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Dig Dug hacked into Dig Dug Arrangement would be great....

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I just played Dig Dug Arrangement on MAME

adding some of those new features into 2600 Dig Dug would be great like

-the "arrow-ball" that rolls into the tunnels and crush everything

-the enemies that are running to kick you

-part of the labyrinth that are hard, so you can't dig

-enemies robots that are exploding (and so destroy everything around) when you pump

-the laser pistol that you can pick up

-enemies dragons that are launching fireballs

-the 2piece rock




now, being able to program, I dont know if those features could be easily added

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Can you PM me information on playing 2-player dig dug in MAME? I can't find any info about it online. Thanks!

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