Super Nintendo console (2 controllers, AC adapter, RF adapter, S-Video/AV cable), Super 8/Tristar adapter (lets you play

NES, Famicom, and Super Famicom) in the box, Super 8in1 multicart, Powerjoy PJ-008 84in1 famicom multicart (84 different games), and 110in1

famicom multicart, as well as Ultraman/Street Fighter 2 Turbo Super Famicom cartridges. Sold as a package deal only. ***PRICE $240 ***



SNES to Super Famicom adapter (lets you play american SNES games on Super Famicom)

***PRICE $10 ***



Super Magic Drive (8mb) with box - This is a Sega Genesis/Mega Drive backup unit. Doesn't work

***PRICE $50 ***



Tri-Star 64 with box NEW- THis lets you play NES/Famicom, Super Famicom/SNES games on your N64 ***PRICE $160 ***



XCM 1080p component to VGA box (in original package) ***PRICE $50 ***



Gameboy color + GB Transferer package - Comes with gameboy color portable (some light scratches on screen), GB Transferer + 2 X 32mb GB transferer

cartridges, AC adapter, Parallel port cable ***PRICE $100 ***


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